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GOST 8568-77 Corrugated steet rhombic and lentil form steel. Technical requirements RUSS15850
GOST 6009-74 Hot-rolled steel strip. Specifications RUSS16020
GOST 8559-75 Square bar steel. Products sizes RUSS16217
GOST 2590-88 Round steel bars. Dimensions RUSS16427
GOST 2591-88 Square Hot-rolled Steel Bars Dimensions RUSS16428
GOST 2879-88 Hot-rolled hexagonal steel. Range of sizes RUSS16475
GOST 5497-80 Cold-rolled steel strip for saws of cotton-scrubbing machines RUSS16506
GOST 8560-78 Calibrated hexahedral rolled stock RUSS16523
GOST 19903-74 Hot-rolled steel sheets. Dimensions RUSS16548
GOST 19904-90 Cold-rolled steel sheets. Dimensions RUSS16569
GOST 17066-94 Thin sheet rolled stock of high strength steel RUSS16651
GOST 19851-74 Ribbon from carbon cold-rolled cut steel RUSS16931
GOST 3560-73 Sealing tepe RUSS16979
GOST 808-70 Flattened steel strip for spiral rollers of bearings RUSS17222
GOST 8851-75 Steel strip of grades 11kp and 11yua RUSS17226
GOST 14637-89 Thick sheet rolled stock of normal quality carbon steel RUSS17244
GOST 12766.5-90 Flattened strip of high electric resistance precision alloys RUSS17805
GOST 24244-80 Cold-rolled soft thin sheet steel for enameled utensils RUSS17839
GOST 14918-80 Continuously galvanized sheet steel. Technical conditions. RUSS17906
GOST 11269-76 Universal rolled plates and wide strips made of special purpose structural high-grade Alloy steel RUSS17950
GOST 12766.4-90 Graded rolled stock of precision alloys of high electrical resistance RUSS17956
GOST 5521-93 Shipbuilding rolled steel RUSS18086
GOST 21997-76 Steel flattened strip of high strength RUSS18150
GOST 30246-94 Continuously rolled sheet steel with paint coating for Building RUSS18197
GOST 22366-93 Iron-based sintered filler ribbon electrode RUSS18353
GOST 12766.2-90 Strip from precision high electric resistance alloys RUSS18477
GOST 21427.2-83 Cold-rolled isotropic electrical-sheet steel RUSS18616
GOST 4986-79 Cold-rolled band from corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steel RUSS18649
GOST 7419-90 Hot-rolled tool steel for springs RUSS18661
GOST 27772-88 structural steel structure rolled products. General specifications RUSS18669
GOST 2284-79 Cold-rolled carbon structural steel strip RUSS18738
GOST 3559-75 Steel band for armoring cables RUSS18771
GOST 10234-77 Moderate strength flattened RUSS18831
GOST 21427.1-83 Electric steel thin sheets RUSS18857
GOST 10533-86 Cold-rolled thermostatic bimetal strip RUSS18937
GOST 19281-89 Rolled steel with increased strength. General specifications RUSS19038
GOST 14117-85 Strip made from precision alloys for elastic elements RUSS19341
GOST 21996-76 Cold-rolled heat treated steel-cord belt RUSS19406
GOST 21427.4-78 Cold-rolled steel electrical anisotropic strip RUSS19463
GOST 13345-85 Tin-plate and black plate RUSS19759
GOST 28870-90 Steel. Methods tensile tests of rolled thick-plates in the thickness direction RUSS20830
GOST 82-70 Universal hot-rolled steel wide strips. Dimensions RUSS20848
GOST 6713-91 Low-alloyed structural rolled stock for bridge building. Specifications RUSS20952
ST RK EN 10029-2012 Hot-rolled steel sheets of 3 mm and more thickness. Dimensional tolerances and forms KAZA24034
ST RK EN 10051-2012 Continuous hot-rolled strips and plates/sheets cut from a wide strip of unalloyed and alloyed steel. Dimensional tolerances and forms KAZA24036
ST RK EN 10143-2012 Strips and sheets of steel with coating superimposed by means of continuous hot dipping Extreme deviations and margins of error for geometrical shape KAZA24043
ST RK EN 10149-3-2012 Hot-rolled flat products of steels of high yield point for cold stamping. Part 1. Conditions of supply of standard or standard rolled steel KAZA24046
ST RK ISO 4997-2012 Cold-rolled sheet of carbon construction steel KAZA25729
GOST 8786-68 Cold-drawn steel for woodruff keys. Assortment RUSS45493
GOST 8787-68 Cold-drawn steel for rectangular parallel keys. Assortment RUSS46363
GOST 23522-79 Cold-rolled strip for hack saws. Specifications RUSS48673
GOST 15891-70 Hot-rolled fashioned strip two layered steel for plough-shares. Specifications RUSS49956
GOST 14792-80 Parts and work pieces made by oxygen and plasma arc cutting. Cut face accuracy and quality RUSS49977
GOST 1133-71 Forged round and square steel. Dimensions RUSS50183
GOST 12169-82 Steel blanks for oxygen cutting. Allowances RUSS50979
GOST 21937-76 Hot-rolled steel unsymmetrical bulb section for shipbuilding. Dimensions RUSS53062
GOST 6765-75 Hot rolled three-layer steel and wide steel strip (universal). Specifications RUSS53396
GOST 9235-76 Hot-rolled steel. Symmetrical bulb for shipbuilding. Dimensions RUSS53426
GOST 15146-69 Thermal-treated steel tape for musical instrument reeds. Specifications RUSS57951
GOST 503-81 Cold-rolled low-carbon steel strip. Specifications RUSS58563
GOST 28831-90 Rolled plates. Ultrasonic test methods. RUSS60420
GOST 14080-78 Precision alloy strip with specified temperature coefficient of linear expansion. Specifications RUSS64715
GOST 103-76 Hot-rolled steel strip. Dimensions RUSS68981
ST RK 1572-6-2006 Steel Trunk pipelines. Methods of controlling coatings. Part 6. The method of the specified control on impact strength KAZA207447
GOST 19281-73 Low alloyed sorted and shaped steel RUSS235614
GOST 19903-2015 Hot-rolled sheet. Range RUSS236295
GOST 19904-74 Cold-rolled sheet. Range RUSS236297
GOST 2590-71 Hot rolled steel. Types and sizes RUSS240767
GOST 499-41 Steel, carbon, hot-rolled for rivets. Specification RUSS246830
GOST 499-70 Steel, carbon, hot-rolled for rivets. Technical requirements RUSS246839
GOST 5058-57 Low-alloy constructional steel. Grades and general technical requirements RUSS249377
GOST 5058-65 Low-alloy constructional steel. Grades and general technical requirements RUSS249378
GOST 5650-51 High-speed tool steel, hot-rolled and forged, round and square. Range RUSS250487
GOST 6422-76 Steel strip for nuts. Specification RUSS252106
GOST 6713-53 Steel, carbon, hot-rolled for motors. Specification RUSS252746
GOST 8075-56 Thin roofing coated and pickled steel sheet. Range RUSS255935
GOST 8706-78 Expanded steel sheets. Specification RUSS257341
GOST R 52246-2016 Hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet. Specifications RUSS287559
TU 14-1-3577-83 Tape of steel grade 08Х15Н5Д2Т-Ш (ЭП410-Ш, ВНС-2-Ш) RUSS313415

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