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GOST 28000-88 Pure woolen and semi-woolen fabrics for garments RUSS17655
GOST 1135-88 Indoor and outdoor footwear RUSS18302
GOST 12.4.175-88 System of safety standards. Special protective clothes. Norms of microorganism permeability RUSS45414
GOST 26560-85 Knitted fabrics. Method of determining snagging resistance RUSS47487
GOST 26666.1-85 Knitted fur. Method of determination of the pile length RUSS47751
GOST 26559-85 Stockings and socks. Method of determining wet treatment resistance RUSS50020
GOST 26666.2-85 Knitted fur. Method of determination of the pile density RUSS50807
GOST 2136-87 Undressed rabbits skins. Specifications RUSS53160
GOST 26666.0-85 Knitted fur. Rules of acceptation and sampling for testing RUSS58099
GOST 17037-85 Tailored and knitted goods. Terms and definitions RUSS62389
GOST 8846-87 Knitted fabrics and garments. Methods for determination of linear dimensions, distortion number of courses and wales and yarn length in the loop RUSS66069
GOST 12566-88 Sewing goods for domestic use. Determination of grade RUSS67183
GOST 8847-85 Knitted fabrics. Methods for determination of breaking characteristics and extensibility under loads less than breaking loads RUSS67551

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