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GOST R 55108-2012 The Global navigation satellite systems. Maritime differential subsystems. Reference station. General requirements, test methods and required test results RUSS70824
GOST R 51753-2001 High pressure cylinders for the compressed natural gas as a fuel for automotive vehicles. General specifications RUSS71004
GOST 10589-2016 Moulding polyamide 610. Specifications RUSS286246
GOST 11285-2017 Glands pancreas cattle and pigs frozen. Technical conditions RUSS286252
GOST 18394-2016 Tin plated lead and tin foil. Specifications RUSS286315
GOST 26574-2017 Wheat flour baking. Technical conditions RUSS286375
GOST 27952-2017 Polyester resins unsaturated. Technical conditions RUSS286392
GOST 31174-2017 Gates of metall. General specifications RUSS286487
GOST 31791-2017 Essential oils and floral herbaceous essential oil raw materials. Technical conditions RUSS286504
GOST 34037-2016 Glass packaging for chemical reagents and superpure substances. General specifications RUSS286644
GOST 34070-2017 Gas supply system. Main pipeline gas transportation. Mobile compressor unit. Technical requirements RUSS286664
GOST 34099-2017 Izdeliya sanitarno-gigienicheskie iz metalla dlya detej i podrostkov. Tehnicheskie usloviya RUSS286684
GOST 34190-2017 Frozen fish by-products. Technical conditions RUSS286767
GOST 34214-2017 Fresh green onions. Technical conditions RUSS286790
GOST 34217-2017 Feijoa fresh. Technical conditions RUSS286793
GOST 34219-2017 Fresh bilberries and blueberries. Specifications RUSS286796
GOST 13753-86 Trimmed muscovite mica for brush-holders. Specifications RUSS54663
GOST 30647-99 Casting equipment. Casting machines under low pressure. General specifications. RUSS72398
GOST R 53201-2008 Fibre-glass plastic pipes and fittings. Specifications RUSS72450
GOST 31850-2012 Automatic forced draught burners for gaseous fuels. Technical requirements, requirements of safety and test methods RUSS72501
GOST R 54270-2010 Masts (Poles) for overhead contact line supports of railways. Specifications RUSS72573
GOST R 51383-2012 Automatic burner gas forced air. Technical safety requirements and test methods RUSS72636
GOST R 54560-2011 Fiberglass reinforced thermosetting plastic pipes and parts of pipelines. Specifications RUSS72647
GOST 16336-2013 Polyethylene compositions for cable industry. Specifications RUSS72687
GOST R 55625-2013 Sweet edible ice. Specifications RUSS72793
GOST R 55626-2013 Desserts sherbets whipped frozen. Specifications RUSS72896
GOST R 55737-2013 Mining equipment. Mine electric locomotive transport. Accumulator electric locomotives. General technical requirements and test methods RUSS72899
GOST R IEC 61241-1-1-99 Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust. Part 1-1. Electrical apparatus protected by enclosures and surface temperature limitation. Specification for apparatus RUSS72945
GOST 12252-86 Angle modulation radio stations of land mobile service. Types. Basic parameters. Technical requirements. Methods of measurement RUSS73214
GOST R IEC 924-98 D.c. supplied electronic ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamps. General and safety requirements RUSS73323
GOST IEC 60924-2012 D.C. supplied electronic ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamps. General and safety requirements RUSS73346
RST RSFSR 114-82 Guipure. General technical conditions RUSS167014
RST RSFSR 195-82 Writing pins. Technical conditions RUSS167025
RST RSFSR 202-87 Metal sinks under the sink. General technical conditions RUSS167028
RST RSFSR 21-75 Fresh edible honeysuckle RUSS167031
RST RSFSR 233-77 Canned food. Eggplant with bell pepper RUSS167034
RST RSFSR 26-80 Table horseradish RUSS167042
RST RSFSR 274-87 Makeup liquid. Technical conditions RUSS167045
RST RSFSR 28-75 Fresh turnip RUSS167048
RST RSFSR 297-87 Mastic theatrical. Technical conditions RUSS167051
RST RSFSR 319-88 Horse sausages boiled. Technical conditions RUSS167057
RST RSFSR 350-88 Black-fruited Ashberry. Technical conditions RUSS167065
RST RSFSR 355-78 Spice Mix for Sausages RUSS167068
RST RSFSR 361-77 The radish is fresh. Technical conditions RUSS167071
RST RSFSR 372-89 Sour cream 30% fat. Technical conditions RUSS167077
RST RSFSR 391-86 The pencils. General technical conditions RUSS167085
RST RSFSR 393-90 Products textile and haberdashery industry. The flap measured and weight. Technical conditions RUSS167088
RST RSFSR 402-90 Meat. Venison in carcasses and half carcasses. Technical conditions RUSS167091
RST RSFSR 448-79 Twisted cords. General technical conditions RUSS167094
RST RSFSR 45-86 Sledge for children. Technical conditions RUSS167097
RST RSFSR 53-76 Peat semi-briquettes. Technical conditions RUSS167108
RST RSFSR 550-82 Canned food. Rose Hip Drink. Technical conditions RUSS167111
RST RSFSR 580-77 Bows. General technical conditions RUSS167117
RST RSFSR 605-89 Folding knives. General technical conditions RUSS167125
RST RSFSR 650-81 Vehicles of gas facilities. Color graphic schemes, inscriptions, emblems. Technical requirements RUSS167134
RST RSFSR 656-81 Apparatus for processing vegetables and fruits. Technical conditions RUSS167137
RST RSFSR 659-81 Radish fresh. Technical conditions RUSS167140
RST RSFSR 675-82 Squash fresh. Technical conditions RUSS167148
RST RSFSR 705-83 Krasnika fresh. Technical conditions RUSS167154
RST RSFSR 716-84 Canned food. Garlic seasoning in tomato in Ossetian. Technical conditions RUSS167157
RST RSFSR 724-91 Consumer services. Furniture made by order of the population. General technical requirements RUSS167160
RST RSFSR 744-88 Fresh Brussels sprouts, Savoy and kohlrabi. Technical conditions RUSS167168
RST RSFSR 747-88 Baking and bakery products. General technical conditions RUSS167171
RST RSFSR 749-88 Fresh celery. Technical conditions RUSS167174
RST RSFSR 753-89 Headwear felt. General technical conditions RUSS167177
RST RSFSR 756-89 Felt circles. Technical conditions RUSS167180
RST RSFSR 773-90 Knitted braid. General technical conditions RUSS167197
RST RSFSR 793-91 Valves, type distributing for fuels, oils and special liquids. General technical conditions RUSS167211
RST RSFSR 92-83 Musical wind instruments. General technical conditions RUSS167214
STO 00148636-001-2005 Bitumens oil road improved. Technical conditions RUSS169833
STO 70238424.27.060.004-2008 Steam boiler installations. Delivery conditions. Standards and requirements RUSS170028
STO 70238424.27.100.024-2008 Dust preparation system for thermal power plants. Design conditions. Standards and requirements RUSS170065
STO 70238424.27.100.062-2009 Geothermal power plants (geothermal power plants). Organization of operation and maintenance. Standards and requirements RUSS170105
GOST 34268-2017 Fresh coconut nuts. Technical conditions RUSS286839
GOST 34271-2017 Fresh papaya fruits. Technical conditions RUSS286842
GOST 34298-2017 Fresh tomatoes. Specifications RUSS286853
GOST 34301-2017 Sorrel and spinach fresh. Technical conditions RUSS286856
GOST 34307-2017 Citrus fruits. Technical conditions RUSS286859
GOST 34322-2017 Fig fresh. Technical conditions RUSS286870
GOST 34325-2017 Sweet peppers fresh. Specifications RUSS286873
GOST 34352-2017 Milk whey-raw material. Specifications RUSS286879
GOST 4041-2017 Hot-rolled thick-rolled for cold stamping from non-alloyed constructional quality steel. Technical conditions RUSS286902
GOST 4465-2016 Reagents. Nickel (II) sulphate, 7-aqueous. Specifications RUSS286905
GOST 7170-2017 Bran rye. Technical conditions RUSS286922
GOST 7442-2017 Grain sturgeon caviar. Technical conditions RUSS286925
GOST ISO 10282-2017 Sterile rubber surgical gloves, disposable. Technical requirements RUSS287168
GOST ISO 15609-6-2016 Tehnicheskie trebovaniya i attestatsiya protsedur svarki metallicheskih materialov. Tehnicheskie trebovaniya k protsedure svarki. Chast' 6. Lazerno-dugovaya gibridnaya svarka RUSS287234
GOST ISO 19013-1-2017 Rubber hoses and tubes for the fuel system of internal combustion engines. Technical requirements. Part 1. Sleeves and tubes for diesel fuel RUSS287257
GOST ISO 8643-2016 Earth-moving machinery. Hydraulic excavator and backhoe loader boom-lowering control device. Requirements and tests RUSS287348
GOST ISO 8992-2015 Fasteners. General requirements for bolts, screws, studs and nuts RUSS287357
GOST R 51090-2017 Designated public transportation vehicles. General technical requirements of accessibility and safety for disabled persons RUSS287529
GOST R 54418.2-2014 Renewable power engineering. Wind power engineering. Wind turbines. Part 2. Design requirements for small wind turbines RUSS287620
GOST R 55225-2017 Reinforcing, alkali-resistant meshes of glass fibre for building-faces. Specifications RUSS287632
GOST R 56287-2014 Main-line liquefied natural gas turbine locomotives. General technical requirements RUSS287758
GOST R 56328-2014 Medical equipment. Mobile complexes for medical purpose. General specifications and test methods RUSS287786
GOST R 57021-2016 Kansk-Achincky basin coals for power supply purposes. Specification RUSS287961
GOST 16730-71 Dried green peas RUSS15982
GOST 25306-82 Flat knives for sheet shears RUSS15991
GOST 28519-90 Surgical saws RUSS16002
GOST 28535-90 Drafting machines RUSS16005

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