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GOST 12930-67 Cotton and mixed fabrics for work clothing. Norms of colour fastness RUSS53534
GOST 2846-82 All-wool and half-woollen formal fabrics. Standards of colour fastness and methods for determination RUSS53535
GOST 8710-84 Textile fabrics. Method for the determination of shrinkage after washing RUSS53546
GOST 1178-75 Woven piece-goods from pure wool and half-wool (mixed). Determination of sorts RUSS53589
GOST 29104.13-91 Industrial fabrics. Method for determination of resistance to attack by corrosive media RUSS53786
GOST 13330-77 Felt wicks and plates. Specifications RUSS53823
GOST 11998-76 Fine-fibred felt for cards. Specification RUSS53859
GOST 29104.8-91 Industrial fabrics. Method for determination of strength and strength under ball forcing RUSS53899
GOST 22173-89 Radio cords. Specifications RUSS53918
GOST 19204-73 Textile fabrics. Methods for determination of crease resistance RUSS53919
GOST 9.802-84 Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Textiles and products of natural, artificial, synthetic fibres and its mixtures. Test method for fungous resistance RUSS53924
GOST 26666.5-89 Man-made knitted fur. Method for the determination of pattern effect stability RUSS53935
GOST 28490-90 Warp knitted fabrics, raised and sheared. Methods for pile evaluation RUSS53970
GOST 27886-88 Textiles. Wool adjacent fabric. Technical requirements and test methods RUSS54027
GOST 10406-81 Pile textiles. Method for determinations of pile crease resistance RUSS54049
GOST 9.060-75 Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Fabrics. Method of laboratory tests for microbiological destruction stability RUSS54180
GOST 25652-83 Fabrics for garments. General requirements for care means RUSS54308
GOST 19616-74 Weaving and knitted fabrics. A method for evaluating the specific surface resistance RUSS54320
GOST 29104.4-91 Industrial fabrics. Method for determination of breaking stress and breaking extension RUSS54458
GOST 9315-90 Silk and semi-silk fabrics. Method for determination of dimensional changes after wet treatment RUSS54479
GOST 5679-91 Cotton wool for germents and furniture. Specifications RUSS54671
GOST 7000-80 Textile materials. Packaging, marking, transportation and storage RUSS63398
GOST 26006-83 Knitted fabrics and garments. Methods of determining visible and invisible needle cut RUSS63425
GOST 22693-77 Polyamide. Yarn for technical rubber articles. Specification RUSS63564
GOST 25227-82 Silk and half-silk fabrics. Primary packing marking RUSS63697
GOST 26149-84 Sheet floor covering on the base of chemical fibres. Specifications RUSS63711
GOST 30157.1-95 Textile fabrics. Methods of measures changes determination after wet treatments and chemical cleaning. Modes of treatments RUSS63756
GOST 13827-85 Nonwoven fabrics. Primary packing and marking RUSS60513
GOST 15902.3-79 Nonwoven fabrics. Methods of strength determination RUSS60490
GOST 15160-69 Technical cotton fabrics and products tropics. Specifications RUSS60560
GOST 20715-75 Polyamide industrial fabrics for wedge belts. Specifications RUSS60595
GOST 6418-81 Technical coarse wool felt and machinery parts from it. Specifications RUSS60702
GOST 878-88 All wool and blended fabrics and piece goods. Primary packing and marking RUSS60918
GOST 6048-67 Textile tapes for typewriters. Specifications RUSS60983
GOST 28486-90 Waterproof and jacket fabrics of synthetic threads. General specifications RUSS61131
GOST 357-75 Linen and semi-linen (blended) fabrics. Determination of sort RUSS61184
GOST 15902.2-79 Nonwoven fabrics. Methods determination of structural characteristics RUSS61250
GOST 18054-72 Textile. Method of determination of whiteness RUSS61368
GOST 26095-84 Polyester industrial filter fabrics. Specifications RUSS61435
GOST 27542-87 Clothing all-wool and half-wool fabrics of departmental application. Specifications RUSS61447
GOST 5530-81 Flax-jute-kenaf for packing and technical designation fabrics. Specifications RUSS61534
GOST 12239-76 Cotton fabrics of the callco and fabrics of the coat. Specifications RUSS74514
GOST 29104.6-91 Industrial fabrics. Method for determination of yarns separation RUSS46626
GOST 20232-74 Cotton and mixed fabrics for departmental use. Norms of wear resistance RUSS46634
GOST 3815.1-93 Pile materials. Methods for determination surface density of pile cover RUSS46693
GOST 3815.3-93 Pile materials. Methods for determination of pile fastening strength RUSS46835
GOST 29104.15-91 Industrial fabrics. Method for determination of yarn components percentage in woven cloths RUSS46841
GOST 29104.16-91 Industrial fabrics. Method for determination of water permeability RUSS47101
GOST 17922-72 Textile fabrics and piece-goods. Method of tearing load determination RUSS47109
GOST 15978-78 Synthetic filter fabrics for milk industry. Specifications RUSS74629
GOST 16010-70 Engineering rubberized fabrics. Method for determining tensile strength and elongation in tensile test RUSS74631
GOST 19196-80 Cotton fabrics for shoes RUSS74752
GOST 21050-75 Fabrics for overalls. Method for determination of stability to dry-cleaning RUSS74811
GOST 21790-76 Cotton and mixed clothing fabrics. Specifications RUSS74845
GOST 2306-69 Cotton avisent RUSS74899
GOST 24221-80 Capron cord fabric. Specifications RUSS74935
GOST 24327-80 Cord fabric. Packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS74939
GOST 14326-73 Woven fabrics. Method for determination of pilling RUSS54850
GOST 3357-72 Cotton fabrics for emery-cloths. Specifications RUSS54812
GOST 23433-79 Fabrics of chemical fibres. Norms of colour fastness and methods for determination RUSS54855
GOST 19864-89 Laces. General specifications RUSS54821
GOST 20489-75 Materials for clothes. Method for determination of summary thermal resistance RUSS54965
GOST 15159-76 Technical felt and parts from it for technical products used in tropics. Specifications RUSS54966
GOST 27504-87 Polyester canvas cloths. Specifications RUSS55184
GOST 11039-84 Coloured-yarn and acidified linen and semi-linen fabrics. General specifications RUSS54984
GOST 12023-2003 Textile materials and articles of them. Method of thickness determination RUSS55001
GOST 13711-82 Knitted fabrics. Method of determination change in linear dimensions after wet treatments RUSS55020
GOST 22730-87 Textile sheets. Method for determination of dividing RUSS55120
GOST 28791-90 Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics. Determination of resistance to damage by flexing (dynamic method) RUSS55202
GOST 29222-91 Fabrics for waterproofs from chemical and mixed fibres. General specifications RUSS55212
GOST 13863-89 Laminated stitch-bonded sheets for technical use. Specifications RUSS55752
GOST 7701-93 Cotton and blended ticks. General specifications RUSS55887
GOST 26666.1-85 Knitted fur. Method of determination of the pile length RUSS47751
GOST 3814-81 Texfile fabrics. Methods for the determination of falling out RUSS47811
GOST 23785.5-79 Cord fabric. Method for determination of the linear shrinkage RUSS47821
GOST 16486-93 Knitted fabrics for outerwear. Abrasion resistance standards RUSS47829
GOST 27323-87 Textiles. Test method of colour fastness to dry cleaning RUSS47831
GOST 29104.20-91 Industrial fabrics. Method for determination of surface specific electric resistance RUSS47837
GOST 23785.0-79 Cord fabric. Rules of acceptance and sampling methods RUSS47860
GOST 23785.6-79 Cord fabric. Method for determination of thermal stability RUSS47940
GOST 30388-95 Knitted fabrics and garments. Methods for determination of pilling RUSS48123
GOST 18273-89 Woollen sheet wadding stitched by canvas. General specifications RUSS48124
GOST 10530-79 Textile decorative piece-goods. General specifications RUSS48462
GOST 13587-77 Non-woolen sheets and piece-goods textile. Acceptance rules and sampling-method RUSS49227
GOST 10290-72 Worsted woollen and half-woollen (mixed) yarn for weaving manufacture. Specifications RUSS67639
GOST 4403-91 Fabrics of silk and synthetic threads for sieves. General specifications RUSS68205
GOST 12422-78 Silk technical fabrics. Test methods RUSS55835
GOST 11025-78 Industrial felt of line wool for electrotechnical equipment and details of it. Specifications RUSS55926
GOST 24338-80 Rayon cord fabric. Specifications RUSS55969
GOST 28253-89 Silk and semi-silk dress and suit fabrics. General specifications RUSS56002
GOST 23244-78 Cotton and blended non-woven sheets. Assessment of sort RUSS56077
GOST 29098-91 Fabrics for haberdashery goods. General specifications RUSS56166
GOST 22510-77 Polyester-nylon industrial fabrics for rubber mechanical goods. Specifications RUSS56278
GOST 29104.23-91 Industrial fabrics. Method for determination of filtration fineness RUSS56167
GOST 30303-95 Fabrics coated with rubber or plastics. Determination of breaking strength and elongation at break RUSS56213
GOST 27541-87 Worsted all-woollen and half-woollen fabrics of departmental application. Specifications RUSS56314
GOST 413-91 Rubber or plastics-coated fabrics. Determination of resistance to penetration by water RUSS56344
GOST 13090-90 Industrial carcass fabrics. Specifications RUSS56579
GOST 16914-71 Rubber multilayer linoleum-resin RUSS56653
GOST 16918-71 Curtain fabric and net fabric. Method of definition tensile strength and breaking extension RUSS56654

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