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GOST 7697-82 Corn starch RUSS16215
GOST 7699-78 Potato starch RUSS16821
GOST 31045-2002 Glucose syrups. Determination of dry substance with the use of vacuum oven. RUSS44386
GOST 31047-2002 Glucose. The determination of weight loss after oven drying. Method with the use of drying vacuum oven RUSS44387
GOST 31049-2002 Products of hydrolysis of starch Determination of the reducing ability and glucose equivalent. Lein and Zenon method of constant titration. RUSS44388
GOST 6034-74 Dextrins. Specifications RUSS57133
GOST 31935-2012 Wheat starch. Specifications RUSS59100
GOST 13456-82 Dried beat-root cake for export. Specifications RUSS63326
GOST 24583-81 Starch and starch products. Terms and definitions RUSS63691
GOST 32034-2013 Hydrolysates of starch. General specifications RUSS63819
GOST R 51953-2002 Starch and starch products. Terms and definitions RUSS64081
GOST 31934-2012 Wheat gluten. Specifications RUSS66747
GOST 5194-91 Starch syrop. Specifications RUSS67384
GOST 975-88 Crystalline dextrose hydrate. Specifications RUSS71592
GOST 7698-93 Starch. Acceptance rules and methods of sampling RUSS73003
GOST 32902-2014 Starch and starch products. Terms and definitions RUSS138819
GOST 33444-2015 Starch and starch products. Sampling methods RUSS139160
GOST 33917-2016 Starch syrup. General specifications RUSS243310
GOST 33930-2016 Sago. Specifications RUSS243325
DSTU 7898:2015 Starch-containing raw materials for alcohol production. Method for determination of total microbial contamination UKRA342581

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