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GOST 4097-78 Cans for motion-picture rawstock, magnetic tapes and film materials. Specifications RUSS54686
GOST R 50971-96 Traffic control devices. Road reflectors. General specification. Application rules RUSS54854
GOST 4907-81 Control spindle ends of electronic components. Types and basic dimensions RUSS54769
GOST 14861-91 Industrial packing. Types RUSS54799
GOST 22318-77 Printed circuit junction wires. Types, construction and dimensions, technical requirements RUSS54815
GOST 11016-93 School chairs. Types and functional dimensions RUSS54983
GOST 8867-89 Gauges for tool joints thread. Types. Basic dimensions and tolerances RUSS55360
GOST 8998-74 Lenses for telephone switchboards. Specifications RUSS55362
GOST 11098-75 Gauge callipers with reading arrangement. Specifications RUSS54985
GOST 18426-73 Taximeters automobile. General specification RUSS55065
GOST 2.850-75 Rock graphic documentation. Types and sets RUSS55090
GOST 22908-78 Dresser diamonds. Specifications RUSS55126
GOST 23800-79 Stand for control of technological parameters of die - casting. General technical specifications RUSS55136
GOST 24939-81 Gauges for parallel threads. Types RUSS55148
GOST 6476-80 Files for sharpening wood saws. Specifications RUSS55319
GOST 4046-80 Sine bars. Specifications RUSS55294
GOST 5332-75 Rollers and spacings of roll tables of rolling mills. General specifications RUSS55306
GOST 11196-74 Levels with micrometrical feed of ampule. Specifications RUSS56141
GOST 15164-78 Electroslag welding. Welded joints. Main types, design elements and dimensions RUSS55719
GOST R 52761-2007 Transport packagings for radioactive materials. Types and procedure of tests, acceptance regulations RUSS62996
GOST R 50914-96 Signal conversion equipment for simultaneous duplex data transmission on switched channels of general telephone network and unswitched voice frequency channels. Type and basic parameters RUSS62861
GOST R 51820-2001 Signal-conversion equipment for radio voice-frequency channels. Types, technical characteristics and parameters at the interface RUSS62924
GOST 9891-76 Electric and hydraulic capstans. Types, main parameters, technical requirements and acceptance rules RUSS63297
GOST 14291-83 Document liquidation machines. General specifications RUSS63324
GOST 23134-78 Head-dresses medical. Specifications RUSS63500
GOST 16555-75 Three-phase oil-filled hermetic power transformers. Specifications RUSS63532
GOST 29227-91 Laboratory glassware. Graduated pipettes. Part 1. General requirements RUSS63749
GOST 23350-98 Electronic hand and pocket watches. General specifications RUSS63671
GOST 30078.2-93 Harmonic gears. Types. Main parameters and dimensions RUSS53518
GOST 24832-81 Plain bearing bimetal bushes and thick wall bimetal shells. Types and basic dimensions RUSS53605
GOST 13330-77 Felt wicks and plates. Specifications RUSS53823
GOST 27374-87 Data transmissions system signal conversion modulus for telegraph channels. Types and basic parameters RUSS53880
GOST 26595-85 Face milling cutters with mechanically clamped indexable inserts. Types and basic dimensions RUSS53987
GOST 24833-81 Plain bearing bushes made from sintered material. Types and basic dimensions RUSS54018
GOST R 55433-2013 Turn blades for machining wood materials and plastics. Tapes and dimensions RUSS54034
GOST 7703-74 Signalling shapes of ship. Specifications RUSS54198
GOST 5584-75 Lever-toothed indicators graduated in 0,01 mm. Specifications RUSS54292
GOST 16714-71 Non-mechanized hand fire instruments. Specifications RUSS54408
GOST R 55857-2013 Quilts and bedspreads stitched with. Pillows. General specifications RUSS54608
GOST 27590-2005 House-tube water-watered heat supply systems. General specifications RUSS54533
GOST 21467-81 Vehicle airborne equipment shock absorbers. Types, main characteristics, dimensions and technical requirements RUSS54644
GOST R 52880-2007 Social service of the population. Types of establishments of social service of elderly age citizens and invalids RUSS61660
GOST R 52881-2007 Social service of the population. Types of establishments of social service of family and children RUSS61661
GOST R 53416-2009 Glass containers for medicines. General specifications RUSS61693
GOST 25671-83 Flat plug-in connectors. Types, construction and sizes RUSS61878
GOST 29132-91 Straight turning, undercutting and copying tool holders with indexable inserts. Types and dimensions RUSS61963
GOST 22780-93 Car axles for 1520 (1524) mm gauge main-line railways. Types, parameters and dimensions RUSS61994
GOST 18621-73 Qarded all woollen and half woollen yarn for knitting manufacture. Specifications RUSS62075
GOST 27936-88 Windows and balcony doors of wood aluminium for public buildings. Types and structure RUSS62530
GOST 5170-73 Repair kits for pneumatic tyres. Specifications RUSS62176
GOST 14333-79 Rubber working mills. General specifications RUSS62362
GOST 6876-79 Rasps. Technical conditions RUSS62720
GOST 7634-75 Radial multiple row short cylindrical roller bearings. Types and boundary dimensions RUSS62739
GOST 5875-77 Electric and hydraulic anchor gears. Types, main parameters, technical requirements and acceptance rules RUSS62705
GOST 23526-79 Single direction thrust roller bearings with cylindrical rollers. Types and dimensions RUSS63316
GOST R 50968-96 Gearmotors of general purpose. General standard specifications RUSS59376
GOST R 52420-2005 Base carrying mechanical structures. Systems of secondary power supplies. Types and basic dimensions RUSS59495
GOST R 51968-2002 Domestic vacuum flasks with glass fills. General specifications RUSS59461
GOST R 52898-2007 Glass bottles for food acetic acid and food vinegars. Specifications RUSS59531
GOST R 53866-2010 Crane rails. Specifications RUSS59611
GOST 10674-82 Tank cars of 1520 mm gauge main-line railways. General specifications RUSS60350
GOST 28919-91 Flange connections of wellhead equipment. Types, basic parameters and dimensions RUSS60031
GOST 9066-75 Studs for flanged connections with medium temperature 0 °C to 650 °C. Types and main dimensions RUSS60034
GOST 24174-80 Signal-conversion equipment /SCE/ for primary wideband channels. Types and basic parameters RUSS60234
GOST 3884-77 Contacts for electrical comutation apparates. Construction and dimensions RUSS60199
GOST 15623-84 Wooden cases for tools and accessories. Specifications RUSS60132
GOST 26059-89 Industrial robots. Pneumatic motors of actuating mechanisms. Types, basic parameters and mounting dimensions RUSS60135
GOST 11107-90 Artificial leather T, haberdashery. General specifications RUSS60158
GOST 16310-80 Welded joints of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride. Main types, design elements and dimensions RUSS60176
GOST 25373-82 Measuring lasers. Types, basic parameters and technical requirements RUSS60248
GOST 4267-78 Long-like roller chains for coveyors and elevators. Technical conditions RUSS60332
GOST 21998-76 35- and 16-mm test films with photographic recording. Type, basic parameters and dimensions RUSS60408
GOST 26612-85 Boring tools with clamped changeable inserts pressed from the top. Design and dimensions RUSS67477
GOST 13716-73 Slinging arrangements for vessels and apparatus. Specifications RUSS67649
GOST 17100-79 Caps for light sources. Specifications RUSS67654
GOST 21963-2002 Grinding wheels for cutting-off. Specifications RUSS67671
GOST 26272-98 Electronic-mechanical quartz hand and pocket watches. General specifications RUSS67697
GOST R 50736-95 Antenna-feeder devices of systems of land mobile radiocommunication. Types, basic parameters, technical requirements and methods of measurements RUSS67799
GOST 2.102-2013 Unified system for design documentation. Types and sets of design documentation RUSS67925
GOST R 12.4.290-2013 Occupational safety standards system. Special clothing to protect from oil and oil products. Technical requirements RUSS68036
GOST 3395-89 Ball and roller bearings. Types and constructional varieties RUSS67956
GOST 9372-80 Spools for ink ribbons of typewriters. Specifications RUSS55826
GOST 3899-81 Transducers with electric contacts for control of linear dimensions. Specifications RUSS55874
GOST 13.1.701-95 Reprography. Micrography. Test-charts for image quality control. Types. Methods of control RUSS56022
GOST 10958-78 Protective glasses for apparatus of general industrial application. Specifications RUSS56323
GOST 9070-75 Viscometers for determination of relative viscosity of paint and lacquer materials. Specifications RUSS56328
GOST 7286-81 Wooden T-squares. Specifications RUSS56362
GOST 2639-76 Motion-picture projectors for 35- and 70-mm films. Types. Basic technical data. Technical requirements RUSS56397
GOST 10698-80 Mica. Types, marks and basic parameters RUSS56519
GOST 11700-80 Two-line lubricating stations. Specifications RUSS56414
GOST 25904-83 Knitted sea singlets and vests for servicemen. General specifications RUSS56452
GOST 13708-86 Underwear for servicemen. Pants. Specifications RUSS56601
GOST 19105-79 Pleasure crafts-row boats and motor boats. Types, basic parameters and technical requirements RUSS56698
GOST 20798-75 Mutual inductance actual measures. General specifications RUSS56727
GOST 22018-84 Amperometric analysers for dissolved oxygen SSI. General technical requirements RUSS56756
GOST 28377-89 Powders for gasothermic spraying and depositing. Types RUSS56904
GOST R 12.4.288-2013 Occupational safety standards system. Clothes special for protection from water. Technical requirements RUSS65167
GOST 10377-78 Colorless glass for gas masks and goggles. Specifications RUSS65246
GOST 24734-81 Error control equipments. Types and basic parameters RUSS65318
GOST 25073-81 Ceramic base outdoor insulators for voltage over 1000 B. Types, main parameters and dimensions RUSS65322

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