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ST RK STB 1719-2011 Hollow porous ceramic blocks. Specification KAZA26315
GOST R 53496-2009 Whеat and rye dietetic bran. Specification RUSS55513
GOST R 51158-2009 Sparkling wines and sparkling pearl wines. General specification RUSS59389
GOST R 53207-2008 Cardboard for plain layers of corrugated cardboard. Specifications RUSS61679
GOST R 55652-2013 Fresh green onion. Specifications RUSS65173
GOST 10580-2006 Technological foundry equipment. General specifications RUSS68070
GOST 32899-2014 Butter with flavouring components. Specifications RUSS138816
GOST 32947-2014 Automobile roads of general use. Supports of stationary electric lighting. Technical requirements RUSS242825
GOST 22130-86 Steel Pipeline Parts Movable supports and suspensions Specifications RUSS15934
ST RK 2222-2012 Spectrometers. Specification KAZA23486
DSTU 3058-95 (GOST 7566-94) Metal products. Acceptance, marking, packing, transportation and storage UKRA31610
GOST 32200-2013 Product for reproduction. Sperm of rams. Specifications RUSS54773
GOST R 53796-2010 Milk fat replacer. Specifications RUSS60789
GOST R 54665-2011 Albuminous cheeses. Specifications RUSS63129
GOST R 54692-2011 Fresh broccoli. Specification RUSS64265
GOST R 55886-2013 Horse-radish. Specifications RUSS68059
GOST 32086-2013 Blended yarn from cotton, flax and chemical fibres. Specifications RUSS138588
GOST 3689-70 Accessories for vertical cylindrical strorace tank for pertoleum products RUSS244026
GOST 24334-2020 Power cables for non-stationary laying. General technical requirements RUSS380448
ST RK 142-97 Creams of cow milk. Requirements at state purchases. In substitution of RST KazSSR 142-81 KAZA22404
DSTU B V.2.7-121-2003 Asphalt fillers. Specifications. UKRA34404
GOST 32033-2012 Honey drinks. General specifications RUSS55262
GOST R 53495-2009 Flour for bodies nutrition. Specification RUSS57595
GOST R 55512-2013 Natural instant chicory. Specifications RUSS59776
DSTU 6047:2008 Walnut oil. Specifications. UKRA34061
GOST R 52970-2008 Butter with flavouring components. Specifications RUSS68323
GOST 32623-2014 Automatic tensioning devices of overhead contact line of railway. General specifications RUSS138624
ST RK 2303-2013 Sulfoammophosof Karatau phosphorites. Specification KAZA23568
GOST R 52973-2008 Mare's raw milk. Specifications RUSS52523
GOST 31591-2012 Gearmotors of general purposes. General specifications RUSS59046
GOST R 52622-2006 Dried vegetables. General specifications RUSS61654
GOST 31586-2012 Soft contact lenses. General specification RUSS64444
GOST 31227-2013 Food additives. Sodium citrates E331. General specifications RUSS67731
GOST 32786-2014 Fresh table grapes. Specifications RUSS138723
GOST 13799-2016 Canned fruit, vegetable and mushroom produce. Packing, marking, transportation and storage RUSS228728
GOST R 59837-2021 Beer drinks. General specifications RUSS428587
ST RK 2103-2011 Cognac distillate. Specification KAZA23371
ST RK ISO 4427-2004 Polyethylene pipes for water supply. Specification KAZA25711
GOST 22237-85 Cements. Packing, labelling, transport and storage RUSS53337
GOST R 52700-2006 Drinks with low quantity of alcohol. General specifications RUSS57513
GOST R 53589-2009 Kiwifruit for retail. Specification RUSS63062
GOST R 52897-2007 Glass jars food products of fishing industry. Specifications RUSS64134
GOST R 55870-2013 Figs fresh. Specifications RUSS67592
GOST 32777-2014 Food additives. Sodium benzoate E211. Specifications RUSS72390
GOST 33882-2016 Fresh mangoes. Specifications RUSS243290
DSTU 3583:2015 Food salt. General technical conditions UKRA342043
ST RK 1244-2004 Fresh hot bitter pepper. Specification. In substitution of RST KazSSR 367-79 KAZA22229
DSTU 2717:2006 Food concentrates. Aromatic spices for the first and second courses. General specifications. UKRA31187
GOST R 54636-2011 Products for reproduction. Сryopreserved semen of boars. Specifications RUSS54094
GOST 31767-2012 Adsorbed royal gelly. Specifications RUSS57034
GOST R 54492-2011 Mixed fodder for horses. General specifications RUSS59676
GOST R 55297-2012 Phosphate starch. Specification RUSS63484
GOST 32261-2013 Butter. Specifications RUSS66762
GOST 32778-2014 Food additives. Potassium benzoate E212. Specifications RUSS72267
GOST 55186-2012 Cross beams of rigid portals for overhead contact line of railway transport. General specifications RUSS139358
ST RK 2069-2010 Fermented-milk products. General specification. Put into effect in substitution of RST KazSSR 230-87, ST RK 982-95, ST RK 1337-2005, ST RK 1065-2002, ST RK 1100-2002, ST RK 1101-2002 KAZA23332
GOST R 52729-2007 Cryptocrystalline graphite. General specifications RUSS52519
GOST R 50714-94 Artificial leather for personal safety facilities. General specifications RUSS58396
GOST R 53404-2009 Food eggs (turkey, guinea-fowl, quail, ostrich). Specifications RUSS60779
GOST R 53901-2010 Feed oat. Specifications RUSS64194
GOST 32479-2013 Laundry detergents. General specifications RUSS67581
GOST R 55580-2013 Food additives. Ammonium carbonate E503. General specifications RUSS71346
GOST R 56211-2014 Uncured epoxy resins. Specification RUSS140045
GOST R 58358.2-2019 Basic supporting structures of the second level of electronic equipment. General specifications RUSS373685
ST RK 2041-2010 Shelled sunflower seeds, unshelled, roasted. General specifications KAZA23304
ST RK GOST R 53119-2010 Food additives - fermented milk natrium (natrium lactate) E325 - Specification KAZA24657
GOST R 51145-2009 Brandy distillates. Specifications RUSS52483
GOST R 52558-2006 Carbonized wines and carbonized perl wines. General specifications RUSS57499
GOST 31712-2012 Jams. General specifications RUSS62629
GOST 8808-2000 Maize oil. Specifications RUSS63930
GOST R 53421-2009 Salted cheeses. Specifications RUSS66238
GOST 18599-2001 Polyethylene pressure pipes. Specifications RUSS72104
GOST R 56820-2015 Fresh pears for industrial processing. Specifications RUSS140560
GOST 34307-2017 Citrus fruits. Technical conditions RUSS286859
GOST R 53803-2010 Copper rod for electrical purposes. Specifications RUSS21000
ST RK 976-94 Non-fat and fat cheeses for melting. Specification KAZA23869
GOST R 51272-2008 Ciders. General specifications RUSS52488
GOST 30470-97 The flag of the Commonwealth Independent States. Specifications RUSS56423
GOST R 53492-2009 Canned milk. Whey powders. Specifications RUSS59572
GOST R 53776-2010 Refined deodorized palm oil for food industry. General specifications RUSS63077
GOST R 54645-2011 Ring shaped crusts. General specifications RUSS66292
GOST 32747-2014 Food additives. Glucono-delta-lactone E575. Specifications RUSS72074
ST RK 2441-2014 Copper anode slime. Specification KAZA23650
GOST R 51159-98 Wine drinks. General specifications RUSS55420
GOST 32159-2013 Maize starch. General specifications RUSS59121
GOST R 53088-2008 Fresh leek for retail. Specifications RUSS61672
GOST 19116-2005 Fancy shoes. General specifications RUSS64673
GOST R 55905-2013 Fennel. Specifications RUSS68063
GOST 32873-2014 Sweet chestnuts. Specifications RUSS138791
GOST 24045-2016 Steel sheet clad-formed sections with trapezoidal corrugations for building specifications RUSS239792
GOST R 70019-2022 Welded steel pipes for water supply, wastewater disposal and heat supply networks. Specifications RUSS431827
ST RK 2104-2011 Kazakhstani cognac. Specification KAZA23372
ST RK ISO 4437-2004 Underground polyethylene pipes for supply of gas fuel. Metric series. Specification KAZA25712
GOST R 51279-99 Fruit wine distillate. Specifications RUSS53905
GOST 31935-2012 Wheat starch. Specifications RUSS59100
GOST R 53990-2010 Fresh table grapes. Specifications RUSS63094
GOST R 54464-2011 Malt beverages. General specifications RUSS64233
GOST 31806-2012 Frozen and cooled prepared baking mixes. General specifications RUSS67741
GOST 12504-2015 Concrete and reinforced concrete panels for internal walls of residential and civil buildings. General specifications RUSS138334
GOST 33930-2016 Sago. Specifications RUSS243325

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