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GOST 4097-78 Cans for motion-picture rawstock, magnetic tapes and film materials. Specifications RUSS54686
GOST 8998-74 Lenses for telephone switchboards. Specifications RUSS55362
GOST 30852.7-2002 Explosionproof electrical apparatus. Part 6. Oil-filled enclosures o RUSS55231
GOST 5635-80 Glass dissipators for autotractor, motor-cycle and bicycle lighting and light signalling apparatus. Specifications RUSS55308
GOST 3713-79 Raw uncured cigars tobacco. Specifications RUSS55282
GOST 9723-73 Tin powder. Specifications RUSS55371
GOST 2819-84 Photographic materials. Method for determination of resolution RUSS55663
GOST 32483-2013 Beekeeping products. Method for determination of ash mass fraction RUSS55891
GOST R 51389-99 Forestry machinery. Combustion engine driven brush cutters and grass trimmers. Safety. Test methods RUSS64052
GOST R 52422-2005 Trucks and trailers. The spray-suppression systems. Technical requirements and test methods RUSS64110
GOST R 53253-2009 Fire-fighting equipment. Suction gauzes. General technical requirements. Methods of testing RUSS64149
GOST R 53434-2009 Principles of good laboratory practice RUSS64158
GOST R 54950-2012 Animal feeding stuffs. Determination of vitamin A content by high performance liquid chromatography method RUSS64284
GOST R 54790-2011 Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials. Hot cracking tests for weldments. Arc welding processes. Part 3. Externally loaded tests RUSS64273
GOST 9077-82 Ground pulverized quartz. General specifications RUSS64508
GOST 19182-2014 Preserved from fish. Methods of buffer value determination RUSS64588
GOST R IEC 60331-11-2012 Tests for electric and optical cables under fire conditions. Circuit integrity. Part 11. Apparatus. Fire alone at a flame temperature of at least 750 °C RUSS64610
GOST R 51000.4-2008 General requirements for accreditation of testing laboratories RUSS64854
GOST R ISO 16047-2009 Fasteners. Torque/clamp force testing RUSS64945
GOST ISO 13909-7-2013 Hard coal and coke. Mechanical sampling. Part 7. Methods for determining the precision of sampling, sample preparation and testing RUSS73370
GOST R IEC 1046-98 Auxiliaries for lamps. D.c. or a.c. supplied electronic step-down converters for filament lamps. General and safety requirements RUSS73461
GOST 31959-2012 Water. Methods of determination of toxicity by survival of marine crustaceans RUSS73518
GOST R 50267.0.2-2005 Medical electrical equipment. Part 1-2. General requirements for safety. Electromagnetic compatibility. Requirements and test methods RUSS73725
GOST 12.2.091-2012 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. Part 1. General requirements RUSS73811
GOST 15867-79 Details and products of wood and wooden materials. Test method for determining the strength of glued joint for an uneven pilling of facing materials RUSS53619
GOST IEC 60745-2-21-2014 Hand-held motor-operated electric tools. Safety. Part 2-21. Particular requirements for drain cleaners RUSS53762
GOST 20734-75 Hydraulic fluid 7-50C-3. Specifications RUSS54003
GOST R IEC 61557-4-2007 Low voltage distribution systems up to 1000 V a.c. and 1500 V d.c. Electrical safety. Equipment for testing, measuring or monitoring of protective measures. Part 4. Resistance of earth connection and equipotential bonding RUSS54721
GOST R ISO 9016-2011 Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials. Test for impact bending. Test specimen location, notch orientation and examination RUSS54120
GOST R 12.4.252-2009 Occupational safety standards system. Respiratory protective devices. Fresh air hose breathing apparatus. Requirements, testing, marking RUSS54538
GOST 27952-88 Unsaturated polyester resins. Specifications RUSS54552
GOST R 51206-2004 Motor vehicles. Content of pollutants in the air of passenger compartment and cabin. Norms and test methods RUSS62879
GOST R 53251-2009 Fire-fighting equipment. Hand foam-nozzles. General technical requirements. Methods of testing RUSS63042
GOST R 54951-2012 Animal feeding stuffs. Determination of moisture content RUSS63150
GOST R 8.690-2009 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Use of Proficiency Testing by interlaboratory comparisons for Accreditation in Testing RUSS63194
GOST 3818.1-72 Linter. Test methods RUSS63840
GOST R 52338-2005 Industrial cleanliness. Methods for lubricating and cooling liquids testing RUSS71117
GOST 30324.11-2002 Medical electrical equipment. Part 2. Particular requirements for the safety of gamma beam therapy equipment RUSS71389
GOST R 52504-2005 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Agricultural and forestry machinery. Test methods and acceptance criteria RUSS71275
GOST R 53886-2010 Water. Methods of determination of toxicity by survival of marine crustaceans RUSS71286
GOST R 50267.11-99 Medical electrical equipment. Part 2. Particular requirements for the safety of gamma beam therapy equipment RUSS71415
GOST 19120-93 Furniture for seating and lying. Sofa-beds, day-beds, easy chairs, ottomans, benches, upholstery stools. Testing methods RUSS71552
GOST 31515.3-2012 Non-invasive sphygmomanometers (measuring devices of arterial pressure). Part 3. Supplementary requirements for electro-mechanical blood pressure measuring systems RUSS71607
GOST R IEC 60127-2-2010 Miniature fuses. Part 2. Cartridge fuse links RUSS71635
GOST R 53245-2008 Information technologies. Structured cabling systems. Main system elements installation. Methods of testing RUSS71686
GOST 16519-2006 Vibration. Testing of hand-held or hand-guided machinery in order to determine the hand-transmitted vibration value. General requirements RUSS62263
GOST 22551-77 Quartz sand, ground sandstone, quartzite and vinyl quartz for glass industry. Specifications RUSS62241
GOST 11808-88 Synthetic latex БC-30. Specifications RUSS62327
GOST 28214-89 Basic environmental testing procedures. Part 2: Tests. Guidance for damp heat tests RUSS62541
GOST 31542-2012 Automatic and semi-automatic metal forming machines. Safety requirements RUSS62618
GOST 2975-73 Retted straw. Specifications RUSS62569
GOST 13456-82 Dried beat-root cake for export. Specifications RUSS63326
GOST R 52287-2004 Electrical penetration in containment structures for nuclear power generating stations RUSS62965
GOST R 51376.4-99 Hand-held portable power tools. Measurement of vibrations at the handle. Part 4. Grinders RUSS62893
GOST R 53051-2008 Machinery and tools for digging out and selection of seedlings and saplings in nursery forests. Test methods RUSS72642
GOST R 52594-2006 Fibre-optic, radio-relay and satellite main channels of digital TV signals transmission systems. Basic parameters and methods of measuring RUSS72371
GOST R IEC 60086-5-2009 Primary batteries. Part 5. Safety of batteries with aqueous electrolyte RUSS72525
GOST 24237-84 Variable non-wire-wound resistors. General specifications RUSS72857
GOST R ISO/IEC TO 19795-3-2009 Automatic identification. Biometrics. Part 3. Modality-specific testing RUSS72897
GOST R 52782-2007 Gas turbines. Test methods. Acceptance tests RUSS73058
GOST R ISO 5725-5-2002 Accuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results. Part 5. Alternative methods for the determination of the precision of a standard measurement method RUSS73101
GOST R IEC 60601-2-20-2011 Medical electrical equipment. Part 2-20. Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of infant transport incubators RUSS73395
GOST R IEC 60601-2-18-2014 Medical electrical equipment. Part 2-18. Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of endoscopic equipment RUSS73433
GOST 1051-73 Calibrated quality steel RUSS17309
GOST 30314-95 Frozen scallop fillet RUSS17434
GOST 7277-77 Drawing paper RUSS17872
GOST 14838-78 Aluminum wite RUSS17810
GOST 9996-84 Binding material on paper base RUSS17887
GOST 25013-81 Electrochemical impulse paper RUSS17990
GOST 10751-85 Conducting cable paper RUSS17947
GOST 21345-78 Conical, ball and cylindrical cocks set at рnom of up to approx. 16 MPa ( 160 kgf/cm2) RUSS18347
GOST 22366-93 Iron-based sintered filler ribbon electrode RUSS18353
GOST 9372-80 Spools for ink ribbons of typewriters. Specifications RUSS55826
GOST IEC 60745-2-4-2011 Hand-held motor-operated electric tools. Safety and methods. Part 2-4. Particular requirements for sanders and polishers other than disk type RUSS55868
GOST R 54913-2012 Modified wood. Method for determination of pressure in swelling RUSS55869
GOST R IEC 61386.22-2014 Conduit systems for cable management. Part 22. Pliable conduit systems RUSS55983
GOST R 51441-99 Fruit and vegetable juices. Enzymatic method for spectrophotometric determination of acetic acid (acetate) content RUSS57380
GOST 12.2.116-2004 Three- and four-roller plate-bending machines. Safety requirements RUSS56544
GOST R 9.901.3-2007 Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Metals and alloys. General requirements for U-bend specimens of stress corrosion testing RUSS56424
GOST 12579-2013 Sugar. Method of granulometric structure determination RUSS56461
GOST ISO 8317-93 Child-resistant packaging. Requirements and testing procedures for reclosable packages RUSS57311
GOST 26953-86 Agricultural mobile machinery methods for determining force produced by propelling agents on soil RUSS56867
GOST 27534-87 Acoustics. Measurement of airborne noise emitted by earth-moving machinery. Operator's position. Stationary test condition RUSS56874
GOST 10711-97 Paper and board. Method for determination of breaking force by ring compression (RCT) RUSS66460
GOST R 51959.3-2002 Non-invasive sphygmomanometers (measuring devices of arterial pressure). Part 3. Supplementary requirements for electro-mechanical blood pressure measuring systems RUSS66892
GOST 31442-2011 Group I, equipment protection level Ma intended to remain functional in atmosphere endangered by firedamp and/or coal dust RUSS66726
GOST R 52118-2003 Reference materials of nuclear materials for radiation monitors. General technical requirements and testing methods RUSS66897
GOST 2646-71 Coniferous timber blanks for aircraft. Specifications RUSS67164
GOST R 52633.2-2010 Information protection. Information protection technology. Requirements for creation procedures for bases of synthetic biometric images, intended for high-reliability biometric authentication means testing RUSS67424
SP 79.13330.2012 Bridges and culverts. Rules of examination and test RUSS21138
GOST R 53402-2009 Pipeline valves. Methods of control and testing RUSS20995
GOST R IEC 61386.1-2014 Conduit systems for cable management. Part 1. General requirements RUSS44270
GOST Electric hand-held tools. Particular safety requirements and methods of testing flat-grinding and band-grinding machines RUSS48492
GOST 1213-74 Pigs for slaughter. Specifications RUSS48500
GOST 28083-2012 Biological medicinal remedies lyophilized for veterinary use. Method of control of vacuum in ampoules and bottles RUSS48738
GOST R 53716-2009 Fuel oils. Determination of hydrogen sulphide RUSS59598
GOST R 54045-2010 Cheese and processed cheese products. Determination of chloride content. Potentiometric titration method RUSS59627
GOST 6964-72 External lighting and signaling devices for mechanic vehicles, trailers and semitrailers. General technical requirements RUSS59987
GOST R IEC 61386.24-2014 Conduit systems for cable management. Part 24. Particular requirements. Conduit systems buried underground RUSS60425
GOST 16445-78 Haemolytic serum for the compliment fixation test. Specifications RUSS60088

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