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GOST 16958-71 Textiles. Symbols for care RUSS15752
GOST 9733.2-91 Textiles. Test method of color fastness to weather RUSS15966
GOST 24220-80 Fabrics for furniture. Specifications RUSS16244
GOST 10524-74 USSR state standard terry linen and semilinen fabrics and piece goods RUSS16333
GOST 11027-80 Cotton terry-cloth plain and waffled fabrics and piece goods RUSS16336
GOST 9733.1-91 Textiles. Test method of color fastness RUSS16627
GOST 10138-93 Pure linen, linen and half-linen fabrics for bedding and underwear RUSS16660
GOST 10232-77 Pure linen, linen and semilinen toweling and towels RUSS16661
GOST 28554-90 Cloth knitted RUSS16768
GOST 7780-78 Linen and half-linen fabrics and piece items RUSS16822
GOST 11518-88 Fabrics for shirts of chemical threads and blended yarn RUSS17084
GOST 7913-76 Fabrics and piece products cotton and mixed RUSS17482
GOST 20723-89 Fabrics of natural twisted silk for making dresses RUSS17612
GOST 21790-93 Cotton and mixed fabrics for clothing RUSS17622
GOST 7081-93 Silk and semi-silk pile sheets RUSS17721
GOST 7779-75 Silk and half-silk fabrics and piece items RUSS17728
GOST 20272-83 Lining fabrics made of chemical threads and yarn RUSS17826
GOST 11209-85 Cotton and blended fabrics for protective clothing RUSS19108
GOST 30548-97 Bonded fabrics (base) for linoleum RUSS19611
GOST 30386-95 Textiles. Maximum permissible concentrations of free formaldehyde RUSS20537
ST RK ISO 3758-2010 Textile. Marking designations on labels with service regulations KAZA25651
STB 1413-2003 Cotton fabrics and mixed fabrics of cotton and chemical fibres, grey. Grading BELA26858
STB 150-2002 Household services. Repainted products. General specifications BELA26905
STB 1817-2007 Silk and semi-silk fabrics and knit fabrics, grey. Grading BELA27182
STB 2114-2010 Cotton and mixed packaging fabrics, grey. General specifications BELA27360
STB 2178-2011 Textile materials. Method of determining change in linear dimensions after wet-heat processing BELA27390
STB 566-94 Textile-art piecework. General specifications BELA27699
STB 826-2000 Stuffing material. General specifications BELA27835
STB 911-2008 The National Flag of the Republic of Belarus. General specifications BELA27855
STB 948-2007 Textile materials and products. Designation of raw materials compositions BELA27884
STB ISO 13934-1-2013 Textile materials. Fabric resistance under tension. Part 1. Determination of maximum load and relative elongation under maximum load by grab method BELA29380
STB ISO 3758-2011 Textile products. Care symbols marking BELA29622
DSTU 1431-95 Woolen-spun wool yarns for selling to residential consumers. Specifications UKRA30399
DSTU 1681-96 Textile haberdashery piece-fabrics, woven and knitted. General technical specifications UKRA30417
DSTU 1982-97 Carpets and carpet products. General specifications. UKRA30434
DSTU 2020-91 Needlework. General specifications. UKRA30435
DSTU 2026-92 Synthetic unwoven stitched fabrics. Specifications. UKRA30441
DSTU 2066-92 Fancy yarn for knitting production. General specifications. UKRA30477
DSTU 2076-92 Knitted synthetic fur. Types. Equipment. Production process. Properties. Terms and definitions. UKRA30486
DSTU 2197-93 Decorative textile fabrics. Terms and definitions. UKRA30631
DSTU 2199-93 Carpets and carpet products. Terms and definitions. UKRA30633
DSTU 2201-93 Textile fabrics. Types. Defects. Terms and definitions. UKRA30635
DSTU 2319-93 Knitted fabrics. Types, knitting equipment, weaving. Terms and definitions. UKRA30763
DSTU 2461-94 Heating textile materials. Terms and definitions of basic concepts. UKRA30933
DSTU 2466-94 (GOST 30202-94) Textile materials for filtration of industrial aerosols. Method for determination of regenerative capability. UKRA30937
DSTU 2467-94 (GOST 30201-94) Textile materials for filtration of industrial aerosols. Method of determination of the dust mass concentration behind the filter. UKRA30938
DSTU 2468-94 (GOST 30203-94) Textile materials for filtration of industrial aerosols. Method for determination of electrostatic properties during operation. UKRA30939
DSTU 2476-94 (GOST 30200-94) Textile materials for filtration of industrial aerosols. Method for determination of wear resistance. UKRA30946
DSTU 2487-94 (GOST 26666.8-95) (ISO 6940:1984) Imitation knitted fur. Method for determination of pile surface inflammability UKRA30959
DSTU 2535-94 Cotton and mixed yarn for knitting and weaving production. General specifications. UKRA31016
DSTU 2724-94 (GOST 28367-94) Synthetic knitted fur. General specifications UKRA31195
DSTU 2914-94 Twist textile goods. Terms and definitions. UKRA31440
DSTU 2934-94 (GOST 30236-95) Textile materials for filtration of industrial aerosols. General specifications. UKRA31464
DSTU 2948-94 Non-woven cloth. Technology and equipment. Terms and definitions. UKRA31479
DSTU 2994-95 Knitted fabrics. Methods for determination of crease resistance. UKRA31531
DSTU 2995-95 Chemical sewing threads. Method for elasticity determination. UKRA31532
DSTU 3028-95 (GOST 30276-95) Textile synthetic filter materials for sugar industry. General specifications UKRA31571
DSTU 3029-95 (GOST 30277-95) Synthetic bulky fabrics for technical use. General specifications UKRA31573
DSTU 3045-95 Knitted fabrics and knitwear, knit pile fabric. Classification and nomenclature of quality indicators. UKRA31592
DSTU 3046-95 Yarn. Classification and nomenclature of quality indicators. UKRA31593
DSTU 3047-95 Fabrics and piece textile fabric goods. Classification and nomenclature of quality indicators. UKRA31594
DSTU 3048-95 Textiles. Classification and nomenclature of quality indicators. UKRA31595
DSTU 3134-95 (GOST 30312-95) Heating textile materials. General specifications. UKRA31744
DSTU 3221-95 (GOST 30359-96) Synthetic high bulky fabrics. Determination of effective service life UKRA31886
DSTU 3222-95 (GOST 30358-96) Synthetic high bulky fabrics. Determination of compressive strength test UKRA31888
DSTU 3243-95 (GOST 26666.4-96) Knitted synthetic fur. Method of determination of water-repelling UKRA31912
DSTU 3672-97 (GOST 30568-98) Knitted fabrics and garments. Methods for determination of vapour permeability and moisture absorption UKRA32452
DSTU 3673-97 (GOST 30580-98) High-modulus inorganic and carbon threads. Method for determination of textile processability. UKRA32453
DSTU 3745-98 (GOST 30611-98) Knitted lining cloth. General specifications. UKRA32529
DSTU 3746-98 (GOST 30603-98) Textile filter materials for sugar industry. Method for evaluation of filtering capacity during operation. UKRA32530
DSTU 3802-98 Knitted synthetic fur. Method for determination of stability to dry-cleaning. UKRA32592
DSTU 3823-98 Knitted fabrics. Norms and quality evaluation methods. UKRA32612
DSTU 3977-2000 (GOST 30714-2000) Fire escape chutes. Method of the determination of safe service life. UKRA32761
DSTU 4024-2001 Consumer-type natural silk fabrics. General specifications. UKRA32810
DSTU 4039-2001 Textile materials. Method for determination of colour fastness to saliva. UKRA32825
DSTU 4040-2001 Technical textile products. Ageing evaluation method during operation. UKRA32826
DSTU 4057-2001 Textile materials. Method for identification of fibres. UKRA32844
DSTU 4067-2002 Textiles -- Tests for colour fastness -- Part A06: Instrumental determination of 1/1 standard depth of colour UKRA32854
DSTU 4155-2003 Fire protection. Textile materials. Flammability test method (IMO-Res. A. 471 (XII). NEQ) UKRA33001
DSTU 4271:2003 Rubber- or plastics-coated fabrics - Determination of tensile strength and elongation at break UKRA33125
DSTU 4272:2003 Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Part Z11: Evaluation of mottle of colorant dispersions UKRA33126
DSTU 4291:2004 Pure wool, wool and half-wool formal fabrics. General specifications. UKRA33146
DSTU 4292:2004 Pure wool, wool and semi wool fabrics. Assessment of quality. UKRA33147
DSTU 4299:2004 Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Part Z10: Determination of relative colour strength of dyes in solution UKRA33154
DSTU 4392-2:2005 Rubber- or plastic-coated fabrics. Determination of roll characteristics. Part 2. Methods for determination of total mass per unit area, mass per unit area of coating and mass per unit area of substrate UKRA33246
DSTU B A.1.1-18-94 Linoleum. Terms and definitions UKRA34300
DSTU CEN/TR 15019:2008 Geotextiles and geotextile-related products. On-site quality control UKRA34529
DSTU EN 1049-2:2004 Textiles - Woven fabrics - Construction - Methods of analysis - Part 2: Determination of number of threads per unit length (ISO 7211-2:1984 modified) UKRA34741
DSTU EN 12127:2009 Textiles - Fabrics - Determination of mass per unit area using small samples UKRA34801
DSTU EN 13255:2008 Geotextiles and geotextile-related products - Required characteristics for use in the construction of canals (consolidated version) UKRA35008
DSTU EN 13256:2006 Geotextiles and geotextile-related products - Characteristics required for use in the construction of tunnels and underground structures UKRA35009
DSTU EN 13257:2008 Geotextiles and geotextile-related products - Characteristics required for use in solid waste disposals (consolidated version) UKRA35010
DSTU EN 13362:2008 Geosynthetic Barriers - Characteristics required for use in the construction of canals UKRA35038
DSTU EN 13719:2005 Geotextiles and geotextile-related products - Determination of the long term protection efficiency of geotextiles in contact with geosynthetic barriers UKRA35102
DSTU EN 13758-1:2009 Textiles. Solar UV protective properties. Part 1. Method of test for apparel fabrics UKRA35113
DSTU EN 13758-2:2009 Textiles - Solar UV protective properties - Part 2: Classification and marking of apparel UKRA35114
DSTU EN 13893:2005 Resilient, laminate and textile floor coverings - Measurement of dynamic coefficient of friction on dry floor surfaces UKRA35153
DSTU EN 14030:2005 Geotextiles and geotextile-related products - Screening test method for determining the resistance to acid and alkaline liquids (ISO/TR 12960:1998, modified) UKRA35167
DSTU EN 14041:2009 Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings - Essential characteristics (consolidated version) UKRA35168
DSTU EN 14065:2009 Textiles - Laundry processed textiles - Biocontamination control system UKRA35172

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