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GOST 16730-71 Dried green peas RUSS15982
GOST 17472-72 Cabbage leaves or sweet peppers, stuffed with meat and rice RUSS15984
GOST 7975-68 Fresh pumpkins RUSS16013
GOST 7586-71 Dried white head cabbage. RUSS16212
GOST 7588-71 Dried carrots RUSS16213
GOST 7589-71 Dried red beet RUSS16214
GOST 13908-68 Fresh sweet pepper RUSS16362
GOST 16833-71 Kernel of walnut RUSS16373
GOST 16835-81 Filbert nut kernels RUSS16375
GOST 17649-72 Canned food. Beans or peas with bacon or pork fat in tomato sauce. Technical conditions RUSS16380
GOST 21715-76 Fresh quince RUSS16399
GOST 5531-70 Hazelnuts RUSS16507
GOST 13907-86 Fresh eggplants RUSS16684
GOST 15979-70 Canned beans RUSS16690
GOST 16731-71 Dried white roots of parsleys, celery and parsnip RUSS16693
GOST 20144-74 Canned cucumbers RUSS16710
GOST 2654-86 Canned food. Vegetable paste RUSS16743
GOST 26768-85 Fresh cabbage for retail sale RUSS16745
GOST 27569-87 Fresh garlic for retail RUSS16755
GOST 7587-71 Dried onion RUSS16820
GOST 7968-89 Fresh cauliflower RUSS16824
GOST 15877-70 Canned sweet corn RUSS16919
GOST 1683-71 Dried vegetables RUSS16923
GOST 21714-76 Fresh pears of early ripening RUSS16938
GOST 21832-76 Fresh apricots RUSS16941
GOST 21921-76 Fresh cherries RUSS16942
GOST 26766-85 Fresh edible beet for retail RUSS16961
GOST 26767-85 Fresh edible carrots for retail sale RUSS16962
GOST 27166-86 Fresh onion for retail RUSS16963
GOST 3858-73 Sauerkraut RUSS16981
GOST 7967-87 Fresh red cabbage RUSS17003
GOST 1016-90 Stuffed vegetables in tomato sauce RUSS17308
GOST 1725-85 Fresh tomatoes RUSS17344
GOST 18077-72 Canned fruit sauces RUSS17349
GOST 7180-73 Pickled cucumbers RUSS17474
GOST 26545-85 Fresh food potatoes for retail RUSS17645
GOST 7181-73 Pickled tomatoes RUSS17723
GOST 15842-90 Canned green peas RUSS17812
GOST 21713-76 Fresh pears of late ripening terms RUSS17828
GOST 7231-90 Canned tomatoes RUSS18035
GOST 18611-73 Sliced vegetables in tomato sauce RUSS18133
GOST 21920-76 Fresh large-fruited plums and cherry-plums RUSS18149
GOST 3343-89 Concentrated tomato products RUSS18204
GOST 12161-88 Canned fish with vegetables in tomato sauce RUSS18311
GOST 1726-85 Fresh cucumbers RUSS18330
GOST 18224-72 Canned products. Main lunch courses RUSS18335
GOST 25896-83 Fresh table grapes RUSS18373
GOST 28649-90 Vinegar pickled and boiled mushrooms RUSS18641
GOST 1633-73 Vegetable pickles RUSS18847
GOST 18316-95 First course lunch dishes RUSS19035
GOST 16440-89 Vegetable, vegetable and fruit and vegetable and meat canned baby food RUSS19826
ST RK 1423-2005 Processed fruits and vegetables. Method for fat determination KAZA22398
ST RK 2040-2010 Vegetables, feeds and live-stock products Determination of organo-mercurial pesticides by chromatographic methods KAZA23303
ST RK 3.63-2010 State system of technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Conformity assessment. Guidelines for compliance conformity of fruits, vegetables and products of its processing. Put into effect in substitution of ST RK 1.63-2006 KAZA23709
ST RK ISO 9719-2008 Root plants. Cold storage and transportation in a refrigerator KAZA26007
STB 1054-2012 Radiation monitoring. Sampling of fruits and vegetables. General requirements BELA26591
STB 1055-2012 Radiation monitoring. Sampling of potatoes and root crops. General requirements BELA26592
DSTU 1275-95 Canned food. Vegetable pate with mushrooms. Specifications UKRA30393
DSTU 1361-95 Canned food. Appetizer 'lubitelska'. Specifications UKRA30397
DSTU 1915-91 Fresh brussels sprouts. Specifications. UKRA30428
DSTU 1916-91 Fresh kohlrabi. Specifications. UKRA30429
DSTU 1919-91 Fresh estragon. Specifications. UKRA30430
DSTU 1920-91 Fresh horse radish leaves. Specifications. UKRA30431
DSTU 2074-92 Vegetable and fruit products. Terms and definitions. UKRA30485
DSTU 2117-93 Vegetable and fruit products. Method for determination of vitamin PP. UKRA30530
DSTU 2118-93 (GOST 17471-93) Tomato-sauces. Specifications UKRA30531
DSTU 2175-93 Vegetables. Terms and definitions. UKRA30584
DSTU 2176-93 Melons and gourds. Terms and definitions. UKRA30585
DSTU 2177-93 Root and tuber crops. Terms and definitions. UKRA30586
DSTU 2366-94 Fresh wine grape. Specifications. UKRA30814
DSTU 2438-94 (GOST 25896-94) Fresh table grapes. Specifications. UKRA30911
DSTU 2642-94 Fresh cilantro. Specifications. UKRA31127
DSTU 2659-94 Fresh sweet peppers. Specifications. UKRA31144
DSTU 2660-94 Fresh egg plants. Specifications. UKRA31145
DSTU 2789-94 Fresh fruit. Terms and definitions. UKRA31268
DSTU 286-91 Fresh young table carrots. Specifications UKRA31385
DSTU 289-91 Fresh celery roots. Specifications UKRA31416
DSTU 2905-94 (GOST 30287-95) Canned food. Diabetic jelly, preserves and jam. General specifications. UKRA31425
DSTU 290-91 Fresh summer and winter (black) radish. Specifications UKRA31432
DSTU 292-91 Fresh French beans. Specifications UKRA31455
DSTU 293-91 Fresh asparagus. Specifications UKRA31469
DSTU 294-91 Horse-radish roots. Specifications UKRA31480
DSTU 318-91 Fresh vegetable marrows. Specifications UKRA31848
DSTU 3190-95 Fresh food pumpkin. Technical specifications. UKRA31851
DSTU 3234-95 Fresh onion. Technical specifications. UKRA31902
DSTU 3280-95 Fresh cauliflower. Technical specifications. UKRA31974
DSTU 3352-96 Canned food. Pickled vegetables. Technical specifications. UKRA32101
DSTU 3353-96 Canned food. Canned fruit. Technical specifications. UKRA32102
DSTU 343-91 Fresh parsley roots. Specifications UKRA32208
DSTU 3660-97 (GOST 30555-98) Canned fruit for dietetic nutrition. Specifications. UKRA32441
DSTU 3695-98 (GOST 30579-98) Canned vegetables for dietetic nutrition. Specifications. UKRA32474
DSTU 3749-98 Canned food. Vegetable salads. Specifications. UKRA32533
DSTU 3751-98 (GOST 18611-98) Canned food. Sliced vegetables in tomato sauce. General specifications UKRA32535
DSTU 4084-2001 Homogenized preserved food for children. Specifications. UKRA32871
DSTU 4085-2001 Canned vegetables, vegetables and fruit, vegetable and meat for children. Specifications. UKRA32872
DSTU 4305:2004 Fruits, vegetables and derived products. Method for determination of carotin. UKRA33160
DSTU 4373:2005 Fruits, vegetables and derived products. Method for determination of polyphenols. UKRA33229
DSTU 4506:2005 Food potatoes for retail. Cultivation technology. General provisions. UKRA33388
DSTU 4636:2006 Canned food. Winter vegetable mix. Specifications. UKRA33517
DSTU 4637:2006 Preserved green. Specifications. UKRA33518

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