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GOST 1937-90 Black baikhovi tea in bulk RUSS16388
GOST 3716-90 Green baikhovi tea in bulk RUSS16493
GOST 12810-79 Green brick tea to be delivered for export RUSS16678
GOST 1938-90 Packed black baykh tea RUSS16704
GOST 1939-90 Packed green baikhovi tea RUSS16705
GOST 3483-78 Green brick tea RUSS16783
GOST 1940-75 Black brick-tea RUSS17356
STB 902-2013 Tea drinks. General specifications BELA27852
DSTU 4102-2002 Coffee products. Methods for determination of caffeine mass fraction. UKRA32892
DSTU 4118-2002 Insoluble coffee-, chicory- and cereal-based drinks. General specifications. UKRA32955
DSTU 4391:2005 Cocoa powder. General specifications. UKRA33245
DSTU 4394:2005 Natural instant coffee. General specifications. UKRA33248
DSTU 4542:2006 Cocoa shell powder. Specifications. UKRA33424
DSTU 5006:2008 Crude chocolate. General specifications. UKRA33920
DSTU 7055:2009 Cereal- and chicory-based instant drinks. General specifications. UKRA34172
DSTU ISO 10095:2005 Coffee -- Determination of caffeine content -- Method using high-performance liquid chromatography UKRA39472
DSTU ISO 10470:2007 Green coffee -- Defect reference chart UKRA39614
DSTU ISO 11294:2005 Roasted ground coffee -- Determination of moisture content -- Method by determination of loss in mass at 103 degrees C (Routine method) UKRA39793
DSTU ISO 1572:2009 Tea UKRA40268
DSTU ISO 1573:2009 Tea UKRA40269
DSTU ISO 1575:2009 Tea UKRA40270
DSTU ISO 1577:2009 Tea UKRA40272
DSTU ISO 1578:2009 Tea UKRA40274
DSTU ISO 1839:2009 Tea UKRA40417
DSTU ISO 2291:2007 Cocoa beans -- Determination of moisture content (Routine method) UKRA40573
DSTU ISO 2292:2007 Cocoa beans -- Sampling UKRA40574
DSTU ISO 2451:2009 Cocoa beans -- Specification UKRA40601
DSTU ISO 3720:2007 Black tea -- Definition and basic requirements UKRA40810
DSTU ISO 3726:2005 Instant coffee -- Determination of loss in mass at 70 degrees C under reduced pressure UKRA40811
DSTU ISO 4052:2004 Coffee -- Determination of caffeine content (Reference method) UKRA40895
DSTU ISO 4072:2005 Green coffee in bags -- Sampling UKRA40896
DSTU ISO 4150:2004 Green coffee -- Size analysis -- Manual sieving UKRA40907
DSTU ISO 6667:2005 Green coffee -- Determination of proportion of insect-damaged beans UKRA41428
DSTU ISO 6668:2005 Green coffee -- Preparation of samples for use in sensory analysis UKRA41429
DSTU ISO 6669:2004 Green and roasted coffee -- Determination of free-flow bulk density of whole beans (Routine method) UKRA41430
DSTU ISO 6770:2009 Instant tea UKRA41458
DSTU ISO 7513:2007 Instant tea in solid form -- Determination of moisture content (loss in mass at 103 degrees C) UKRA41646
DSTU ISO 8455:2007 Green coffee in bags -- Guidance on storage and transport UKRA41808
GOST 28551-90 Tea. Method for determination of water extracts RUSS47099
GOST 28550-90 Tea. Method for preparation of ground sample and determination of dry matters content RUSS47600
GOST 18474-73 Tea. Terms and definitions RUSS48591
GOST 18478-85 Tea manufacturing. Terms and definitions RUSS48992
GOST 28552-90 Tea. Methods for determination of total, water-insoluble and water-soluble ash RUSS49062
GOST 32572-2013 Tea. Sensory tests RUSS49589
GOST 6207-75 Coarse tea-leaf. Specifications RUSS49594
GOST 32170-2013 Tea. Acceptance rules RUSS50999
GOST 19885-74 Tea. Methods for determination of tannin and caffeine content RUSS51057
GOST R ISO 9768-2011 Tea. Determination of water extract RUSS51410
GOST ISO 1576-2013 Tea. Determination of water-soluble ash and water-insoluble ash RUSS51486
GOST 23725-79 Graded tea leaf of mechanized collection. Specifications RUSS51741
GOST ISO 3103-2013 Tea. Preparation of liquor for use in sensory tests RUSS51789
GOST 1936-85 Tea. Acceptance rules and methods of sampling RUSS52222
GOST 28553-90 Tea. Method for determination of crude fibre RUSS53402
GOST ISO 1575-2013 Tea. Method for determination of total ash RUSS53532
GOST ISO 1572-2013 Tea. Method for preparation of ground sample and determination of dry matter content RUSS53573
GOST 6206-69 Graded tea-leaf. Specifications RUSS53805
GOST 32573-2013 Black tea. Specification RUSS55278
GOST 32574-2013 Green tea. Specification RUSS55279
GOST R ISO 1839-2011 Tea. Sampling RUSS56192
GOST ISO 10727-2013 Tea and instant tea. Determination of caffeine content. Method using high-performance liquid chromatography RUSS59311
GOST ISO 15598-2013 Tea. Method for determination of crude fibre content RUSS59313
GOST 32593-2013 Tea and tea products. Terms and definitions RUSS68499
GOST 29148-2003 Natural instant coffee. General specifications. RUSS70160
GOST 6805-2004 Natural instant coffee. General specifications. RUSS70649
GOST R 53135-2008 Planting material of fruit, subtropical, nut-bearing, citrus cultures and tea. Specifications RUSS72376
GOST ISO 11286-2014 Tea. Classification by particle size analysis RUSS139639
GOST ISO 14502-2-2015 Tea. Determination of catechins RUSS139667
GOST ISO 1577-2014 Tea. Method for determination of acid-insoluble ash RUSS139674
GOST ISO 1578-2014 Tea. Determination of alkalinity of water-soluble ash RUSS139675
MNS ISO 1572:2000 Tea. Preparation of ground sample of known dry matter content MONG211501
MNS 4137:1992 Determination of tea -Bayalag‖ MONG212364
MNS 4317:1996 Cocoa and cocoa products. Specification MONG213770
MNS ISO 3961:1999 Animal and vegetable fats and oils. Determination of iodine value MONG214023
MNS ISO 7516:2000 Instant tea in solid form. Sampling MONG214176
MNS ISO 6079:2000 Instant tea in solid form. Specification MONG214198
MNS ISO 1576:1999 Tea. Determination of water-soluble ash and water- insoluble ash MONG214223
MNS ISO1575:1999 Tea. Determination of total ash MONG214224
MNS ISO 3720:2000 Black tea. Definition and basic requirements - MONG214710
MNS ISO 11286:2000 Tea. Classification of grades by particle size analysis MONG214747
MNS ISO 8455:2000 Green coffee in bags. Guide to storage and transport MONG214758
MNS ISO 3509:2000 Coffee and its products. Vocabulary MONG214793
MNS 5131:2002 Mongolian tea MONG214830
MNS 5864:2008 Green tea (Brick tea). General technical requirements MONG215278
MNS ISO 10727:2008 Tea and instant tea in solid form- Determination of caffeine content- Method using high- performance liquid chromatography MONG215724
MNS ISO 7313:2000 The tea is tea. Determine moisture content MONG220553
GOST 32615-2014 Cocoa beans. Specification RUSS242742
GOST 32616-2014 Cocoa beans. Determination of the moisture content (conventional method) RUSS242743
GOST V-1936-42 Tea. Test methods RUSS290526
GOST V-1937-42 Fermented tea and tea crumb RUSS290527
GOST V-1938-42 Tea black pre-packaged RUSS290528
GOST V-1939-42 Packaged green tea RUSS290529
GOST V-1940-42 Tea black tiled RUSS290530
DSTU 7377:2013 Cocoa drinks with additives. General technical conditions UKRA342233
GOST ISO 1839-2018 Tea. Sampling RUSS353899
GOST 34071-2017 Cocoa mass. Technical specifications RUSS355889

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