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GOST 31785-2012 Semi-smoked meat sausages. Specifications RUSS69920
GOST R 53588-2009 Semi-smoked meat sausages. Specifications RUSS69695
GOST R 55334-2012 Meat and meat containing pate. Specifications RUSS67033
GOST R 55456-2013 Dry sausages. Specifications RUSS67876
GOST R 52196-2011 Cooked sausage items. Specifications RUSS71432
GOST R 53515-2009 Fried sausages. Specifications RUSS66245
GOST 34653-2020 Glass packaging. Neck whisk for vacuum sealing. Type 82 - standard RUSS380541
GOST R 55574-2013 Meat pate for child food. Specifications RUSS70130
GOST 31501-2012 Fried sausages. Specifications RUSS70248

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