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GOST R 51121-97 Non-food products. Information for consumer. General requirements RUSS59383
GOST 31647-2012 Refined deodorized palm oil for food industry. General specifications RUSS59055
GOST 18316-2013 Canned food. First dinner dishes. Specifications RUSS66466
GOST 32105-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Fruit, fruit and vegetable juice containing beverages. General specifications RUSS66484
GOST 32102-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Сoncentrated fruit juices. General specifications RUSS66571
GOST 1129-2013 Sunflower oil. Specifications RUSS66609
GOST 32261-2013 Butter. Specifications RUSS66762
GOST R 52185-2003 Concentrated fruit juices. Specifications RUSS66904
GOST 32252-2013 Drink milk for preschool and school age children. Specifications RUSS67230
GOST 18224-2013 Canned food. Second dinner dishes. Specifications RUSS67160
GOST 32103-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Reconstituted fruit, fruit and vegetable juices. General specifications RUSS67181
GOST 31791-2012 Essential oil, herbal and floral raw material. Spacifications RUSS67306
GOST R 52465-2005 Sunflower oil. Specifications RUSS67422
GOST 18316-95 First course lunch dishes RUSS19035
GOST R 52336-2005 Grained salmon caviar. Specifications RUSS55456
GOST 32117-2013 Perfumery and cosmetics. Information for consumers. General requirements RUSS55265
GOST R 52986-2008 Meat. Dressing of pork into cuts. Specifications RUSS63015
GOST R 52989-2008 Sauces based on vegetable oils. General specifications RUSS63016
GOST R 53127-2008 Canned food. Cucumbers, vegetable marrows, bush pumpkins with greens in brine. General specifications RUSS63029
GOST R 53776-2010 Refined deodorized palm oil for food industry. General specifications RUSS63077
GOST R 53510-2009 Soya bean oil. Specifications RUSS63054
GOST R 53593-2009 Essential oil, herbal and floral production and raw material. Specifications RUSS63063
GOST R 53972-2010 Salted and fermented vegetables. General specifications RUSS63093
GOST R 54845-2011 Baker’s dried yeast. Specifications RUSS63142
GOST R 54367-2011 Meat. Dressing of lamb and goat into cuts. Specifications RUSS63116
GOST 17472-2013 Canned foods. Cabbage or pepper, stuffed with meat and rice. Specifications RUSS63567
GOST 31778-2012 Meat. Dressing of pork into cuts. Specifications RUSS63807
GOST 31797-2012 Meat. Dressing of beef into cuts. Specifications RUSS63808
GOST 32217-2013 Canned food vegetable base for nutrition of babies. General specifications RUSS70430
GOST R 52196-2003 Cooked sausage items. Specifications RUSS70377
GOST R 52687-2006 Fermented-milk product, enriched with bifidum bifidobacteria. Specifications RUSS70382
GOST R 52971-2008 Melted butter and milk fat. Specifications RUSS70900
GOST R 51331-99 Yoghurts. General specifications RUSS70581
GOST 9980.4-2002 Paint materials. Marking RUSS70757
GOST 6918-81 Line screen grease strainers. Specifications RUSS53345
GOST 4095-75 Isooctane for industrial use. Specifications RUSS53138
GOST 31794-2012 Grained salmon caviar. Specifications RUSS57037
GOST 7462-73 Enamels НЦ-5123. Specifications RUSS57176
GOST R 53799-2010 Toasted soybean meal as livestock feed. Specifications RUSS57618
GOST R 52183-2003 Canned foods. Vegetable juices. Tomato juice. Specifications RUSS57473
GOST R 53957-2010 Pasteurized grained salmon caviar. Specifications RUSS57637
GOST R 55462-2013 Jelly. General specifications RUSS57735
GOST R 55463-2013 Sauerkraut Provencal. General specifications RUSS57736
GOST R 54520-2011 Meat. Dressing of veal into cuts. Specifications RUSS64241
GOST R 54648-2011 Canned foods. Tomatoes in brine. General specifications RUSS64259
GOST R 54678-2011 Concentrated tomato foods. General specifications RUSS64263
GOST R 54680-2011 Canned food. Compotes. General specifications RUSS64264
GOST R 55445-2013 Meat. High quality beef. Specification RUSS64302
GOST 31760-2012 Soya-bean oil. Specifications RUSS64803
GOST R 53457-2009 Rapeseed oil. Specifications RUSS64909
GOST 31580.6-2012 Ophthalmic implants. Intraocular lenses. Part 6. Shelf-life and transport stability RUSS64966
GOST R 55367-2012 Brawns. Specifications RUSS64928
GOST R 51074-97 Food products. Information for consumer. General requirements RUSS72712
GOST R 55625-2013 Sweet edible ice. Specifications RUSS72793
GOST R 55626-2013 Desserts sherbets whipped frozen. Specifications RUSS72896
GOST R 55624-2013 Desserts fruit, vegetable and fruit-and-vegetable frozen whipped. Specifications RUSS72940
GOST R 51391-99 Cosmetics products. Information for consumer. General requirements RUSS16297
GOST 28807-90 Rye and mixed rye-wheat bread RUSS16775
GOST 28808-90 Bread made from wheat flour RUSS16974
GOST 28809-90 Rolls RUSS17187
GOST 28620-90 Bread buns. General specifications RUSS17182
GOST 18410-73 Paper insulated power RUSS19933
GOST 32899-2014 Butter with flavouring components. Specifications RUSS138816
GOST 32920-2014 Juice products. Juices and nectars for nutrition of babies. General specifications RUSS138836
GOST 32929-2014 Sour milk ice cream. Specifications RUSS138845
GOST 33491-2015 Product fermented-milk, enriched bifidobacteriae bifidum. Specifications RUSS139190
GOST 33633-2015 Butter for baby food. Specifications RUSS139300
GOST R 56725-2015 Public catering service. Storage of samples of products of public catering enterprises of public catering RUSS140477
GOST R ISO 23640-2015 In vitro medical devices. Evaluation of stability of in vitro diagnostic reagents RUSS141366
RMG 59-2003 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Checking of the availability of reagents out of the guaranty storage period for using in laboratory by method of internal laboratory control of test results accuracy RUSS150375
GOST R 54681-2011 Canned food. Pureed or crushed fruit. General specifications RUSS61743
GOST 31755-2012 Sauces based on vegetable oils. General specifications RUSS62631
GOST 31761-2012 Мayonnaises and mayonnais sauces. General specifications RUSS62633
GOST 18077-2013 Canned food. Fruit sauces. Technical conditions RUSS63339
GOST R 52601-2006 Meat. Dressing of beef into cuts. Specifications RUSS62982
GOST R 51934-2002 Fruit paste. Specifications RUSS62935
GOST R 52141-2003 Ketchups. General specifications RUSS62949
GOST R 52188-2003 Canned foods. Fruit juice beverages. General specifications RUSS62958
GOST R 51074-2003 Food products. Information for consumer. General requirements RUSS72217
STO Technical documentation. General requirements for the withdrawal of documents from circulation RUSS169888
GOST R 57017-2016 General guidelines for determination of shelf life of coals RUSS287957
GOST R 52682-2006 Medicine remedies for veterinary use. Terms and definitions RUSS60756
GOST R 54679-2011 Canned beans. Specifications RUSS60812
GOST R 51848-2001 Compound feed production. Terms and definitions RUSS61627
GOST 32063-2013 Ketchups. General specifications RUSS61506
GOST 32099-2013 Powidlo. General specifications RUSS61508
GOST 32101-2013 Canned foods. Juice products. Juices from fresh fruit. General specifications RUSS61509
GOST 4381-87 Lever-type micrometers. General specifications RUSS61524
GOST R 53590-2009 Mayonnaises and mayonnaise sauces. General specifications RUSS61706
GOST R 52182-2003 Canned food. Juice products. Vegetable, vegetable and fruit juices, nectars, juices beverages. Specifications RUSS68745
GOST R 52186-2003 Canned food. Juice products. Reconstituted fruit and vegetable juices. Specifications RUSS68746
GOST R 52187-2003 Canned food. Juice products. Fruit, fruit and vegetable nectars. General specifications RUSS68747
GOST R 51910-2002 Research and testing strategy by accelerated methods of environmental conditions influence for industrial products longevity and storage ability. Development and design RUSS68734
GOST 18611-2013 Canned Food. Sliced vegetables in tomato sauce. General specifications RUSS68918
GOST R 52969-2008 Butter. Specifications RUSS69097
GOST 32218-2013 Canned food fruit base for nutrition of babies. General specifications RUSS69127
GOST 32655-2014 Polymer composites. Thermosetting prepregs and premixes. Methods of determination flowability, maturation and shelf life RUSS69157
GOST 31785-2012 Semi-smoked meat sausages. Specifications RUSS69920
GOST R 58425-2019 Canned flattened grain. Technical specifications RUSS374144
RMG 59-2019 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Verification of suitability for use in the laboratory of reagents with an expired shelf life by the method of intralaboratory control of measurement accuracy RUSS375460

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