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GOST R IEC 60050-195-2005 Earthing and protection against electric shock. Terms and definitions RUSS17779
GOST R 51383-99 Automatic forced draught burners for gaseous fuels. Technical requirements, safety requirements and test methods RUSS19378
ST RK 10138-3-2011 Prestressed reinforcement. Part 1. Stranded ropes KAZA22000
ST RK 1145-2002 Nontraditional power engineering. Solar power engineering. Terms and definitions KAZA22123
ST RK 1166-2002 Fire engineering. Classification. Terms and definitions KAZA22144
ST RK 1167-2002 Automatic fire fighting equipment. Classification. Terms and definitions KAZA22145
ST RK 1335-2005 Semi-finished meat culinary. Schnitzel chopped special KAZA22315
ST RK 1595-2006 Raw cotton processing. Terms and definitions KAZA22575
ST RK 1612-2006 Canned juices,nectars, juice drinks. Classification. Terms and definitions KAZA22592
ST RK 1613-2006 Good laboratory practice. General provisions KAZA22593
ST RK 1614-2006 Good distributor practice. General provisions KAZA22594
ST RK 1615-2006 Good pharmaceutical practice. General provisions KAZA22595
ST RK 1637-2007 Packaging. Terms and definitions KAZA22616
ST RK 1638-2007 Main line electric locomotives of 1520 mm gage. Capital repairs. Specification KAZA22617
ST RK 1753-2008 Trade. Terms and definitions KAZA22743
ST RK 1824-2008 Railway automatics and telemechanics equipment system. Terms and definitions KAZA22814
ST RK 1833-2008 Chassis of freight cars. Terms and definitions. Put into effect in substitution of OST 21.051.06-90 KAZA22823
ST RK 1839-2008 Continuous welded rails. Terms and definitions KAZA22829
ST RK 2103-2011 Cognac distillate. Specification KAZA23371
ST RK 2104-2011 Kazakhstani cognac. Specification KAZA23372
ST RK 2311-2013 Fruit vodka. Specification KAZA23576
ST RK 2314-2013 Kazakhstani calvados. General specification KAZA23579
ST RK 2315-2013 Vine vodka. Specification KAZA23580
ST RK 2316-2013 Liqueur wines. Specification KAZA23581
ST RK 34.014-2002 Information technology. Series of standards for automated systems. Automated systems. Terms and definitions KAZA23736
ST RK BS EN ISO 18513-2010 Tourist services. Hotels and other accommodation facilities for tourists. Terms and definitions KAZA23975
ST RK EN 10052-2013 Ferrous material products thermal processing. Terms and definitions KAZA24037
ST RK EN 10079-2012 Determination of steel products. Put into effect by Order KAZA24041
ST RK EN 12944-1-2013 Fertilizers and liming materials. Glossary. Part 1. General terms KAZA24107
ST RK GOST R 52675-2009 Semi-prepared meat and meat-contained products. General specification KAZA24619
ST RK GOST R 53102-2010 Children's playgrounds equipment. Terms and definitions KAZA24656
ST RK ISO 1213-1-2008 Solid mineral fuel. Terms and definitions. Part 1. Preparation. KAZA25076
ST RK ISO 7404-1-2007 Coal. Petrographic analysis. Part-1. Term and definitions KAZA25896
ST RK ISO 9000-2007 Quality management systems. Fundamentals and glossary. In substitution of ST RK ISO 9000-2001 KAZA25981
ST RK IEC 60812-2005 Technique for analyzing system reliability. Method for analyzing the type and consequences of failures. Introduced for the first time KAZA26225
STB 2277-2012 Cream - raw material. Specifications BELA27457
STB ISO 3457-2006 Earth-moving machines. Protective devices. Terms, definitions and technical requirements BELA29611
STB ISO 7637-1-2008 Mechanical transport vehicles. Conductive, capacitive and inductive interference. Part 1. Terms, definitions and general provisions BELA29757
DSTU 3241-95 Moulding lines for reinforced concrete products. Terms and definitions. UKRA31909
DSTU 3306-96 Stone-building and stone-working machines. Terms and definitions. UKRA32036
DSTU 6025:2008 Salted fish. Specifications. UKRA34040
DSTU ISO 9044:2008 Industrial woven wire cloth -- Technical requirements and tests UKRA41942
GOST R 54884-2011 Diligent practice in the field of consumers rights protection. Terms and definitions RUSS48257
GOST 31189-2003 Dry building mixes. Classification RUSS48781
GOST R 51006-96 Transport services. Terms and definitions RUSS50990
GOST 31763-2012 Wine spirit. Specifications RUSS51209
GOST R ISO 8549-3-2011 Prosthetics and orthotics. Vocabulary. Part 3. Terms relating to external orthoses RUSS51421
GOST R ISO 8549-2-2013 Prosthetics and orthotics. Vocabulary. Part 2. Terms relating to external limb prostheses and wearers of these prostheses RUSS51442
GOST 32160-2013 Fruit distillate. Specifications RUSS51554
GOST R 53729-2009 Quality of service «allocation of the Virtual Private Network». Quality indices RUSS51669
GOST R 53732-2009 Quality of service of cellular mobile communication. Quality indices RUSS51795
GOST R 52523-2006 Table wines and table wine stocks. General specifications RUSS51848
GOST R 55461-2013 Vine spirit. Specifications RUSS51973
GOST 30596-97 Transport services. Terms and definitions RUSS52016
GOST 31493-2012 Wine distillate. Specifications RUSS52029
GOST R 54638-2011 Products for reproduction. Fresh-received diluted boar’s semen. Specifications RUSS52118
GOST R 51145-2009 Brandy distillates. Specifications RUSS52483
GOST R 51156-2005 Wine cocktails. General specifications RUSS52485
GOST R 51272-2008 Ciders. General specifications RUSS52488
GOST R 51298-2008 Wine distillate. Specifications RUSS52491
GOST R 52973-2008 Mare's raw milk. Specifications RUSS52523
GOST R 53095-2008 Wine spirit. Specifications RUSS52524
GOST R 53730-2009 Quality of service «provision of leased circuits». Quality indices RUSS52537
GOST R 53731-2009 Quality of communication services. Terms and definitions RUSS52538
GOST R 55215-2012 Gas heated catering equipment. Part 2-4. Specific requirements. Fryers RUSS52568
GOST R 55216-2012 Gas heated catering equipment. Part 2-6. Specific requirements. Hot water heaters for beverage RUSS52569
GOST R 55459-2013 Vine distillate. Specifications RUSS52641
GOST 32157-2013 Canned fish. Method for determination of oil deposit fraction of total mass RUSS52687
GOST 27065-86 Water quality. Terms and definitions RUSS52816
GOST R 54954-2012 Feeds. Feeds and Fodder additives for domestic animals. Terms and definitions RUSS52914
GOST R 55324-2012 Brood apis mellifera L. Specifications RUSS53186
GOST 32116-2013 Oak extracts. Specifications RUSS53279
GOST R 50646-94 Service for people. Terms and definitions RUSS53401
GOST R 51929-2002 Living and public services. Terms and definitions RUSS53916
GOST R 54636-2011 Products for reproduction. Сryopreserved semen of boars. Specifications RUSS54094
GOST R 54633-2011 Products for reproduction. Сryopreserved sexed sperm of bulls. Specifications RUSS54250
GOST R 54952-2012 Zoohygienic and zoocosmetic means for non-productive animals. Terms and definitions RUSS54622
GOST 32199-2013 Product for reproduction. Sperm of goats. Specifications RUSS54704
GOST 32200-2013 Product for reproduction. Sperm of rams. Specifications RUSS54773
GOST 31729-2012 Wine drinks. General specifications RUSS54937
GOST 21.001-2013 System of design documents for construction. General principles RUSS55100
GOST 31700-2012 Grain and grain products. Method for determination of acid number of fat RUSS55250
GOST 31820-2012 Ciders. General specifications RUSS55253
GOST 32027-2013 Fruit wine materials fermented and alcoholized after fermentation. Specifications RUSS55261
GOST 32033-2012 Honey drinks. General specifications RUSS55262
GOST ISO 6734/IDF 15-2012 Sweetened condensed milk. Determination of total solids content (reference method) RUSS55394
GOST R 52466-2005 Grain and grain products. Method for determination of acid number of fat RUSS55463
GOST R 52835-2007 Special fruit wines and special fruit wine stocks. General specifications RUSS55483
GOST R 53438-2009 Whey dairy. Specifications RUSS55511
GOST R 53666-2009 Farmer cheese’s mass «Оsobayа». Specifications RUSS55524
GOST R 54910-2012 Gas-condensate and oil-and-gas-condensate deposits. Gas-condensate characteristics of hydrocarbons. Terms and definitions RUSS55573
GOST R ISO 8549-1-2011 Prosthetics and orthotics. Vocabulary. Part 1. General terms for external limb prostheses and external orthoses RUSS55650
GOST 26967-86 Hydro amelioration. Terms and definitions RUSS55701
GOST 31728-2012 Brandy distillates. Specifications RUSS55800
GOST 32361-2013 Glass and glass products. Visual faults. Terms and definitions RUSS55904
GOST 7975-2013 Fresh food pumpkin. Specification RUSS56112
GOST R 55763-2013 Unproductive animals. Method of retrospective diagnostics of feline viral rhinotracheitis via red cell-linked-antigen test (RNGA) RUSS56379
GOST 27390-87 Sealing capacitors for power factor corrections. Terms and definitions. Technical instructions. Regulations of acceptance. Test methods RUSS56871
GOST 31503-2012 Milk and milk products. Determination of stabilazers content by gas chromatography method RUSS57011
GOST 31539-2012 Live-cycle of railway rolling stock. Terms and definitions RUSS57014

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