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GOST 23941-2002 Noise of machines. Methods for determination of noise characteristics. General requirements RUSS20823
GOST R 52776-2007 Rotating electrical machines. Rating and performance RUSS20869
GOST 31294-2005 Direct-acting safety valves. General specifications RUSS20834
GOST 2593-2009 Coupling air brake hoses for railway rolling stock. Specifications RUSS20826
GOST 12893-2005 Single-seated, double-seated and cage control valves. General specifications RUSS20803
GOST 30257-95 Toasted rapeseed extraction cake RUSS18973
GOST 1208-90 Pressed bronze tubes RUSS18947
ST RK 2337-2013 Concentrate zinc. Specification KAZA23597
GOST 24788-2001 Enameled steel kitchen utensils. General specifications RUSS18907
GOST 5761-74 Valves for nominal pressure RUSS18026
GOST 30237-96 Finished axles for rolling stock of railroads with 1520 mm track RUSS18013
GOST 14109-82 Mallein RUSS17963
GOST 6501-82 Pulp sulphite unbleached of coniferous wood RUSS17208
GOST 28435-90 End milling cutters with mechanical fastening of multiedged hard metal tips RUSS17179
DSTU 4782:2007 Fodder plants silage. Specifications. UKRA33672
GOST 20546-85 Oceanic fish of spiced salting RUSS17139
GOST 13309-90 Note-books RUSS17104
GOST 127.5-93 Ground sulfur for agriculture RUSS17099
GOST 127.4-93 Milled sulfur for rubber products and raw rubber RUSS17098
GOST 12.4.035-78 Protective face shields RUSS17093
ST RK 2331-2013 Tellurium of high purity, grade T-A1. Specification KAZA23591
GOST 11109-90 Domestic cotton gauze. General specifications RUSS50064
ST RK 2330-2013 Copper concentrate. Specification KAZA23590
GOST 535-2005 Common quality carbon steel bar and shaped sections. General specifications RUSS21416
GOST R 52008-2003 Four wheel all-terrain vehicles. General technical requirements RUSS21367
GOST R 52916-2008 Stops of automatic coupler equipment for freight and passenger cars. General specifications. RUSS21234
GOST 4416-94 Marble for welding material. Specifications RUSS52642
GOST R 52646-2006 Washers for high-strength bolts metal structures. Specifications. RUSS21233
GOST R 52645-2006 Hexagon nuts for high-strength structural bolting with large width across flats. Specifications. RUSS21232
GOST R 52644-2006 Hexagon bolts for high-strength structural bolting with large width across flats. Specifications. RUSS21231
GOST R 51844-2001 Fire equipment. Fire-fighting cabinets. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS20867
ST RK 2332-2013 Clinker. Specification KAZA23592
ST RK 2334-2013 Cement copper. Specification KAZA23594
ST RK 2335-2013 Concentrate lead. Specification KAZA23595
ST RK 2336-2013 Zinc sulphate for industrial use. Specification KAZA23596
ST RK 2440-2014 Blister copper. Specification KAZA23649
GOST 14940-96 Bleached sulphate pulp made of deciduous (aspen) wood. Specifications RUSS56623
ST RK 2441-2014 Copper anode slime. Specification KAZA23650
ST RK ISO 7005-2-2010 Metal flanges. Part 1. Flanges of foundry cast iron KAZA25877
ST RK ISO 7040-2012 Hexagonal nuts. Of prevailing torque (with non-metallic insertion). Type 1. Product grades 5, 8 and 10 KAZA25881
GOST 9670-89 Mustard seeds. Varietal and sowing characteristics. Specifications RUSS50077
GOST R ISO 651-94 Solid-stem calorimeter thermometers RUSS51043
GOST R 52523-2006 Table wines and table wine stocks. General specifications RUSS51848
GOST R 52233-2004 Glass containers. Cullet. General specifications RUSS51856
GOST R 53050-2008 Vine shoots. Specifications RUSS52711
GOST 3479-85 Tissue paper. Specifications RUSS52717
GOST R 51961-2002 Agricultural wheeled tractors. Steering requirements RUSS53592
ST RK ISO 8866-2013 Diamond equipment for rotary core drilling. C system KAZA25976
ST RK ISO 9951-2010 Measuring of gas flows in closed channels. Turbine meters KAZA26014
DSTU 4818:2007 Roofing petroleum bitumens. Specifications. UKRA33709
DSTU ISO 3720:2007 Black tea -- Definition and basic requirements UKRA40810
DSTU ISO/IEC 7480:2003 Information technology -- Telecommunications and information exchange between systems -- Start-stop transmission signal quality at DTE/DCE interfaces UKRA42213
GOST R 53134-2008 Automotive spark-ignition engine fuels. Unleaded gasoline. Specifications RUSS44209
GOST 5420-74 Cryptocrystalline graphite. Specifications RUSS48810
GOST 28642-90 Half-automatic installations for sorting of sendings. General specifications RUSS50003
GOST 1820-2001 Matches. Specifications RUSS56679
GOST 19297-2003 Treated for fire-resistance cotton fabrics. Specifications RUSS56702
GOST R 51839.1-2001 Protective technologies. Means of protection. Laser marking. Classification. General technical requirements RUSS57425
GOST R 51865-2010 Macaroni products. General specifications RUSS57428
GOST 19588-2006 Preserves of fish in special brine. Specifications RUSS56706
GOST R 51922-2002 Plate compactor. General specifications RUSS57432
GOST 20352-2012 Fish salted delicatessen roe. Specifications RUSS56721
GOST R 51966-2002 Radioactive contamination. Technical facilities for decontamination. General technical requirements RUSS57440
GOST 20494-2001 Insulating operative rods and rods for movable grounding. General specifications RUSS56724
GOST 20546-2006 Preserves of oceanic fish in spicy brine. Specifications RUSS56725
GOST 30778-2001 Rubber compression-types for windows and doors. Specifications RUSS56985
GOST 12638-80 Hollow edge-rounded-head rivets. Specifications RUSS53612
GOST R ISO 8741-93 Pins grooved-half-length reverse taper grooved. Specifications RUSS53624
GOST 31196.2-2012 Low-voltage fuses. Part 2. Supplementary requirements for fuses for industrial application RUSS53646
GOST R EN 1149-5-2008 Occupational safety standards system. Special protective clothing. Electrostatic properties. Part 5. General specifications RUSS54664
GOST 7236-93 Flat-nose pliers. Specifications RUSS55656
GOST R 51900-2002 Two-wheeled vehicles. Side- and centre-stands for parking. General specifications RUSS55657
GOST 16079-2002 Salted whitefishes. Specifications RUSS56634
GOST 17139-2000 Textile glass. Roving. Specifications RUSS56661
GOST 17730-79 Fibrous moulding compound П-5-12. Specifications RUSS56675
GOST 18173-2004 Grained salmon caviar packed in cans. Specifications RUSS56678
GOST R 51692-2000 Boiled oils. General specifications RUSS57404
GOST R 51886-2002 Signal cartridges. General technical requirements and test methods RUSS57430
GOST R 51926-2002 Canned food. Vegetable paste. Specifications RUSS57434
GOST R 51985-2002 Maize starch. General specifications RUSS57441
GOST R 52018-2003 Shaft sinking hoppets. Specifications RUSS57443
GOST 30884-2003 Ready-mixed oil paints. General specifications RUSS56990
GOST 31054.2-2002 Tracheotomy tubes. Part 2. Basic requirements RUSS56991
GOST 31089-2003 Household solvents (diluents) for paint coating materials. General specifications RUSS56992
GOST 31307-2005 Bed-clothes. General specifications RUSS56995
GOST 21880-2011 Thermoinsulating mineral wool broached mats. Specifications RUSS58814
GOST 31309-2005 Building heat-insulating mineral fibers materials. General specifications RUSS56996
GOST 31311-2005 Heating devices. General specifications RUSS56997
GOST 31357-2007 Dry bulding cement binder mixes. General specifications RUSS57000
GOST 31387-2008 Dry building рutty gypsum binder mixes. Specifications RUSS57001
GOST 20493-2001 Voltage detectors. General specifications RUSS58799
GOST R 52035-2003 Commercial explosives. Detonite M. Specifications RUSS57447
GOST R 52044-2003 Outer advertisement allocated alongside of highways and in territories of cities, towns and villages. General technical requirements concerning means of outer advertisement. Rules of allocation RUSS57450
GOST 7454-2007 Canned of blanched, slightly dried or cured fish in oil. Specifications RUSS59218
GOST R 52093-2003 Kefir. Specifications RUSS57454
GOST R 52094-2003 Ryazhenka. Specifications RUSS57455
GOST R 52095-2003 Sour clotted milk. Specifications RUSS57456
GOST R 52132-2003 Items of net for gabion constructions. Specifications RUSS57458
GOST R 54396-2011 Vitreous china ware. Specifications RUSS57674
GOST R 51924-2002 Double tube core barrel for exploration drilling. General technical specifications RUSS58031

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