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GOST IEC 60034-2A-2012 Rotating electrical machines. Part 2. Methods for determining losses and efficiency of rotating electrical machinery from tests (excluding machines for fraction vehicles). Measurement of losses by the calorimetric method RUSS71046
GOST 10671.7-2016 Reagents. Methods for the determination of chlorides RUSS223423
GOST 11383-2016 Thin-walled copper and brass tubes. Specification RUSS224820
GOST 12700-67 Primary aluminium. Method for determination of sodium content RUSS226931
GOST 14.105-74 Unified system for technological preparation of production. Rules of the organization of tool system RUSS229064
GOST 14698-69 Diet bakery products. Doctor's breads RUSS230218
GOST 17480-72 Filters of cotton for laboratory to determine the purity of milk RUSS233719
GOST 1964-66 Fat meter for skimmed milk and low-fat dairy products RUSS235998
GOST 20227-74 Medical elastic bandages. Method for determination of ductility RUSS236627
GOST 23962-80 Automated control systems for the enterprises. Workflow management in system engineering RUSS239717
GOST 27494-2016 Flour and bran. Methods for determination of ash content RUSS241407
GOST 32616-2014 Cocoa beans. Determination of the moisture content (conventional method) RUSS242743
GOST 33530-2015 Assembly tools for standardized tightening of threaded connections. Torque wrenches. Basic specifications RUSS243025
GOST 33798.3-2016 Railway applications. Electric equipment for rolling stock. Part 3. Electrotechnical components. Rules for d.c. circuit-breakers RUSS243200
GOST 33862-2016 Energy efficiency. Television receivers. Indicators of energy efficiency and determination methods RUSS243268
GOST 4.49-78 System of product quality indexes. Flake board. List of characteristics RUSS244758
GOST 520-71 Ball and roll bearings. Technical requirements RUSS249613
GOST 6363-52 Gray hare skins undressed RUSS251992
GOST 6750-53 Riveted copper nails for shipbuilding RUSS252821
GOST 7304-54 Skins of jackal, tanned RUSS254032
GOST 8155-88 Karaganda basin coals for cements furnaces. Specification RUSS256097
GOST 33786-2016 Cylinder head gaskets and gas pipeline systems for internal combustion engines. General technical requirements RUSS243186
GOST 19.004-80 Unified system for program documentation. Terms and definitions RUSS235323
GOST 5712-67 Ammonium oxalate RUSS250588
GOST 9254-66 Newspapers. Sizes RUSS258451
R 50.1.078-2011 Rules for deciding whether products comply with technical regulations on the safety of low-voltage equipment when applying conformity assessment schemes using the quality management system and safety in the production of electrical equipment RUSS163159
GOST 10674-75 Tank rail wagons of trunk gauge railways 1520 (1524) mm. Technical requirements RUSS223430
GOST 11871-80 Slotted round nuts, product grade A. Specifications RUSS225595
GOST 12871-83 Chrisotile asbestos. Specification RUSS227185
GOST 14.307-73 Unified system for technological preparation of production. Rules for selection of the means of technological equipment of testing processes RUSS229078
GOST 14920-69 Dry gas. Method for determination of component composition RUSS230518
GOST 18.001-76 Quantitative methods for optimizing the parameters of standardization subjects. General principles RUSS234294
GOST 19691-80 Nitroammophoska. Specification RUSS236041
GOST 20877-75 Hose filters for the cement industry. Specification RUSS237302
GOST 24045-2016 Steel sheet clad-formed sections with trapezoidal corrugations for building specifications RUSS239792
GOST 27544-87 Liquid-in-glass thermometers. General specifications RUSS241421
GOST 3269-67 Brake pad shoe, non-turning, for railroad wagons of 1524 mm gauge RUSS242761
GOST 33547-2015 Automobile transport facilities. Air bottles. Requirements and test methods RUSS243036
GOST 33812-2016 Ammonia saltpeter and fertilizers. Method for determination of combustible organic substances RUSS243218
GOST 33918-2016 Cosmetics. Microbiology. Method for determination of sterilization RUSS243311
GOST 4070-48 Products and materials fireproof. Test methods. Determination of deformation under load at high temperatures RUSS244940
GOST 5627-62 Automatic wire nail machines. Basic parameters and dimensions RUSS250438
GOST 6486-53 Skins of flying squirrels, non-cured RUSS252228
GOST 6823-54 Crude glycerine RUSS252953
GOST 7371-69 Bicycles for children. Technical requirements RUSS254157
GOST 833-41 Filter presses, on a frame. Main parameters and specifications RUSS256529
GOST 33777-2016 Surface active agent. Method for the determination of phytotoxicity on seeds of higher plants RUSS243175
GOST 15075-69 Laboratory scales with beam, two-prism RUSS230711
GOST 5234-69 1,4-phenylenediamine (black D for fur) RUSS249663
GOST 939-41 Chrome upper leather RUSS258719
GOST 10297-62 Indium RUSS222705
GOST 11030-74 Motor graders. Rules of acceptance and test methods RUSS224066
GOST 12045-66 Agricultural seeds. Methods for determination of infested grain RUSS226056
GOST 13403-77 Covers made of refractory compounds for thermoelectric thermometers. Specification RUSS228117
GOST 14.410-74 Unified system for technological preparation of production. Rules for the selection of technical means for the collection, transmission and processing of information RUSS229107
GOST 1592-50 Seeds of medical cultures. Sowing characteristics RUSS231829
GOST 1898-48 Technical leather RUSS235298
GOST 2.308-68 Unified system for design documentation. Indication in the drawings of the limiting deviations of the shape and arrangement of the surfaces RUSS236366
GOST 2210-43 Ammonium chloride, technical (ammonia) RUSS238374
GOST 2642.2-71 Refractory materials and products. Methods for the chemical analysis of corundum, high-alumina refractory materials and articles thereof RUSS241021
GOST 295-47 Aluminum for deoxidation and production of ferroalloys. Specification RUSS241907
GOST 33023-2014 Cosmetics. Determination of the mass fraction of lead by atomic absorption with electro thermal atomization RUSS242843
GOST 33709.5-2015 Erecting cranes. Vocabulary. Part 5. Overhead travelling and gantry cranes RUSS243118
GOST 33829-2016 Plant protection. Requirements for the production of plant products at risk of developing an emergency phytosanitary situation RUSS243236
GOST 3541-47 Rolled steel all-rolled for cold rolling metals. Specification RUSS243704
GOST 5.1750-72 Ammonium oxalate. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS247698
GOST 608-77 Canned meat. Chicken meat in jelly. Specification RUSS251456
GOST 6676-53 Lynx skins non-curried RUSS252628
GOST 6882-69 Dried grapes (without factory processing). Requirements for procurement RUSS253071
GOST 7715-80 Suction filters for cleaning air from dust. Specification RUSS254886
GOST 499-41 Steel, carbon, hot-rolled for rivets. Specification RUSS246830
GOST 25651-2015 Automotive control and measuring devices. Requirements and test methods RUSS240628
GOST 12852.4-77 Cellular concrete. Methods for the determination of frost-resistance RUSS227156
GOST 8722-58 Vacuum drum filters with internal filtering surface. Basic parameters and dimensions RUSS257376
GOST 9519-60 Lead calcium bearing alloys. Methods of spectral analysis RUSS258969
GOST 10272-77 Double entry centrifugal pumps. Specification RUSS222655
GOST 10846-74 Grain. Method for determination of protein RUSS223748
GOST 12037-66 Agricultural seeds. Methods for determination of purity RUSS226045
GOST 13299-67 Concentrated combined fodder designed for suckling-pigs RUSS227960
GOST 14.407-75 Unified system for technological preparation of production. Requirements for information retrieval languages RUSS229103
GOST 1535-2016 Copper rods. Specifications RUSS231068
GOST 18688-73 Chokes for rectifier filters for television and radio receivers, tape recorders, electrophones and combined radio devices. General specifications RUSS235030
GOST 2.052-2015 Unified system for design documentation. Electronic geometric model of the product. General principles RUSS236348
GOST 21213-75 Crane grips for drying sawn timber packages. Type, basic parameters and dimensions RUSS237627
GOST 2624-2016 Copper and brass capillary tubes. Specification RUSS240939
GOST 29113-2016 Feeding stuff, mixed feeding stuff and feeding stuff raw material. Methods of determining Carbamide mass portion RUSS241814
GOST 32947-2014 Automobile roads of general use. Supports of stationary electric lighting. Technical requirements RUSS242825
GOST 33671-2015 Automobile transport facilities. Rubber-metal hinges. Requirements and test methods RUSS243093
GOST 33823-2016 Quick-frozen fruits. General specifications RUSS243229
GOST 3396-54 Sheet dampers for cars. Specification RUSS243354
GOST 5.1638-72 Work rolls of rolling mills of 1200, 1400 and 1600. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS247573
GOST 5747-56 Vacuum disk filters RUSS250663
GOST 6665-63 Concrete siding stones RUSS252603
GOST 687-67 Breakers of alternating current of high voltage. General technical requirements RUSS253064
GOST 7623-84 Outdoor drainage pipes. Specification RUSS254700
GOST 5190-67 Acetylene generators of low and medium pressure RUSS249584
GOST 26.202-81 Unified system of standards of instrument making. Measuring and automation devices. Panels and racks. Basic dimensions RUSS240821
GOST 13037-67 Vaseline veterinary (Vaseline "VSHV"). Technical requirements RUSS227499
GOST 8717-2016 Concrete and reinforced concrete steps. Specification RUSS257365
GOST 9420-60 Motor graders RUSS258776

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