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RNiP 1.02.01-94 Instructions on the composition, order of development, coordination and approval of the scientific and design documents for restoration of immovable monuments of cultural history. Ministry of Culture, 1994 KYRG83939
TSN 12-309-2000 Acceptance and commissioning of completed construction projects. Basics RUSS142853
OK 004-93 All-Russian classification of economic activities and products RUSS142942
MUK 4.1.1471-03 Atomic absorption method for determination of mercury mass concentration in soils and solid mineral materials RUSS143071
OK 024-1996 National Classification of information on industrial property objects (OKOPS) approved by order of the Director of the State Agency of Intellectual Property under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic dated 10.09.1996. №130-L. Developer Kyrgyzpatent KYRG83800
TER-2001-23 Novosibirsk region Canalisation-External networks RUSS143321
MUK 4.1.1044-01 Chromato-mass-spectrometric determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the air RUSS143396
GESNm-2001 Volume 37 Common purpose equipment RUSS143503
TER 2001-37 Saint-Petersburg Concrete and reinforced concrete structures of hydraulics constructions RUSS143589
MU 3.2.2568-09 Control the number of p. Culex mosquitoes with breeding sites within settlements RUSS143689
VSN 40-88 Design and Installation of Soil-Cement Foundations for Low-Rise Buildings Constructed in Rural Areas RUSS143796
NPB 105-2003 Determination categories of rooms, buildings, and outdoor installations on explosion and fire hazard RUSS143878
TERr 2001-55 Orel region Dividing walls RUSS143946
TER-2001-01 Krasnodar Territory Earthwork operations RUSS144007
FERm-2001 Volume 32 Electronic industry and communication industry enterprises equipment RUSS144096
TSN 23-323-2001 KhMAO Energy efficiency in residential and public buildings. The norms for thermal performance of the buildings RUSS144171
TERm 2001-28 Dagestan Republic Equipment of food industry enterprises RUSS144321
Federal law of 27.12.2002 No. 184-FZ Federal law of Russian Federation on technical regulation RUSS144446
NPB 309-2002 Fire equipment. Devices for control breathing apparatuses with compressed air and oxygenous self-contained gas-masks for fireman. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS144514
TERr 2001-54 Udmurtia Floor structures RUSS144614
MUK Gas Chromatographic Measurement of Concentration of Valeric Acid and Caproic Acid Isobutyl Esters (42:58% Mixture) (Isobutyl Valerate, Isobutyl Caproate) in Workplace Air RUSS144714
RD BT 39-0147171-003-88 Requirements for installation of stationary sensors of gas alarms in industrial premises and outdoors areas of oil and gas industry facilities RUSS16848
TSN 12-307-99 Acceptance and commissioning of completed construction projects in Irkutsk region. Basics RUSS142842
VSN 601-92 Allowable levels of noise at the telecommunication enterprises RUSS142935
R 50.1.037-2002 Applied statistics statistics. Rules of check of experimental and theoretical distribution of the consent. Part II. Nonparametric goodness-of-fit test RUSS143035
NPRM Collection Bridges and pipes RUSS143221
PR 32.99-2001 Calibration system of measuring apparatus on federal railway transport. General provisions RUSS143310
STO TsKTI 462.09-2011 Chokes for steam lines of thermal stations. Design and dimensions RUSS143385
SNiP IV-14-82 Collection of comprehensive prices for electrical installation and connection of cables or wires to external network appliances and devices of low voltage complete devices RUSS143485
GESN-2001 Volume 7 Concrete and reinforced concrete assembly constructions RUSS143578
Russia Federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety Control instruction of mine air composition, determination of gas volume and mine category determination by concentration of methane and/or carbon dioxide RUSS143678
VSN 164-82 Design and Installation Guidelines to Busways-to-Busway Contact Connections and Connections of Busways to Utilization Equipment Leads RUSS143789
SNiP 2.04.02-84 Reference book Designing facilities for sludge dewatering for natural water purification stations RUSS143871
PSRr-2001-55 Kaliningrad region Dividing walls RUSS143939
SNiP IV-14-84 Volume 2-1 Earthwork operations RUSS144003
STO RZhD 07.010-2011 Electric switchgears of the voltage 25 and 2x25 kV of traction substations. Classification by sheet-oriented solutions, designations, requirements for application RUSS144071
TSN 23-309-2000 Tver region Energy efficiency in residential and public buildings. The norms for thermal performance of the buildings RUSS144164
TERm 2001-23 Rostov region Equipment of electrical industry enterprises RUSS144314
FSEM-2001 Federal estimate prices for the operation of building machines and vehicles RUSS144439
NPB 61-97 Fire engineering. Foam fire fighting systems. Low expansion foam generators for subsurface fire fighting systems of the tanks. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS144500
TERr 2001-54 Novosibirsk region Floor structures RUSS144607
TSN 12-316-2002 Saint-Petersburg Acceptance and commissioning of completed construction projects RUSS142835
TERm 2001-35 Dagestan Republic Agricultural enterprises equipment RUSS142910
TERm 2001 Dagestan Republic Appendices RUSS143028
RD 34.35.120-90 Basic Principles for Development of Automated Process Control Systems for Substations at Voltage of 35-110 kV RUSS143160
MU Calculation and justification of the size of sanitary protection zones and surveillance zones around nuclear power plants RUSS143296
STO RZhD 07.016-2013 Choice technique of capacity of transformers of own needs of traction substations, transformer substations and linear devices of traction electrical supply RUSS143378
GSN 81-05-02-2001 Collected volume of estimated norms of additional expenses for construction/installation operations in winter time RUSS143471
VSN 394-78 Compressors and pumps mounting instruction RUSS143571
R 50.1.027-2001 Continuous acquisition and life-cycle support. Automated interchange of technical informations. Overview and general requirements RUSS143671
RD 45.174-2001 Design and construction of management systems of communication networks of operators of interconnected network of the Russian Federation. Main provisions RUSS143778
ODN 218.1.021-2003 Design of Road and Highway Bridges in Seismically-Active Areas RUSS143846
FTS ZhT TsT 01-98 Diesel-electric passenger trains. Sertification requirements RUSS143928
FER-2001 Volume 36 Earth constructions of hydraulic structures RUSS143996
TERm 2001-09 Novosibirsk region Electric furnaces RUSS144057
TSN 23-328-2001 Amur region Energy efficiency in residential and public buildings. Heat and power energy consumption and thermal performance standards RUSS144157
TERm 2001-24 Saint-Petersburg Equipment of construction materials enterprises RUSS144307
GN 1.2.3111-13 Facility Security Systems. Graphic Symbols for System Components RUSS144421
NPB 305-2001 Fire engineering. Charge of foam extinguishers and foam fire fighting sistems. General technical requirements and test methods RUSS144496
MDS 31-11.2007 Floor construction RUSS144600
MUK 4.1.1046a-01 Gas chromatographic determination of methanol in the air RUSS144700
TERr 2001 Orel region General Guidelines for the Use of Regional Unit Prices for Renovation in the Orel Region (TERr-2001) RUSS144825
TERr 2001-63 Krasnodar region Glazing, tapestry works and face-works RUSS144914
ST SEV 3973-83 Reliability of building constructions and foundations. Aluminium structures. Basic provisions on the calculation. To replace RS 5239-75 RUSS84168
FERm-2001 Volume 40 Additional relocation of equipment and material resources in excess of foreseen in reference-book of territorial billing rates for equipment assembling RUSS142885
OK 031-2002 All-Russian classification of types of cargoes, packings and packing materials RUSS142967
FER-2001 Volume 27 Automobile roads RUSS143121
GESN-2001 Volume 46 Buildings and constructions rearrangement works RUSS143253
RD 51-00158623-08-95 Categorization of industrial power consumers of natural gas facilities RUSS143346
VSN 39.1.06-84 Code for the Design of Oil Field Site Improvements and Amenities. List of Process Equipment for Primary Production Facilities of Oil Fields Required to be Located Outdoors RUSS143446
VSN 60-89 Communications Devices, Alarm and Remote Control Systems for Building Services Equipment Used in Residential and Public Buildings. Design Standards RUSS143528
VSN 013-88 Construction of main and field pipelines in permafrost RUSS143639
FERm-2001-04 Crushing, concentrating and aglomerating equipment RUSS143746
VSN 56-78 Design Guidelines for Railroad Stations and Terminals for USSR Railways RUSS143821
MDS 35-11.2004 Development of environment for work activity of low-mobile groups of people at industrial enterprises RUSS143903
NPRM Collection Drilling-and-blasting operations RUSS143964
FERр 2001 Volume 51 Earthwork operations RUSS144032
GN Emergency exposure limits (EEL) of isopropyl-methylfluoro-phosphate acid (sarin) in the air of working area of facilities for storage and elimination of chemical weapons RUSS144121
STO 56947007-29.240.038-2010 Environmental security of power supply obetov. Requirements for the construction RUSS144271
TERm 2001-27 Rostov region Equipment of printing industry enterprises RUSS144346
TER-2001-15 Smolensk region Finishing works RUSS144475
NPB 193-2000 Fire rope descenders. Technical requirements of fire safety. Test methods RUSS144539
TERr 2001-52 Dagestan Republic Foundations RUSS144664
TER-2001-19 Altai Territory Gas supply. Indoor devices RUSS144775
RD 153-34.1-39.605-2002 General Requirements and Guidelines for Use of Thermally Expanded Graphite Seals in Thermal Power Station Valves RUSS144864
RD 52.04.186-89 Part 1 Guide for monitoring of atmosphere pollution RUSS144964
ST SEV 632-77 Safety. Electrical Elevators. Graphical symbols RUSS84193
FER-2001 Volume 31 Aerodromes RUSS142903
TERr 2001-56 Ryazan region Apertures RUSS143021
PNST 6-2012 Automobile roads of general use. Viscous petroleum road bitumens. Test method determination of dynamic viscosity by rotational viscometer RUSS143135
STO 56947007- Bused connections attached on high voltage power lines of 220-500 kV. Test methods RUSS143285
E-808-2005 Check list of required processing equipment for repair of power transformers RUSS143371
VSN 198-88 Cold-Weather Construction of Reinforced Roadbeds for Precast Reinforced Concrete Road Pavements at Oil Fields in Western Siberia RUSS143460
TERm 2001-07 Novosibirsk region Compressor installations, pumps and ventilators RUSS143564
STO SRO-S 60542960 00038-2014 Construction supervision procedure during construction, renovation and major repairs of nuclear facilities RUSS143653
STO 218.3.001-2006 Design and arrangement of thermal insulating layers from extruded expanded polystyrene 'STYROFOAM' on highways of Russia RUSS143771
R.022-2007 Design of floating and caisson docks RUSS143839
VSN 127-91 Dewatering Planning and Execution Guidelines for Subsurface Water Removal to Permit Tunnel and Subway Construction RUSS143921
TER-2001-36 Krasnodar Territory Earth constructions of hydraulic structures RUSS143989
STO 56947007-29.240.040-2010 Ecological safety of electric network objects. Requirements at reconstruction and liquidation RUSS144046

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