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GOST 31189-2003 Dry building mixes. Classification RUSS48781
GOST R 51006-96 Transport services. Terms and definitions RUSS50990
GOST R 53732-2009 Quality of service of cellular mobile communication. Quality indices RUSS51795
GOST 31503-2012 Milk and milk products. Determination of stabilazers content by gas chromatography method RUSS57011
GOST 31633-2012 Milk and milk products. Determination of mass portion of milk fat using photocolorimetry method RUSS57018
GOST 31702-2013 Airan. Specifications RUSS57028
GOST R 54542-2011 Cover paper for exercise- books. General specifications RUSS57680
GOST R 54661-2011 Canned milk. Dry cream. Specifications RUSS57692
GOST R 54666-2011 Canned milk. Sterilized condensed milk. Specifications RUSS57693
GOST R 54760-2011 Milk products and infant milk products. Method for determination of mass concentration of mono- and disaccharides using high performance liquid chromatography RUSS57701
GOST 32222-2013 Product for reproduction. Semen. Methods of select sample RUSS58047
GOST R 53946-2010 Canned milk. Dry milk for infant products manufacture. Specifications RUSS59620
GOST R 53955-2010 Animal and vegetable fats and oils. Determination of benzo(a)pyrene. Reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatography method RUSS59622
GOST R 55299-2012 Alcoholic products. Alcoholic beverages from grain raw materials obtained by distillation. General specifications RUSS60452
GOST R 53948-2010 Condensed milk - raw materials. Specifications RUSS57636
GOST R 52974-2008 Koumiss. Specifications RUSS60760
GOST 17037-85 Tailored and knitted goods. Terms and definitions RUSS62389
GOST R 53589-2009 Kiwifruit for retail. Specification RUSS63062
GOST R 53593-2009 Essential oil, herbal and floral production and raw material. Specifications RUSS63063
GOST 31539-2012 Live-cycle of railway rolling stock. Terms and definitions RUSS57014
GOST 26967-86 Hydro amelioration. Terms and definitions RUSS55701
GOST R 51269-99 TV receiving aerials for television and sound broadcasting stations in VHF and UHF frequency bands. General technical requirements RUSS64039
GOST R 51303-99 Trade. Terms and definitions RUSS64042
GOST R 51594-2000 Non-traditional power engineering. Solar power engineering. Terms and definitions RUSS64066
GOST R 51929-2014 Services of housing maintenance, public utilities and administration of apartment buildings. Terms and definitions RUSS64481
GOST 32789-2014 Fresh mespilus. Specifications RUSS64490
GOST R ISO 8549-1-2011 Prosthetics and orthotics. Vocabulary. Part 1. General terms for external limb prostheses and external orthoses RUSS55650
GOST 32199-2013 Product for reproduction. Sperm of goats. Specifications RUSS54704
GOST 32157-2013 Canned fish. Method for determination of oil deposit fraction of total mass RUSS52687
GOST R 52523-2006 Table wines and table wine stocks. General specifications RUSS51848
GOST R 55907-2013 Fresh garden radish. Specifications RUSS65618
ST RK ISO 9000-2007 Quality management systems. Fundamentals and glossary. In substitution of ST RK ISO 9000-2001 KAZA25981
GOST 31505-2012 Milk, milk products and infant milk products. Methods оf iodine determination RUSS65992
ST RK ISO 7404-1-2007 Coal. Petrographic analysis. Part-1. Term and definitions KAZA25896
ST RK 34.014-2002 Information technology. Series of standards for automated systems. Automated systems. Terms and definitions KAZA23736
ST RK 2316-2013 Liqueur wines. Specification KAZA23581
GOST R 53591-2009 Semi-smoked sausages from horse-flesh. Specifications RUSS66247
ST RK 2315-2013 Vine vodka. Specification KAZA23580
GOST R 54461-2011 Dependability of railway traction rolling stock. Terms and definitions RUSS66287
GOST R 55057-2012 Railway transport. Rolling stock. Terms and definitions RUSS66304
GOST 31690-2013 Processеd cheese. General specifications RUSS66742
GOST 31934-2012 Wheat gluten. Specifications RUSS66747
GOST R 55822-2013 Fresh leafy vegetables. Specifications RUSS67261
GOST R 55904-2013 Fresh parsley. Specifications RUSS67304
GOST 31791-2012 Essential oil, herbal and floral raw material. Spacifications RUSS67306
GOST R 52685-2006 Process(еd) cheeses. General specifications RUSS67425
ST RK 2314-2013 Kazakhstani calvados. General specification KAZA23579
GOST R ISO 10001-2009 Quality management. Customer satisfaction. Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations RUSS68381
ST RK 2311-2013 Fruit vodka. Specification KAZA23576
ST RK 1638-2007 Main line electric locomotives of 1520 mm gage. Capital repairs. Specification KAZA22617
GOST R 8.639-2013 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements metrological ensuring of the chemical weapons destruction. Terms and definitions RUSS69870
ST RK 1637-2007 Packaging. Terms and definitions KAZA22616
ST RK 1615-2006 Good pharmaceutical practice. General provisions KAZA22595
ST RK 1614-2006 Good distributor practice. General provisions KAZA22594
GOST R ISO 9000-2001 Quality management systems. Fundamentals and vocabulary RUSS70425
GOST 32217-2013 Canned food vegetable base for nutrition of babies. General specifications RUSS70430
GOST ISO 9000-2011 Quality management systems. Fundamentals and vocabulary RUSS70762
ST RK 1613-2006 Good laboratory practice. General provisions KAZA22593
ST RK 1612-2006 Canned juices,nectars, juice drinks. Classification. Terms and definitions KAZA22592
ST RK 1595-2006 Raw cotton processing. Terms and definitions KAZA22575
GOST R IEC 60050-826-2009 Electrical installations. Terms and definitions RUSS71497
GOST R 52682-2006 Medicine remedies for veterinary use. Terms and definitions RUSS60756
GOST 31850-2012 Automatic forced draught burners for gaseous fuels. Technical requirements, requirements of safety and test methods RUSS72501
GOST R 52297-2004 Transport and forwarding services. Terms and definitions RUSS60471
GOST 32786-2014 Fresh table grapes. Specifications RUSS138723
GOST 32787-2014 Fresh apricots. Specifications RUSS138724
GOST 32788-2014 Fresh coriander (cilantro)-green. Specifications RUSS138725
GOST 32790-2014 Fresh Helianthus tuberosus. Specifications RUSS138726
GOST 32791-2014 Young fresh turnip dining. Specifications RUSS138727
GOST 32810-2014 Fresh radish. Specifications RUSS138739
GOST 32811-2014 Inshell almond. Specifications RUSS138740
GOST 32929-2014 Sour milk ice cream. Specifications RUSS138845
GOST R 53876-2010 Potato starch. Specifications RUSS59614
GOST 33025-2014 Automobile roads of general use. Rumble strips. Technical requirements RUSS138888
GOST R 51158-2009 Sparkling wines and sparkling pearl wines. General specification RUSS59389
GOST 31822-2012 Fresh courgettes for retail. Specifications RUSS63810
GOST R 56672-2015 Fresh cherry for industrial processing. Specifications RUSS140419
GOST 31823-2012 Kiwifruit for retail. Specifications RUSS63811
GOST R 54977-2012 Equipment mountain-mine. Systems of safety of the coal mines multifunctional. Terms and definitions RUSS64577
GOST R 55214-2012 Gas heated catering equipment. Part 2-3. Specific requirements. Cooking boilers RUSS64578
GOST 31821-2012 Fresh aubergines for retail. Specifications RUSS64804
GOST R 51694-2000 Paints and varnishes. Determination of film thickness RUSS65473
GOST R 56767-2015 Fresh tarragon. Specifications RUSS140517
GOST R 56827-2015 Cultivated fresh mushrooms. Specifications RUSS140567
GOST R ISO 30300-2015 System of standards for information, librarianship and publishing. Information and documentation. Management systems for records. Fundamentals and vocabulary RUSS141381
GOST R 55489-2013 Corn gluten. Specifications RUSS65627
GOST 31629-2012 Tobacco and tobacco products. Monitor test piece. Requirements and use RUSS65995
GOST 1760-2014 Vellum. Specifications. RUSS208410
GOST 31786-2012 Semi-smoked sausages from horse-flesh. Specifications RUSS66000
GOST R 53511-2009 Wheat gluten. General specifications RUSS66243
GOST R 54219-2010 Solid biofuels. Terms and definitions RUSS66276
GOST R 54264-2010 Air transport. System of maintenance and repair of aviation technics. Methods and procedures of anti-icing handling of airplanes. General requirements RUSS67443
GOST 33801-2016 Fresh cherries. Specifications RUSS243205
GOST 33851-2016 Fresh Brussels sprouts. Specifications RUSS243259
GOST 33854-2016 Fresh broccoli. Specification RUSS243261
GOST 33882-2016 Fresh mangoes. Specifications RUSS243290
GOST 32284-2013 Fresh food garden carrots for retail. Specifications RUSS68958
GOST 32018-2012 Road-construction goods of natural stone. Specifications RUSS69583
GOST 33915-2016 Fresh raspberries and blackberries. Specifications RUSS243307
GOST 33916-2016 Fresh kohlrabi cabbage. Specification RUSS243309

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