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GOST 12503-75 Steel Methods of ultrasonic control. General requirements RUSS15675
GOST 10060.2-95 Concretes, rapid method for the determination of frost-resistance by repeated alternated freezing and thawing RUSS15792
GOST 19912-2001 Soils. Field test methods by static and dynamic sounding RUSS15844
GOST R 50599-93 Welded steel vessels and apparatus under high pressure. Non-destructive control while the manufacturing and operating RUSS15894
GOST 14019-80 Metals. Methods of bend tests RUSS16123
GOST 7169-66 Wheat pran. Specifications RUSS16210
GOST 28102-89 Cabinet furniture. Test methods of clothes rails RUSS16245
GOST 28105-89 Cabinet furniture and tables. Test methods of drawers and semidrawers RUSS16296
GOST 12.3.001-85 System of labor safety standards pneumatic drives RUSS16344
GOST 16439-70 Second-grade flour of hard (durum) wheat RUSS16368
GOST 17410-78 Non-destructive testing of seamless cylindrical metal pipes and tubes. Methods of ultrasonic imperfection detection. RUSS16379
GOST 9500-84 Portable standard dynamometers RUSS16527
GOST 12.0.004-90 Organization of training for labor safety. General rules RUSS16574
GOST 22859-77 Hydraulic auto hoisters RUSS16586
GOST 9018-89 Fuel dispensing pumps. General specifications RUSS16639
GOST 1497-84 Metals. Methods of tension test RUSS16654
GOST 16830-71 Sweet almond nuts RUSS16694
GOST 2015-84 Fixed plain gauges. Technical requirements RUSS16711
GOST 30136-94 Carbon steel rod of ordinary quality. Specification RUSS16781
GOST 11262-80 Plastics. Tensile strength test method. RUSS16881
GOST 14710-78 Petroleum toluene RUSS16918
GOST 2016-86 Thread gauges. Specifications RUSS16932
GOST 21743-76 Aviation oils RUSS16939
GOST 4752-79 Copper cylinder wire RUSS16985
GOST 9243-75 KS-19 compressor oil RUSS17228
GOST 28215-89 Basic environmental testing procedures. Part 2. Tests. Test Eb and quidance: Bump RUSS17269
GOST 22727-88 Rolled sheet. Ultrasonic test methods RUSS17284
GOST 1051-73 Calibrated quality steel RUSS17309
GOST 28841-90 Machines for fatigue testing of materials RUSS17428
GOST 30314-95 Frozen scallop fillet RUSS17434
GOST 9031-75 Reference hardness standards RUSS17497
GOST 13109-87 Electric energy. Requirements for quality of electric energy in general-purpose networks RUSS17515
GOST 16844-93 Vibration RUSS17592
GOST 16955-71 Combined fodder designed for control fattening of pigs RUSS17593
GOST 17024-82 End mills RUSS17594
GOST 26114-84 Flaw detectors on the basis of charged particle accelerators RUSS17638
GOST 28369-89 Non-destructive testing. Ultra-violet irradiators RUSS17660
GOST 28840-90 Machines for tension, compression and bending tests of materials RUSS17665
GOST 28203-89 Basic environmental testing procedures. Part 2. Tests. Test Fc and guidance: Vibration ( sinusoidal ) RUSS17776
GOST 14838-78 Aluminum wite RUSS17810
GOST 6445-74 Paper for newspapers RUSS17868
GOST 7277-77 Drawing paper RUSS17872
GOST 9996-84 Binding material on paper base RUSS17887
GOST 25225-82 Non-destructive testing. Welded joints of tubing. Magnetographic method RUSS17899
GOST 1049-74 Manganese nickel wire RUSS17945
GOST 10751-85 Conducting cable paper RUSS17947
GOST 13837-79 General purpose dynamometers RUSS17960
GOST 25013-81 Electrochemical impulse paper RUSS17990
GOST 3122-67 Diesel fuel Method for determination of cetane index RUSS18063
GOST R 52283-2004 Fire-fighting centrifugal pumps. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS18068
GOST 20060-83 Combustible natural gases. Methods for determining water vapor content and dew point of moisture RUSS18072
GOST 10006-80 Metal pipes RUSS18094
GOST 10708-82 Pendulum impact machines RUSS18097
GOST 2635-77 Base paper of the photographic paper RUSS18168
GOST 7564-97 Rolled products general rules of samples, rough specimens and test pieces selection for mechanical and technological testing RUSS18234
GOST 1207-70 Sterile medical bandages RUSS18309
GOST 21345-78 Conical, ball and cylindrical cocks set at рnom of up to approx. 16 MPa ( 160 kgf/cm2) RUSS18347
GOST 22366-93 Iron-based sintered filler ribbon electrode RUSS18353
GOST 16962.2-90 Electrotechnical product RUSS18437
GOST 3714-79 Cured raw cigar tobacco RUSS18527
GOST 9087-81 Welding melted fluxes RUSS18542
GOST 22690-88 Concretes. Determination of strength by mechanical methods of nondestructive testing RUSS18578
GOST 7512-82 Nondestructive testing. Welded joints. Radiography method RUSS18579
GOST 12936-82 Automobile speedometers with electric drive RUSS18595
GOST 18834-83 Magnetic wire for recording harmonic signals RUSS18725
GOST 3559-75 Steel band for armoring cables RUSS18771
GOST 4645-81 Rubber condoms RUSS18772
GOST 26007-83 Strength calculations and tests. Methods of mechanical testing of metals RUSS18867
GOST 13302-77 Petroleum acids RUSS19027
GOST 6238-77 Casing pipes and core barrels for prospecting drilling and nipples to them RUSS19063
GOST 23667-85 Non-Destructive Testing Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors Methods for Measuring the Main Parameters RUSS19095
GOST 12301-81 Cartons made from cardboard, paper RUSS19116
GOST 16214-86 Tape polyvinylchloride electro insulation RUSS19120
GOST 2084-77 Mobile gasoline Specifications RUSS19220
GOST 21443-75 Liquefied hydrocarbon gases for export RUSS19295
GOST 9393-82 Fish and marine mammals veterinary oil RUSS19314
GOST 4543-71 Structural alloyed steel RUSS19322
GOST 14782-86 Nondestructive testing. Welded joints. Ultrasonic methods RUSS19323
GOST 26266-90 Ultrasonic transducers RUSS19359
GOST 21552-84 Computers and computer RUSS19447
GOST 16327-88 Transport packing sets for radioactive materials RUSS19456
GOST 19423-81 Household electric coffee grinders RUSS19515
GOST 9466-75 Covered metal electrodes for manual arc welding of steels and deposition. Classification and general specifications RUSS19547
GOST 15880-83 Electric drills RUSS19551
GOST 7730-89 Cellulose film RUSS19682
GOST 16337-77 High-pressure polyethylene. Specifications RUSS19687
GOST 26104-89 Electronic measurement instruments RUSS19784
GOST 17335-79 Positive displacement pumps RUSS19813
GOST 6134-87 Rotor-dynamic pumps RUSS19842
GOST 10180-90 Concretes. Methods for strength determination using reference specimens RUSS19860
GOST 27682-88 High-pressure mercury vapor lamps RUSS19871
GOST 12337-84 Motor oils for diesel engines RUSS19884
GOST 21616-91 Resistive-strain sensors RUSS19885
GOST 25.503-80 Strength calculation and testing. Methods of mechanical testing of metals compression test method RUSS19929
GOST 977-88 Steel castings. General specifications RUSS19935
GOST 18699-73 Electric windshielf wipers. Specifications RUSS20462
GOST 20680-2002 Mechanical mixing devices (agitated vessels). General specifications RUSS20478
GOST 30630.0.0-99 Environment stabilty test methods for machines, instruments and other industrial products. General requirements RUSS20542
GOST R 51672-2000 Metrological ensuring of product testing for the assurance of conformity. General principles RUSS20615
GOST R 52400-2005 Air reservoirs for railway brakes. General specifications RUSS20624

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