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GOST R 7.0.66-2010 System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Indexing of documents. General requirements for coordinate indexing RUSS61783
GOST 8.641-2014 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. State verification schedule for measuring instruments of power of electromagnetic oscillations in coaxial and waveguide lines RUSS63363
GOST R 55730-2013 Mining equipment. Loading-transport machines. General technical requirements RUSS69729
GESNm-2001 Volume 2 Woodworking equipment RUSS151598
TERm 2001-02 Novosibirsk region Woodworking equipment RUSS151601
TERm 2001-02 Saint-Petersburg Woodworking equipment RUSS151604
VNPB-01-03-01-2000 Foam fire extinguishing installations. Automatic fire extinguishing system with highly foam of oil pumping stations of Transneft, JSC. General technical requirements RUSS151810
VNTP 02-92 Part 1 Standards for technological design of enterprises in the baking industry. Part I. Bakeries RUSS151813
VNTP 41-94 Standards for the design of the technological part of HPP and PSP RUSS151853
VRD 39-1.13-038-2001 Industry-specific rationing of nitric oxide emissions from gas transmission companies, taking into account the transformation of NO-NO2 in the atmosphere RUSS151890
VRD 39-1.21-072-2002 General technical requirements for semiconductor starting devices for synchronous motors of electrically driven gas pumping units RUSS151893
VRD 39-2.2-080-2003 Method for estimating the cost of natural gas for own technological needs in the operation of underground storage facilities in porous formations RUSS151896
VSN 01-82 Instructions for the design of logging enterprises RUSS151913
VSN 220-86 Interim guidelines for drawing up schemes for the development and placement of the oil industry in an oil-producing region RUSS152036
VSN 23-95 Instructions for the installation of floors of three-layer parquet boards of type PD-3 (PDP) in rooms of more than 40 m2 RUSS152042
VSN 34.70.075-91 Part 2 Price list for technical assistance in the commissioning of power plants RUSS152082
VSN 363-76 Installation instructions for busbars up to 1000 V RUSS152122
VSN 429-81 Instructions for the design of linings of industrial refractory fibrous furnaces RUSS152142
VSN 45-86 Cultural and entertainment institutions RUSS152145
VSP 101-96 Bank of Russia The order of preparation and conclusion of contracts for the construction of facilities of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation RUSS152208
GKINP 05-051-77 Guide to cartographic and cartographic works. Part 4. Drafting and preparation for publication of city plans RUSS152265
GKINP 06-278-04 User Manual for Work in the 1995 Coordinate System (SK-95) RUSS152271
GKINP 14-270-03 Rules for controlling the display of boundaries on maps intended for open publication and marked RUSS152288
GOST R 51317.3.4-2006 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Limitation of emission of harmonic currents in low-voltage power supply systems for equipment with rated current greater than 16 A. Limits and test methods RUSS61617
GOST R 54775-2011 Powered support pumping stations. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS67007
GOST R 52033-2003 Motor vehicles with petrol engines. Emission of the exhaust gas pollutants. Norms and methods of the control for estimation of technical condition RUSS67419
GOST R ISO/IEC 50-2002 Child safety and standards. General requirements RUSS69815
ST SEV 632-77 Safety. Electrical Elevators. Graphical symbols RUSS84193
GOST 1639-93 Non-ferrous metals and alloys scrap and waste. General specifications RUSS18265
RD 50-465-84 Guidelines. Sources of gamma radiation from cobalt-60 and cesium-137 are radiometric exemplary. Method of verification RUSS165624
RD 50-566-85 Guidelines. Means of measuring the energy of laser radiation pulses IFC-3M. Method of verification. RUSS165713
RD 51-31323949-33-98 Guidelines for the design of power supply to linear consumers of gas pipelines RUSS165833
RD 52.04.212-86 (OND-86) Method of calculating the concentration in the air of harmful substances contained in the emissions of enterprises. Main Geophysical Observatory. A.I.Voyeikova (MGO) RUSS165856
RD 52.04.795-2014 Mass concentration of hydrogen sulfide in air samples. Measurement technique photometric method for the reaction of formation of megylene blue RUSS165896
RD 52.08.758-2011 Hydrostatic Level Meter DST-22. Method of verification RUSS165939
RD 52.10.743-2010 Total alkalinity of sea water. Measurement method titrimetric method RUSS165959
RD 52.11.638-2002 Guidelines. Artificial scattering of supercooled fogs at airports by ground means using liquid nitrogen RUSS165985
RD 52.18.597-98 Guidelines. Accreditation of laboratories (centers) for monitoring environmental pollution. General requirements for the "Regulations on the accredited laboratory (center)". NGO "Typhoon" RUSS166068
RD 52.18.718-2008 Organization and procedure for the observation of soil pollution by toxicants of industrial origin RUSS166088
RD 52.24.309-2011 Organization and conduct of regime monitoring of the state and pollution of surface land waters RUSS166131
RD 52.24.381-2006 Mass concentration of nitrite in waters. The method of measurement using the photometric method with Griess reagent RUSS166151
RD 52.24.402-2011 Mass concentration of chlorides in waters. Measurement Technique by Mercurimetric Method RUSS166165
RD 52.24.405-2005 Mass concentration of sulfates in waters. Turbidimetric Measurement Technique RUSS166168
RD 52.24.428-2009 Mass concentration of total chromium and chromium (VI) in waters, measurement procedure using the inversion voltammetric method RUSS166188
GN Maximum Permissible Concentration (MPC) of 2-chlorvinyl dichloroarsine (lewisite) in the water of water bodies used for drinking and household water use in areas where chemical weapons are stored and destroyed RUSS152328
GN Estimated permissible level (TAC) of methylphosphonic acid in the water of drinking water and cultural and community water use RUSS152331
GN Maximum Permissible Concentration (MPC) of O-isopropylmethylphosphonate (sarin) in the soil of the areas where chemical weapons are stored and destroyed RUSS152348
GN Maximum Permissible Concentrations (MPC) of 2, 2'-dichlorodiethyl sulfide (mustard gas) and mustard-lewisite mixture in the soil of the areas where chemical weapons are stored and destroyed RUSS152351
GN Hygienic standards for maximum permissible levels (MPL) of technological equipment contamination by harmful substances at the facilities for the storage and destruction of chemical weapons RUSS152371
GN Maximum Permissible Level (REM) of skin contamination with o-isobutyl-betta-n-diethylaminoethanethiol methylphosphonic acid ester of workers of chemical weapons storage and destruction facilities RUSS152374
GN Maximum Permissible Level (REM) of nitroglycerin contamination of personal protective equipment RUSS152391
GESNPiTER 2001-04. Book I Handbook for estimators for TER 81-02-04-2001. Collection 4. Wells. Book i RUSS152540
ENiR Volume E8 Issue 1 Finishing coatings for building structures Issue 1. Finishing works RUSS152557
ENiR Collection E 9 Release 2 Constructions of systems of heat supply, water supply, gas supply and sewerage. Release 2. External networks and facilities RUSS152560
ENiR Collection Issue 7 Electrical work Issue 7. Distribution and start-controlling equipment RUSS152577
ENiR E26 Collection Installation of technological pipelines RUSS152583
ENiR Volume E37 Issue 3 Installation of mine equipment. Issue 3. Electrical installation work in underground conditions RUSS152600
ENiR Volume E38 Issue 2 Construction of electrified urban transport lines. Release 2. Installation of the contact networks of the tram and trolleybus RUSS152603
ETKS Issue 14 Unified tariff qualification reference book of works and professions of workers. Issue 14. Section "Production of metal electrodes" RUSS152620
ETKS Issue 17 Unified tariff qualification reference book of works and professions of workers. Section: "Production of abrasives" RUSS152623
ETKS Issue 3 Part 2 Unified tariff qualification reference book of works and professions of workers. Issue 3. Section "Construction, installation and repair and construction work." Part 2 RUSS152640
ETKS Issue 32 Unified tariff qualification reference book of works and professions of workers. Issue 32. Chemical and photographic production RUSS152643
Law of Bashkortostan Republic of 28.10.1992 No. VS-13/29 Environmental Code of the Republic of Bashkortostan RUSS152703
RD 52.24.470-2014 Mass concentration of calcium and magnesium in waters. Measurement technique flame atomic absorption method RUSS166208
RD 52.24.480-2006 Mass concentration of volatile phenols in the waters. The method of measurement by accelerated extraction-photometric method without distillation RUSS166214
RD 52.24.495-2005 Hydrogen indicator and specific electrical conductivity of water. Electrometric Measurement Technique RUSS166231
RD 52.24.505-2010 Mass fraction of oil components in bottom sediments. The method of measurement with the identification of their composition and origin of IR-photometric, luminescent and gas chromatographic methods RUSS166234
RD 52.24.520-2011 Mass concentration of cyanides in waters. Methods for making measurements by the photometric method with nicotinamide RUSS166251
RD 52.24.523-2009 Mass concentration of nitrates in waters. Methods for measuring by photometric method with sulfanilamide and N- (1-naphthyl) ethylenediamine dihydrochloride after reduction in a cadmium reducer RUSS166254
RD 52.24.634-2002 Guidelines. Refinement of the location of the sections (points) of observations and sampling modes based on the use of tracer methods for studying the hydrodynamic characteristics of water bodies RUSS166271
RD 52.37.615-2000 Instructions. The procedure for ensuring the safety of work on the active influence on meteorological and other geophysical processes RUSS166357
RD 75.200.00-KTN-404-09 Standards for the design of transitions of main oil pipelines and oil product pipelines through water barriers RUSS166420
RD 91.020.00-KTN-149-06 Standards for the design of electrochemical protection of main pipelines and oil pumping stations RUSS166437
RD 91.020.00-KTN-335-06 Design standards for oil pumping stations RUSS166440
RD 91.200.00-KTN-119-07 Technology for repairing pipelines using chops, nozzles and tees RUSS166443
RD RSS 3.02-2005 Rules of certification of works and services for construction, design, engineering surveys RUSS166483
RD EO 0447-03 Methods for assessing the state and residual life of reinforced concrete structures of NPPs important to safety RUSS166603
RD EO 0516-2004 Regulations on the metrology service of the Rosenergoatom concern RUSS166606
RD EO 0577-2004 Typical enlarged standards for the number of personnel of the main activity (industrial production personnel) of nuclear power plants with VVER, RBMK-1000 and BN-600 reactors RUSS166609
RD EO Regulations on the sectoral system for monitoring the safety of hydrotechnical structures of nuclear power plants RUSS166623
RD EO Regulations on the metrological service of Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC RUSS166626
RD EO Evaluation of the technical condition and residual life of pipelines, vessels and pumps of nuclear power units method RUSS166646
RD EO Technical documentation. Instructions for investigating and recording fires at nuclear power plants RUSS166649
Law of Mariy El Republic of 03.12.2004 No. 56-Z About regulation of individual relations in the field of fire safety in the Republic of Mari El RUSS152706
IOT 11233753-002-2007 Instructions for labor protection for the organizers of production (employers) and engineering and technical personnel for special installation and commissioning works RUSS152915
IOT RZhD-4100612-TsP-038-2012 Instructions for labor protection for the operator flaw detector carts RUSS152932
IPKM-2005 Hygienic standards for the content of pesticides in environmental objects (list) RUSS152935
IT.SOV.U4.PZ The security profile of intrusion detection systems at the node level of the fourth class of protection RUSS152952
ITP 31-87 Instructions for the technological design of enterprises for the production of perfumery products RUSS152955
KT 8.3-10.3-89 Map of the labor process of construction production. Facing the surface of ceilings with anodized aluminum stamped plates RUSS153101
M24.40/05 Walls, garret floors and attic fencing with the use of reflective thermal insulation Penofol and Armofol. Materials for design and working drawings of nodes RUSS153264
MDK 4-03.2001 Manual Determination of the normative values of the performance indicators of the water heating networks of district heating systems RUSS153367
MDR 81-01.2005 Method of calculating the amount of overhead costs and estimated profit when performing repair and restoration work on cultural heritage RUSS153370
MDS 11-17.2004 Rules for the inspection of buildings, structures and complexes for liturgical and auxiliary purposes RUSS153373
MDS 12-33.2007 Roofing RUSS153390
MDS 12-37.2007 Recommendations on document management in a construction company RUSS153393
MDS 12-81.2007 Guidelines for the development and execution of the project of the organization of construction and the project of work RUSS153410
MDS 13-20.2004 Comprehensive methods for the inspection and energy audit of reconstructed buildings. Design Guide RUSS153413
MDS 31-1.98 Recommendations for the design of floors (in the development of SNiP 2.03.13-88) RUSS153430
MDS 31-13.2007 Design guidelines for the safety and comfort of industrial buildings RUSS153433

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