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GOST 2.001-93 Unifited system for design documentation. General principles RUSS16107
GOST 4756-91 Ferrosilicomanganese technical requirements and shipment conditions RUSS16986
GOST 4755-91 Ferromanganese RUSS17448
GOST 20305-94 Gauges for tapers with conisity of 7:24 RUSS18143
GOST 4757-91 Ferrochrome technical requirements and shipment conditions RUSS18773
GOST R 52719-2007 Power transformers. General specifications RUSS20355
ST RK 1004-98 Natural koumiss. Specification. TU 10 RK 11.183-92 KAZA21990
ST RK 1005-98 Mare's milk. Requirements for purchasing KAZA21991
ST RK 1007-98 Cream paste. Specification KAZA21993
ST RK 1099-2002 Meat. Horse meat for export. Specification KAZA22079
ST RK 1102-2002 Milk products. Sary-Irimshik. General specification KAZA22080
ST RK 1104-2002 Zhent. Specification KAZA22082
ST RK 1107-2002 Milk products. Pudding. General specification KAZA22085
ST RK 1303-2004 Meat and meat products. Products national horse. Technical conditions KAZA22284
ST RK 1333-2005 Cooked smoked sausages. Technical conditions KAZA22312
ST RK 1334-2005 Smoked sausages. Technical conditions KAZA22314
ST RK 1335-2005 Semi-finished meat culinary. Schnitzel chopped special KAZA22315
ST RK 1391-2005 Preserves. Vegetable salads. General specification KAZA22366
ST RK 1425-2005 Dry breakfast cereals. Specification KAZA22400
ST RK 142-97 Creams of cow milk. Requirements at state purchases. In substitution of RST KazSSR 142-81 KAZA22404
ST RK 1442-2005 Non-destructive testing. Reference materials. Ultrasonic methods KAZA22417
ST RK 1573-2006 Canned foods. Concentrated fruit juices. Specification KAZA22553
ST RK 1613-2006 Good laboratory practice. General provisions KAZA22593
ST RK 1614-2006 Good distributor practice. General provisions KAZA22594
ST RK 1615-2006 Good pharmaceutical practice. General provisions KAZA22595
ST RK 296-97 Patties with meat and liver stuffing. Technical conditions KAZA23654
ST RK 44-97 Kurt. Specification. In substitution of RST KazSSR 44-89 KAZA23798
ST RK 715-95 Processed cheeses. Specification. In substitution of RST KazSSR 715-81, TU, TU 11.01.825-89, TU 49 354-76, TU 49 889-85, TU 49 580-85, TU 49 1069-85, TU 49 962-81, TU 10 KazSSR 11.162-90, TU 49 KazSSR 89-81, TU 49 KazSSR 104-85 KAZA23837
ST RK 84-98 Irimshik. Specification. In substitution of ST RK 84-81 KAZA23846
ST RK 94-95 Tvorog. Specification. In substitution of RST KazSSR 94-91, TU 49 770-80 KAZA23851
ST RK 976-94 Non-fat and fat cheeses for melting. Specification KAZA23869
ST RK GOST R 50535-2007 Paint-and-varnish materials. Method for determination of non-volatile substances volume ratio KAZA24316
ST RK GOST R 51577-2003 Liquid oral hygiene products. General specification KAZA24500
ST RK GOST R 51865-2010 Macaroni products. General specification. Put into effect in substitution of 1066-2001 KAZA24537
ST RK GOST R 52354-2008 Articles from paper of domestic and sanitary purposes. General technical requirements KAZA24592
ST RK GOST R 52783-2011 Milk for a meal of preschool and school age children. Specification KAZA24631
ST RK ISO 4427-2004 Polyethylene pipes for water supply. Specification KAZA25711
STB 1736-2007 Liquid means of oral hygiene. General specifications BELA27122
STB 1886-2008 Cosmetic nail care products. General specifications BELA27235
DSTU GOST 2.001:2006 Unifited system for design documentation. General principles UKRA37380
GOST EN 818-7-2010 Short-link loading chains. Safety requirements. Part 7. Tested chains. Class T (types Т, DAT and DT) RUSS44467
GOST R ISO 9176-93 Tubular technical pens. Adapters for compasses RUSS46706
GOST 3.1127-93 The unified system of technological documentation. General rules for drawing up of textual technological documents RUSS52349
GOST 31461-2012 Poultry dung. Raw material for manufacture of organic fertilizers. Specifications RUSS52368
GOST R 52973-2008 Mare's raw milk. Specifications RUSS52523
GOST R 53765-2009 Poultry dung. Raw material for manufacture of organic fertilizers. Specifications RUSS52540
GOST 31450-2013 Drinking milk. Specifications RUSS55237
GOST 31452-2012 Soured cream. Specifications RUSS55239
GOST 31454-2012 Kefir. Specifications RUSS55240
GOST R 53438-2009 Whey dairy. Specifications RUSS55511
GOST R 55934-2013 Steel pipes for reuse. Rules for acceptance and marking RUSS55946
GOST 31695-2012 Cosmetic gels. General specifications RUSS56211
GOST 31808-2012 Fresh pasta products. General specifications RUSS57039
GOST R 51865-2010 Macaroni products. General specifications RUSS57428
GOST R 55295-2012 Macaroni products instant. General specifications RUSS57729
GOST R 52837-2007 Slaughter poultry. Specifications RUSS57994
GOST 30650-99 Canned poultry meat for baby hutrition. General specifications RUSS58108
GOST 3.1001-2011 Unified system for technological documentation. General principles RUSS58957
GOST 31654-2012 Food chicken eggs. Specifications RUSS59059
GOST 31655-2012 Food eggs (turkey, guinea-fowl, quail, ostrich). Specifications RUSS59060
GOST 31743-2012 Macaroni products. General specifications RUSS59077
GOST R 52121-2003 Food chicken eggs. Specifications RUSS59473
GOST R 52238-2004 Single-use sterile rubber surgical gloves. Specification RUSS59486
GOST R 52783-2007 Milk for a meal of preschool and school age children. Specifications RUSS59520
GOST R 53456-2009 Whey protein concentrate powders. Specifications RUSS59569
GOST R 53492-2009 Canned milk. Whey powders. Specifications RUSS59572
GOST R ISO 11193-2-2009 Single-use examination gloves. Part 2. Specification for gloves made from poly (vinyl chloride) RUSS59874
GOST R 52952-2008 Cosmetic gels. General specifications RUSS60157
GOST 30364.0-97 Egg products. Methods of sampling and organoleptic analysis RUSS60346
GOST 2.001-2013 Unified system for design documentation. General principles RUSS60477
GOST 30363-96 Egg products. General specifications RUSS60662
GOST R 52974-2008 Koumiss. Specifications RUSS60760
GOST R 53085-2008 Fresh pastа products. General specifications RUSS60765
GOST R 53404-2009 Food eggs (turkey, guinea-fowl, quail, ostrich). Specifications RUSS60779
GOST 31456-2013 Sour clotted milk. Specifications RUSS60885
GOST 31455-2012 Ryazhenka. Specifications RUSS60890
GOST 18292-2012 Slaughter poultry. Specifications RUSS61049
GOST 32099-2013 Powidlo. General specifications RUSS61508
GOST 32101-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Juices from fresh fruit. General specifications RUSS61509
GOST R 52239-2004 Single-use medical examination gloves. Part 1. Specification for gloves made from rubber latex or rubber solution RUSS61635
GOST R 53590-2009 Mayonnaises and mayonnaise sauces. General specifications RUSS61706
GOST 31761-2012 Мayonnaises and mayonnais sauces. General specifications RUSS62633
GOST R 52342-2005 Decorative cosmetic products on fatty and waxy basis. General specifications RUSS62969
GOST 31692-2012 Shaving cosmetic products. General specifications RUSS63800
GOST 32188-2013 Margarines. General specifications RUSS63829
GOST R 51865-2002 Macaroni products. General specifications RUSS64077
GOST R 52354-2005 Articles from paper of domestic and sanitary purposes. General specifications RUSS64106
GOST R 52901-2007 Corrugated board for products packaging. General specifications RUSS64135
GOST R 53512-2009 Cheese products. General specifications RUSS64164
GOST R 51068-97 Latex nipples for babies. Specifications RUSS65466
GOST 30364.1-97 Egg products. Physical and chemical testing methods RUSS65968
GOST R 1.12-99 State system for standardization of Russian Federation. Standardization and related activities. Terms and definitions RUSS66097
GOST R 52686-2006 Chesses. General specifications RUSS66209
GOST 32102-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Сoncentrated fruit juices. General specifications RUSS66571
GOST 32103-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Reconstituted fruit, fruit and vegetable juices. General specifications RUSS67181
GOST 3.1128-93 The unified system of technological documentation. General rules for drawing up of graphical technological documents RUSS67366
GOST R 52557-2011 Paper children’s diapers. General specifications RUSS67517
GOST R 52557-2006 Paper children's diapers. General specifications RUSS67635
GOST 32100-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Vegetable, vegetable and fruit juices, nectars, juices. General specifications RUSS67998
GOST R 52178-2003 Margarines. General specifications RUSS68298

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