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GOST 20414-93 Frozen squid cuttle. Specifications RUSS17359
GOST 23649-79 Encased radioisotope sources of radiation RUSS18152
GOST 21-94 Granulated sugar RUSS18620
GOST 27173-86 Spectrometric units and devices for detection of ionizing radiation RUSS19606
ST RK 2211-2012 Fine grinding phosphate raw material from Karatau. Specification KAZA23475
ST RK ISO 15489-1-2007 Operative accounting information and documents. Part 1. General provisions KAZA25279
DSTU 4936:2008 Strawberry seedlings. Specifications. UKRA33846
GOST 16678-71 Frozen mucous membranes of cattle rennet bags and pig stomachs. Specifications RUSS49097
GOST 3765-78 Reagents. Ammonium molibdate. Specifications RUSS52380
GOST 4055-78 Reagents. Nickel nitrate 6-aqueous. Specifications RUSS55295
GOST 31089-2003 Household solvents (diluents) for paint coating materials. General specifications RUSS56992
GOST R 55462-2013 Jelly. General specifications RUSS57735
GOST 24579-81 Inflammable caps 'Gevelot'. Specifications RUSS58864
GOST R 51693-2000 Anticorrosion primers. General specifications RUSS59432
GOST R 52952-2008 Cosmetic gels. General specifications RUSS60157
GOST 31855-2012 Cashen kernels. Specifications RUSS61497
GOST R 54691-2011 Fresh raspberries and blackberries. Specifications RUSS63133
GOST R 52675-2006 Semi-prepared meat and meat-contained products. General specifications RUSS64126
GOST 17478-95 Moulding materials. Measuring glass-fibre-base laminate and granulated glass-fibre-base laminate. Specifications RUSS65859
GOST 19710-83 Ethylene glycol. Specifications RUSS66641
GOST 7296-2003 Shoes. Marking, packing, transportation and storage. RUSS68020
GOST 2226-2013 Bags made of paper and composite materials. General specifications RUSS70953
OST 24.125.170-01 Details and prefabricated units of supports, hangers, ties for lens compensators and drives for remote control of pipe fittings in thermal and nuclear power plants. General Specifications. RUSS103627
GOST 33286-2015 Meat of gastropods chilled and frozen. Specifications RUSS139023
STO TsKTI 10.002-2007 Pipe elements of heating surfaces, connecting pipes within a boiler and a drum of stationary boilers. General technical requirements for manufacture RUSS148108
STB 1467-2017 Ice cream. General technical conditions BELA260573
GOST 3948-90 Frozen fish fillets RUSS17198
GOST 26590-85 Ferroalloys RUSS18002
GOST 19663-90 Isothermal reservoirs for liquid carbon dioxide RUSS18613
GOST 16306-80 Granulated double RUSS19513
ST RK 2069-2010 Fermented-milk products. General specification. Put into effect in substitution of RST KazSSR 230-87, ST RK 982-95, ST RK 1337-2005, ST RK 1065-2002, ST RK 1100-2002, ST RK 1101-2002 KAZA23332
ST RK IEC 60721-3-1-2012 Classification of environmental exposure factors. Part 1. Classification of environmental parameters groups and level of their stiffness. Section 1. Storage KAZA24872
DSTU 4836:2007 Ciders. General specifications. UKRA33728
GOST 9246-79 Four-wheel bogies of freight cars for mainline railways gauge 1520 (1524) mm. Specifications RUSS43881
GOST 18394-73 Tin plated lead foil and tin foil. Specifications RUSS52212
GOST 31451-2013 Drinking cream. Specifications RUSS55238
GOST 28427-90 Electric lamps and starters. General requirements for export RUSS56906
GOST R 54661-2011 Canned milk. Dry cream. Specifications RUSS57692
GOST 18613-88 Hydraulic fluid of grades 132-10 and 132-10Д. Specifications RUSS58771
GOST 9980.5-2009 Paint materials. Transportation and storage RUSS59282
GOST 15623-84 Wooden cases for tools and accessories. Specifications RUSS60132
GOST 31449-2013 Raw cow's milk. Specifications RUSS61229
GOST R 52986-2008 Meat. Dressing of pork into cuts. Specifications RUSS63015
GOST R 51682-2000 Casing and coring tubes for geology-exploring drilling. Specifications RUSS64069
GOST 4835-80 Car wheelsets of railways mainline, gauge 1520 (1524) mm. Specifications RUSS65741
GOST 1129-2013 Sunflower oil. Specifications RUSS66609
GOST R 50522-93 Table grapes. Guide to cold storage RUSS67795
GOST 31465-2012 Semi-prepared of poultry meat for children nutrition. General specifications RUSS70303
GOST R 55716-2013 High-voltage switchgear. General specifications RUSS74179
GOST 33205-2014 Glass package. Decorated bottles for alcohol and non- alcohol food products. General specifications RUSS138973
GOST R 56648-2015 Electronic components for rocket and space technology. Input inspection and additional testing. General provisions RUSS140395
GOST 7449-2016 Salted salmon. Specifications RUSS254357
GOST 34186-2017 Canned crab. Technical conditions RUSS286763
GOST 2936-75 Plane-oval seamless radiator tubes RUSS17191
GOST 19716-81 Automatic pneumatic rapier looms RUSS17977
GOST 12936-82 Automobile speedometers with electric drive RUSS18595
GOST 16327-88 Transport packing sets for radioactive materials RUSS19456
ST RK 1742-2008 Water Protection Signs. Specification KAZA22732
ST RK GOST R 53803-2011 Copper wire rod for electrical purposes. Specification KAZA24686
DSTU 4685:2006 Artificially dried fodder grass. Specifications. UKRA33567
RST USSR 1880-87 Distribution containers. General specifications UKRA43388
GOST 1086-74 Silk insulating threads. Specifications RUSS52130
GOST 25856-97 Canned fish with vegetables in bouillon, marinade and various sauces. Specifications RUSS55163
GOST 19588-2006 Preserves of fish in special brine. Specifications RUSS56706
GOST R 51673-2000 Gaseous pure hydrogen. Specifications RUSS57403
GOST 1573-2011 Fish salted screened caviar. Specifications RUSS58728
GOST 9338-80 Plywood drums. Specifications RUSS59271
GOST R 54696-2011 Fresh bilberries and blueberries. Specifications RUSS59707
GOST R 53947-2010 Canned compound sweetened condensed milk. Specifications RUSS60793
GOST R 51187-98 Semi-prepared ground meat products, stuffed dumplings, comminuted meat for child nutrition. General specifications RUSS62876
GOST 7481-2013 Armoured glass. Specifications RUSS63894
GOST R 51068-97 Latex nipples for babies. Specifications RUSS65466
GOST R 50617-93 Seeds on the principle forestforming coniferous species. Federal and insurands funds. General specifications RUSS66566
GOST 31853-2012 Fresh artichokes for retail. Specification RUSS67620
GOST 30390-2013 Public catering services. Production of the public catering, realized to the population. General specifications RUSS70235
GOST 1639-2009 Non-ferrous metals and alloys scrap and waste. General specifications RUSS73422
GOST 32925-2014 Kefir for children's nutrition. Specifications RUSS138841
GOST R 56211-2014 Uncured epoxy resins. Specification RUSS140045
GOST 4543-2016 Metal products from structural alloy steel. Specification RUSS245919
GOST 34028-2016 Reinforcing rolled products for reinforced concrete constructions. Specifications RUSS286638
GOST 7045-2017 Flour rye bakery. Technical conditions RUSS286920
GOST 30314-95 Frozen scallop fillet RUSS17434
GOST 5221-77 Tin-zinc bronze wire RUSS18227
GOST 16214-86 Tape polyvinylchloride electro insulation RUSS19120
GOST 25294-2003 Outerwear of dress-blouse assortment. General specifications RUSS20510
ST RK 243-2013 Semi-smoked meat sausages. Specification. Assortment not specified in GOST 16351-86 KAZA23643
STB 1674-2006 Cosmetic powder and compact products. General specifications BELA27026
DSTU 6006:2008 Seeds of vegetable, melon and fodder roots. Packing, marking, transportation and storage. Specifications. UKRA34021
GOST 7.55-89 System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Generals RUSS49254
GOST 13330-77 Felt wicks and plates. Specifications RUSS53823
GOST R 53026-2008 Peanuts. Specifications RUSS55495
GOST 5065-73 Organic dyes. Sulphur black paste. Specifications RUSS57117
GOST 4170-78 Reagents. Ammonium sodium hydrogen phosphate 4-aqueous. Specifications RUSS58471
GOST 31093-2003 Paints and varnishes for furniture. General specifications RUSS59007
GOST R 52921-2008 Medical maximum glass thermometers. General specifications RUSS59532
GOST R 55289-2012 Rice. Specifications RUSS60500
GOST R 53458-2009 Turkey meat (carcasses and their parts). General specifications RUSS61697
GOST 15080-77 Synthetic latex БC-50. Specifications RUSS63601
GOST R 53117-2008 Organic fertilizers on basis of waste of stock-raising. Specifications RUSS64144
GOST 31498-2012 Cooked sausage products for child's nutrition. Specifications RUSS65991

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