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GOST 5762-2002 Pipeline industrial valves. Gate valves PN<=250. General specifications RUSS16633
GOST 23558-94 Crushed stone-gravel-sandy mixtures, and soils treated by inorganic binders for road and airfield construction. Specifications RUSS17267
GOST 30062-93 Bar reinforcement for reinforced concrete structures RUSS17671
GOST 8829-94 Reinforced concrete and prefabricated concrete building products. Loading test methods. Assesment of strength, rigidity and crack resistance RUSS18439
GOST 22690-88 Concretes. Determination of strength by mechanical methods of nondestructive testing RUSS18578
GOST 20276-99 S o i l s. Methods for field determination of strength and strain characteristics RUSS19200
GOST 31373-2008 Wheelsets of locomotives and motor-powered units. Strength calculations and tests RUSS20548
GOST R 52857.11-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Method of strength calculation of shells and heads according to weld misalignment, angular misalignment and shell nonroundness RUSS20625
GOST R 52857.7-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Heat-exchangers RUSS20626
SP 16.13330.2011 Steel structures RUSS20769
GOST R 52857.10-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Vessels and apparatus involving hydrogen sulphide media RUSS20981
GOST R 52857.1-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. General requirements RUSS20982
GOST R 52857.12-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Requirements for representation of the strength calculations carried out on the computer RUSS20983
GOST R 52857.2-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Calculation of cylindric and conic, shells convex and flat bottoms and covers RUSS20984
GOST R 52857.3-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Reinforcement of openings in shells and heads under internal and external pressure. Strength calculation of shells and heads under external static loads on the nozzle RUSS20985
GOST R 52857.4-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Stength and leak-tightness calculation of flange joints RUSS20986
GOST R 52857.5-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Calculation of shells and heads from influence of support loads RUSS20987
GOST R 52857.6-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Strength calculation under low-cyclic loads RUSS20988
GOST R 52857.8-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Jacketed vessels and apparatus RUSS20989
GOST R 52857.9-2007 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Determination of stresses at nozzle-to-shell and head junctions under action of pressure and external loads on the nozzle RUSS20990
SP 33.13330.2012 Steel pipelines strength analysis RUSS21112
GOST R 55495-2013 Railway multiple units. Durability and dynamics requirements RUSS21444
ST RK 1154-2002 Cobalt-chrome special alloys in prosthetic dentistry. General specification KAZA22132
ST RK 1434-2005 Wheel pairs of locomotives and motorcar rolling stock. Strength calculation and testing. KAZA22409
ST RK 1806-2008 Motor roads. Methods for determination of adhesion between two layers of concrete KAZA22795
ST RK 1846-2008 Freight and passenger cars. Strength testing methods and running characteristics KAZA22836
ST RK 973-2004 Stone materials and soils treated with non-organic binders for road and airfield construction. Specification. In substitution of ST RK 973-94 KAZA23866
ST RK EN 12771-2011 Shoes. Shoe sole testing methods. Breaking strength KAZA24101
ST RK EN 12803-2011 Shoes. Shoe sole testing methods. Tension and elongation strength KAZA24104
ST RK GOST R 51355-2010 Vodkas and special vodkas. General specification KAZA24474
ST RK ISO 15500-6-2013 Road vehicles. Fuel system components operating on compressed natural gas. Part 6. Automatic valve KAZA25286
ST RK ISO 15500-7-2013 Road vehicles. Fuel system components operating on compressed natural gas. Part 7. Gas injector KAZA25287
ST RK ISO 15500-8-2013 Road vehicles. Fuel system components operating on compressed natural gas. Part 8. Pressure Indicator KAZA25288
ST RK STB 1719-2011 Hollow porous ceramic blocks. Specification KAZA26315
STB 1517-2004 Plastic consumer packaging. General specifications BELA26914
STB EN 12266-1-2007 Industrial pipe fittings. Valves testing. Part 1. Pressure test, test procedures and evaluation criteria BELA28116
STB GOST R 51864-2005 Containers. Test methods of handles attachment strength BELA29038
DSTU B V.2.1-4-96 Foundations and foundations of buildings and structures. The soil. Laboratory methods for characterizing strength and deformability UKRA34348
DSTU B V.2.5-19-2001 Non-pressure concrete pipes lined with stone-cast inserts. Specifications. UKRA34358
DSTU B V.2.7-25-95 Heavy lime-slag concretes. Specifications. UKRA34418
DSTU B V.2.7-34-2001 Crushed stone for construction works of rock and wastes of ferruginous quartzites dry magnetic dressing from mining and processing plants and mines of Ukraine. Specifications. UKRA34427
DSTU B V.2.7-75-98 Dense natural sand and gravel for construction materials, products, structures and operations. Specifications. UKRA34458
DSTU B V.2.7-92-99 Road concrete and cement-concrete mixes with limestone aggregates. Specifications. UKRA34477
DSTU EN 383:2003 Timber Structures - Test methods - Determination of embedment strength and foundation values for dowel type fasteners UKRA35523
DSTU EN 408:2007 Timber structures - Structural timber and glued laminated timber - Determination of some physical and mechanical properties UKRA35535
DSTU ISO 6238:2004 Adhesives -- Wood-to-wood adhesive bonds -- Determination of shear strength by compressive loading UKRA41303
GOST R 50079-92 Modified wood. Method for determination of strength of bushes RUSS43958
GOST R 50163-92 Gasoline brush-saws. Circular saw-blade guard. Method of strength testing RUSS44016
GOST 12577-67 Refined sugar. Methods for determination of lump sugar solidity and dissolution rate in water RUSS45749
GOST 29234.4-91 Moulding sands. Method for determination of compressive strength in damp state RUSS46453
GOST ISO 7915-95 Gasoline chain saws. Determination of handle strength RUSS46758
GOST R 50272-92 Prevailing torque type all-metal hexagon nuts. Property classes 5, 8, 10 and 12. Specifications RUSS47473
GOST R 50273-92 Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts (with non-metallic insert). Property classes 5, 8 and 10. Specifications RUSS47778
GOST 21523.1-93 Modified wood. Method for determination of strength of bushes RUSS47791
GOST R ISO 614-2007 Shipbuilding and marine structures. Toughened safety glass panes for rectangular windows and side scuttles. Punch method of non-destructive strength testing RUSS50357
GOST 28832-90 Materials for interlinings with thermoplastic coating. Method for determination of bonding strength RUSS50962
GOST R ISO 10328-4-98 Prosthetics. Structural testing of lower-limb prostheses. Part 4. Loading parameters of principal structural tests RUSS51036
GOST 29007-91 Rubber. Method for determination of adhesion elements in the chamber of pneumatic tyres RUSS51395
GOST R 50523-93 Refractory products. Determination of modulus of rupture at elevated temperatures RUSS52475
GOST R 50111-92 Polymeric membranes. Definition method of flat membranes strength RUSS53023
GOST R 50526-93 Refractory products. Determination of modulus of rupture at ambient temperature RUSS53647
GOST R ISO 3723-2011 Hydraulic fluid power. Filter elements. Method for end load test RUSS53707
GOST R 51571-2000 Metal bellows expansion joints and seals. General technical requirements RUSS54685
GOST R 22.9.10-2006 Safety in emergencies. Rescue descending devices. Classification. General technical requirements RUSS55402
GOST 16218.5-93 Small wares. Method for determination of the breaking strength and breaking elongation RUSS56635
GOST 30829-2002 Transportable acetylene generators. General specifications RUSS56987
GOST R 51355-99 Vodkas and special vodkas. Specifications RUSS57371
GOST R 51804-2001 Environment, stability test methods for machines, instruments and other industrial products. Combined tests RUSS57420
GOST R 51864-2002 Packagings. Testing methods of handle fastening strength RUSS57427
GOST R 52433-2005 Vehicles. Ball-and-socket hinges. Technical requirements and test methods RUSS57897
GOST 8.609-2012 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. State verification scheme for instruments measuring of impulse electric and magnetic field strengths with duration of edges up to 20 ps RUSS57988
GOST R 54773-2011 Anchor supports. Test methods for anchor RUSS58036
GOST R 55873-2013 Activated carbon. Standard Test Method for Hardness RUSS58490
GOST 28946-91 Coke. Determination of shatter indices RUSS58949
GOST 30436-96 Paper and board. Determination of tensile properties. Part 2. Constant rate of elongation method RUSS58986
GOST R 52077-2003 Indicators seals. General technical requirements RUSS59469
GOST R ISO 2941-2011 Hydraulic fluid power. Filter elements. Verification of collapse/burst pressure rating RUSS59927
GOST R ISO 19957-2008 Footwear. Test methods for heels. Heel pin holding strength RUSS60510
GOST R ISO 7206-4-2005 Implants for surgery. Partial and total hip joint prostheses. Part 4. Determination of endurance properties of stemmed femoral components RUSS60526
GOST R 52789-2007 Bottles from polyethylene terephthalate for food liquids. General specifications RUSS60759
GOST 32265-2013 Special railway rolling stok. Dynamic and strength testing procedures RUSS61515
GOST R 12.4.247-2008 Occupational safety standards system. Protective clothing for protection from sparks and splashes of melted metal. Technical requirements RUSS61596
GOST R 50921-2005 Coal coke with size of pieces 20 mm and more. Method of strength determination after reaction with carbon dioxide RUSS61609
GOST R 55182-2012 Passenger cars on locomotive traction. General technical requirements RUSS61764
GOST R 55657-2013 Modified wood. Methods of plugs strength, hardness and toughness determination RUSS62142
GOST R 50060-98 Gasoline chain saws. Safety requirement. Methods of testing RUSS62294
GOST R 51190-98 Tubings for air brake systems of road vehicles with the use of polyamide tubes. General technical requirements RUSS62877
GOST R 51675-2000 Polymeric returnable boxes for bottles with food liquids. Specifications RUSS62911
GOST R 52957-2008 Dressed fur and sheepskins. Mechanical test methods RUSS63012
GOST R 53231-2008 Concretes. Rules for control and assessment of strength RUSS63038
GOST EN 581-3-2012 Outdoor furniture. Seating and tables for camping, domestic and contract use. Part 3. Mechanical safety requirements and test methods for tables RUSS63485
GOST 19091-2012 Locks, latches, mechanisms cylinder. Methods and testing RUSS63627
GOST 18105-2010 Concretes. Rules of control and norm of an assessment of quality. RUSS64432
GOST 25804.3-83 Atomic power station technological processes control system equipment. Durability, endurance, resistance requirements for highest influential factor RUSS64440
GOST R 12.4.289-2013 Occupational safety standards system. Clothes special for protection from dust. Technical requirements RUSS65005
GOST R 12.4.288-2013 Occupational safety standards system. Clothes special for protection from water. Technical requirements RUSS65167
GOST R 52123-2003 Port-holes for diving hyperbaric chambers with operating pressure up to 4,9 MPa (50 kgf/sq cm). General specifications RUSS65483
GOST EN 1730-2013 Domestic furniture. Tables. Test methods for determination of strength, durability and stability RUSS65644
GOST 30724-2001 Wool. Terms and definitions RUSS65976
GOST EN 15570-2012 Furniture. Hardware for furniture. Strength and durability of hinges and their components. Hinges pivoting on a vertical axis RUSS66081

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