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GOST 12.1.009-76 Occupational safety standards system. Electrical safety. Terms and definitions RUSS15682
GOST 21508-76 Icing protection of aircrafts and helicopters. Terms and definitions RUSS15706
GOST 12.0.002-80 Occupational safety standards system. Terms and definitions RUSS16050
GOST R IEC 60050-195-2005 Earthing and protection against electric shock. Terms and definitions RUSS17779
GOST R 52720-2007 Pipeline valves. Terms and definitions RUSS18273
GOST 27570.8-88 Safety of household appliances and analogous electric apparatus RUSS19481
GOST 19098-87 Plotters for computers RUSS19556
GOST 27570.14-88 Safety of domestic and analogous electrical apparatuses RUSS19905
GOST 16299-78 Packaging. Terms and definitions RUSS20086
GOST 14312-79 Electrical contacts. Terms and definitions RUSS20436
GOST 14350-80 Roll-formed section. Terms and definitions RUSS20437
GOST 16530-83 Gears. General terms, definitions and symbols RUSS20453
GOST 21623-76 System of technical maintenance and repair of equipment. Characteristics for evaluation of maintainability and rapairability. Terms and definitions RUSS20488
GOST 24955-81 Rolling bearings. Terms and definitions RUSS20508
GOST 27471-87 Electrical rotating machinery. Terms and definitions RUSS20524
GOST 9.102-91 Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Influence of biological factors on technical objects. Terms and definitions RUSS20580
GOST R 52292-2004 Information technology. Electronic information exchange. Terms and definitions RUSS20621
GOST R IEC 60252-1-2005 AC motor capacitors. Part 1. General. Performance, testing and rating. Safety requirements. Guide for installation and operation RUSS20641
GOST 26522-85 Short circuits in electrical installations. Term and definitions RUSS20923
GOST 3.1109-82 Unified system for technological documentation. Terms and definitions of main concepts RUSS20935
GOST R 53431-2009 Railway automatics and telemechanics. Terms and definitions RUSS21425
ST RK 1088-2002 Fire safety. Terms and definitions. In substitution of GOST 11.1.033-81 KAZA22068
ST RK 1123-2002 Mechanical vehicles and trailers. Terms and definitions KAZA22101
ST RK 1255-1-2004 Oil and gas industry. Glass-reinforced plastic pipelines system (GRP). Part 1. Glossary, symbols, application and materials KAZA22238
ST RK 1464-2005 Special railway rolling stock. Reliability. Terms and definitions KAZA22440
ST RK 1618-2007 Ecologically clean products. General provisions KAZA22598
ST RK 1781-2008 Pallets for transportation and loading-unloading. Glossary KAZA22769
ST RK 1782-2008 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Terms and definitions KAZA22770
ST RK 1891-2009 Precious metals. Terms and definitions KAZA22885
ST RK 1970-2010 Fertilizers and soil-improving substances. Glossary KAZA22964
ST RK 2.1-2009 State systems of measurement assurance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Terms and definitions. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1.1-2000 KAZA23013
ST RK 2019-2010 Milk and milk products. Terms and definitions KAZA23282
ST RK 2105-2011 Kazakhstani brandy. Specification KAZA23373
ST RK 2106-2011 Carbonized wines and carbonized perl wines. Specification KAZA23374
ST RK EN 1330-10-2013 Non-destructive testing. Terminology. Part 11. Terms applying at visual control KAZA24131
ST RK GOST R 50779.10-2003 Statistical methods. Probability and general statistical terms. Terms and definitions KAZA24362
ST RK GOST R 51237-2009 Nontraditional power engineering. Wind power engineering. Terms and definitions KAZA24443
ST RK GOST R 52292-2007 Information technologies. Information electronic exchange. Terms and definitions KAZA24583
ST RK GOST R 52465-2010 Table sunflower oil. General specification. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1427-2005 KAZA24596
ST RK GOST R 53042-2010 Organic fertilizers. Terms and definitions KAZA24651
ST RK GOST R 53521-2011 Natural gas processing. Terms and definitions KAZA24678
ST RK GOST R ISO 8528-5-2010 AC generating sets driven from an internal combustion engine. Part 1. Generating sets KAZA24784
ST RK ISO 13909-1-2008 Coal and coke. Mechanical sampling. Part 1. General provisions KAZA25180
ST RK ISO 2788-2007 Documentation. Guidelines for creation and development of unilingual thesaurus (explanatory dictionary) KAZA25597
ST RK ISO 3572-2011 Textile. Weaving pattern. Determination of general terms and basic types of interlacing KAZA25639
ST RK ISO/IEC 17000-2009 Conformity assessment. Vocabulary and general principles. Introduced for the first time. Date of introduction from 2010.07.01 KAZA26076
ST RK ISO/TS 80004-4-2013 Nanotechnological glossary. Part. 1. Nanostructured materials KAZA26154
ST RK ISO/TS 80004-5-2013 Nanotechnological glossary. Part. 1. Nano/bio interface KAZA26155
STB EN 12385-2-2009 Steel wire ropes. Security. Part 2. Terms and definitions, symbols and classification BELA28138
STB EN 12385-3-2009 Steel wire ropes. Security. Part 3. Information on the use and maintenance BELA28139
STB EN 12385-4-2009 Steel wire ropes. Security. Part 4. Stranded ropes for general purpose for goods lifting BELA28140
STB EN 13411-5-2009 Termination of steel ropes. Security. Part 5. Termination of ropes with a clamp BELA28330
STB ISO 14021-2002 Environmental labels and declarations. Self-declaring environmental claims (Environmental labeling by type II) BELA29386
DSTU 2212:2003 Dairy industry. Production of milk and fermented milk products. Terms and definitions of concepts. UKRA30649
DSTU 3125-95 Paper and cardboard. Stationery and office supplies. Terms and definitions. UKRA31731
DSTU 3960-2000 Alarm systems. Systems of security alarm and security and fire alarm. Terms and definitions UKRA32744
DSTU EN 844-3:2004 Round and sawn timber - Terminology - Part 3: General terms relating to sawn timber UKRA35801
DSTU IEC 60903:2008 Live working - Gloves of insulating material UKRA39246
DSTU ISO 10440-1:2008 Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries -- Rotary-type positive-displacement compressors -- Part 1: Process compressors UKRA39612
DSTU ISO 8497:2005 Thermal insulation -- Determination of steady-state thermal transmission properties of thermal insulation for circular pipes UKRA41826
GOST 32048-2013 Perfumery and cosmetic products Terms and definitions RUSS44416
GOST 17470-77 Multiplier phototubes. Basic parameters RUSS45861
GOST 16430-83 Non-woven sheets. Terms and definitions RUSS46551
GOST 24060-80 Steering ships active devices. Terms and definitions RUSS46637
GOST 22448-77 Aircraft (helicopter) flight control systems. Terms and definitions RUSS46679
GOST 26975-86 Micro-assemblies. Terms and definitions RUSS47018
GOST 28910-91 Transfer machines. Terms and definitions RUSS47253
GOST 25462-82 Fibre optics. Terms and definitions RUSS47294
GOST 23498-79 Apparatus of artificial blood circulation. Terms and definitions RUSS48325
GOST 22651-77 Cartographic instruments. Terms and definitions RUSS48425
GOST 24450-80 Magnetic non-destructive inspection. Terms and definitions RUSS48686
GOST 28322-89 Fruit and vegetable products. Terms and definitions RUSS48740
GOST 28938-91 Specification for fibre for electrical purposes. Part 1. Terms and definitions. General requirements RUSS48956
GOST 18478-85 Tea manufacturing. Terms and definitions RUSS48992
GOST 23871-79 Transformers multifunctional electronic and magnetic. Terms and definitions RUSS49042
GOST 23771-79 Electrochemical converters of electrical quantities. Terms and definitions RUSS49066
GOST R 54975-2012 Stationary gas turbine plants' air intake ducts. Terms and definitions RUSS49672
GOST 26966-86 Water intake and outlet works and gates. Terms and definitions RUSS49688
GOST 21453-75 Parachute landing facilities for cargo and technique. Terms and definitions RUSS49796
GOST R ISO 7088-2013 Fish-meal. Terms and definitions RUSS50401
GOST 22285-76 Transport aircraft cargo cabin equipment. Terms and definitions RUSS50462
GOST 25273-82 X-ray image intensifier for medical apparatus. Terms and definitions RUSS50661
GOST R 54953-2012 Zootechnic production for unproductive animals. Terms and definitions RUSS50689
GOST 25645.103-84 Physical conditions in the space. Terms and definitions RUSS50742
GOST R ISO 5968-2013 Circular screwing dies. Terms and definitions RUSS50752
GOST 22639-77 Aircraft and helicopter ground support equipment. Terms and definitions RUSS50863
GOST R ISO 6165-99 Earth-moving machinery. Basic types. Vocabulary RUSS50964
GOST 25866-83 Exploitation of technique. Terms and definitions RUSS50975
GOST 27284-87 Gauge. Terms and definitions RUSS50989
GOST 26553-85 Integrated centralized service of computer facilities. Terms and definitions RUSS51029
GOST 24103-80 Sewing wares. Terms and definitions for defects RUSS51125
GOST 25645.108-84 Cosmic X-rays and gamma-rays. Terms and definitions RUSS51171
GOST 26228-90 Flexible manufacturing systems. Terms and definitions, nomenclature of indices RUSS51327
GOST R 51725.2-2001 Catalogization of products for federal state needs. Terms and definitions RUSS51488
GOST 12119.0-98 Electrical steel. Methods of test for magnetic and electrical properties. General requirements RUSS51654
GOST R 52409-2005 Products of non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic industry. Terms and definitions RUSS51998
GOST 7.69-95 System of standarts on information, librarianship and publishing. Audiovisual documents basic terms and definitions RUSS52065
GOST 16865-79 X-ray apparatus for structural and spectral analyses. Terms and definitions RUSS52193
GOST 21486-76 Oxygen systems converters of aircrafts and helicopters. Terms and definitions RUSS52247
GOST 21892-76 Rotors and transmission of helicopters. Terms and definitions RUSS52252

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