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GOST R 54975-2012 Stationary gas turbine plants' air intake ducts. Terms and definitions RUSS49672
GOST 26292-84 Primary network of coordinated automated complex telecommunication system of the CMEA member countries for transmitting all kinds of information. Terms and definitions RUSS55170
GOST R 52000-2010 Macaroni products. Terms and definitions RUSS59464
GOST 23151-78 Facsimile apparatus. Terms and definitions RUSS63351
GOST R 52551-2006 Guard and security systems. Terms and definitions RUSS67813
GOST R 27.002-2009 Dependability in technics. Terms and definitions RUSS72318
GOST 32873-2014 Sweet chestnuts. Specifications RUSS138791
GOST R 56891.4-2016 Cultural heritage preservation. Terms and definitions. Part 4. Historical territories and cultural landscapes RUSS140631
GOST 13699-80 Information recording and reproduction. Terms and definitions RUSS228585
GOST 16265-80 Earth cultivation. Terms and definitions RUSS232254
GOST 17527-72 Packing. General concepts. Terms and definitions RUSS233769
GOST 18447-73 Poultry meat. Semi-finished products, culinary products, canned food, sausages. Terms and definitions RUSS234762
GOST 20724-75 Gas-discharge devices. Terms and definitions RUSS237127
GOST 22491-77 Charged particle accelerators. Main types and functional elements. Terms and definitions RUSS238713
GOST 24747-81 Circles of diamond and boron for grinding. Nominations of forms RUSS240160
GOST 3200-46 Theory and calculation of reciprocating internal combustion engines. Letter notations RUSS242607
GOST 34096-2017 Food additives. Humectants agents of foodstuffs. Terms and definitions RUSS286681
GOST R 57700.1-2017 Numerical simulation for the development and commissioning of high-tech industrial products. Software certification. Requirements RUSS288660
GOST R 58916-2021 Technological engineering and design. Terms and definitions RUSS428269
GOST 25273-82 X-ray image intensifier for medical apparatus. Terms and definitions RUSS50661
GOST 23078-78 Plants and apparatuses for desalination by distillation. Terms and definitions RUSS56777
GOST 23875-88 Quality of electric energy. Terms and definitions RUSS63679
GOST R 51186-98 Alarm sonic passive glass break detectors for use in buildings. General technical requirements and methods of tests RUSS67409
GOST 27017-86 Fasteners. Terms and definitions RUSS72557
GOST 33283-2015 Live mussels. Specifications RUSS139020
GOST 23498-79 Apparatus of artificial blood circulation. Terms and definitions RUSS48325
GOST R 55059-2012 Safety in emergencies. Emergency Risk Management. Terms and definitions RUSS54216
GOST R 52678-2006 Sugar production. Terms and definitions RUSS57510
GOST R 54256-2010 Electrode products. Terms and definitions RUSS61729
GOST 1129-2013 Sunflower oil. Specifications RUSS66609
GOST R 54974-2012 Stationary steam and hot-water boilers and heat recovery steam generators. Terms and definitions RUSS70821
GOST 13820-77 Electronic tubes. Terms and definitions RUSS138366
GOST 6034-2014 Dextrins. Specifications RUSS139366
GOST ISO/TS 27687-2014 Nanotechnology. Terms and definitions of nano-objects. Nanoparticles nanofibers and nanoplates RUSS209333
GOST 15144-69 Insulator. Terms and definitions RUSS230825
GOST 17050-71 Ageing of polymeric materials. Terms and definitions RUSS233251
GOST 18169-72 Foundry process. Terms and definitions RUSS234476
GOST 19431-74 Energy and electrification of the national economy. Basic concepts. Terms and definitions RUSS235716
GOST 21835-76 Control devices for commutation communication technology. Terms and definitions RUSS238163
GOST 24097-80 Micro calculators. Symbols RUSS239835
GOST 26097-84 Decontaminating compositions. Terms and definitions RUSS240878
GOST 7016-68 Wood. Roughness classes and notations RUSS253428
GOST R 56309-2014 Oriented strand wood construction boards. Specifications RUSS287767
PNST 378-2019 Halal products and services. General terms and definitions RUSS377911
GOST 28910-91 Transfer machines. Terms and definitions RUSS47253
GOST 22213-88 Photographic processing equipment. Terms and definitions RUSS54423
GOST R 52206-2004 Rescue technique on water areas. Terms and definitions RUSS59485
GOST R 54235-2010 Solid recovered fuels. Terms and definitions RUSS65534
GOST R ISO 8528-5-2005 Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets. Part 5. Generating sets RUSS70067
GOST 32902-2014 Starch and starch products. Terms and definitions RUSS138819
GOST R 51295-2014 Materials used as cigarette papers, filter plug wrap and filter joining paper, including materials having a discrete or oriented permeable zone and materials with bands of differing permeability. Determination of air permeability RUSS139891
GOST 19098-87 Plotters for computers RUSS19556
GOST R 43.0.2-2006 Informational ensuring of equipment and operational activity. Terms and definitions RUSS53598
GOST ISO 1924-1-96 Paper and board. Determination of tensile properties. Part 1. Constant rate of loading method RUSS57299
GOST R 55704-2013 Electric light sources. Terms and definitions RUSS59782
GOST 30102-93 Chemical fibres. Terms and definitions RUSS64480
GOST 32801-2014 Canned chopped fish, minced and fricassee. Specifications RUSS68006
GOST R ISO 857-1-2009 Welding and allied processes. Vocabulary. Part 1. Metal welding processes. Terms and definitions RUSS72836
GOST 33286-2015 Meat of gastropods chilled and frozen. Specifications RUSS139023
GOST R IEC 61988-1-2015 Plasma display panels. Part 1. Terminology and letter symbols RUSS141967
GOST 13784-68 Textile fibres and yarns. Terms RUSS228721
GOST 16382-70 Electric resistance furnaces, industrial, for heating and heat treatment. Terms and definitions RUSS232422
GOST 17743-72 Technology of woodworking and furniture industry. Terms and definitions RUSS233994
GOST 18594-73 Semis for pulp and paper production. Quality parameters. Terms and definitions RUSS234948
GOST 21014-75 Sheets and bands. Surface and shape defects. Terms and definitions RUSS237452
GOST 23495-79 Airplane speed measuring instruments based on Doppler method. Terms and definitions RUSS239435
GOST 25193-82 Submarine apparatus. Terms and definitions RUSS240385
GOST 33709.5-2015 Erecting cranes. Vocabulary. Part 5. Overhead travelling and gantry cranes RUSS243118
GOST 34267-2017 Shallot fresh. Technical conditions RUSS286838
GOST R ISO 10768-2017 Footwear. Test method for the determination of the resistance of elastic materials for footwear to repeated extension. Fatigue resistance RUSS289160
GOST 3127-46 Greases. Notation system (recommended) RUSS242432
GOST R 52409-2005 Products of non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic industry. Terms and definitions RUSS51998
GOST 26883-86 Exposure factors. Terms and definitions RUSS56864
GOST R 52495-2005 Social service of the population. Terms and definitions RUSS64115
GOST R 52953-2008 Thermal insulating materials and products. Terms and definitions RUSS68763
GOST R IEC 60050-441-2012 Switchgear, control gear and fuses. Chapter 441. Terms and definitions RUSS73239
GOST 24450-80 Magnetic non-destructive inspection. Terms and definitions RUSS48686
GOST 21006-75 Electron microscopes. Terms, definitions and letter symbols RUSS55102
GOST 28548-90 Steel tubes. Terms and definitions RUSS58939
GOST 25562-82 Imitation knitted fur. Terms and definitions RUSS62483
GOST R 54812-2011 Auxiliary and emergency marine diesel-generator sets. Types and basic parameters. General technical requirements RUSS67009
GOST R 8.743-2011 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Optics and photonics. Interferometric measurement of optical elements and systems. Part 1. Terms, definitions and fundamental relationships RUSS71700
GOST 32786-2014 Fresh table grapes. Specifications RUSS138723
GOST R 56602-2015 Low voltage systems. Cable system. Terms and definitions RUSS140345
GOST 13417-67 Instruments for measuring temperature. Basic terms and definitions RUSS228142
GOST 16022-76 Electrical relay. Terms and definitions RUSS232004
GOST 17125-71 Particle boards. Products. Terms and definitions RUSS233333
GOST 18421-73 Amplifiers operational. Terms and definitions RUSS234744
GOST 20396-74 Protective devices for microwave receivers. Terms and definitions RUSS236784
GOST 22396-77 Liquid-propellant rocket engines of small thrust. Terms and definitions RUSS238624
GOST 24290-80 Mineral fertilizers. Types RUSS239928
GOST 3123-49 Leather production. Terminology RUSS242425
GOST 9099-59 Circuit marking system in electrical installations RUSS258158
GOST R 57436-2017 Semiconductor devices. Terms and definitions RUSS288399
GOST R 58905-2020 Welding and related processes. Dictionary. Part 3. Welding processes RUSS380430
GOST 22285-76 Transport aircraft cargo cabin equipment. Terms and definitions RUSS50462
GOST 26640-85 Lands. Terms and definitions RUSS56495
GOST 21835-84 Control unit of switching communication. Terms and definitions RUSS62043
GOST EN 581-2-2012 Outdoor furniture. Seating and tables for camping, domestic and contract use. Part 2. Mechanical safety requirements and test methods for seating RUSS66806
GOST R IEC 61508-4-2007 Functional safety of electrical, electronic, programmable electronic safety-related systems. Part 4. Terms and definitions RUSS72472

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