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DSTU 2175-93 Vegetables. Terms and definitions. UKRA30584
DSTU 4901:2007 Fast-frozen pureed vegetable semi-finished products. Specifications. UKRA33810
DSTU EEK OON DDP-10:2007 Decorticated and Decorticated Peeled Pistachio Nuts - UNECE Standard DF-10 Relating to the Marketing and Commercial Quality Control UKRA34564
DSTU ISO 6000-2002 Round-headed cabbage -- Storage in the open UKRA41241
RST USSR 359-84 Fresh raspberry. Specifications UKRA43513
GOST 1724-85 Fresh white head cabbage for supply and delivery. Specifications RUSS52194
GOST 4.458-86 Product-quality index system. Canned vegetables, fruits and berries. Index nomenclature RUSS63851
GOST 33485-2015 Fresh gooseberries. Specifications RUSS139184
MNS 6187:2010 Cultivated mushrooms (Agaricus spp. or Psalliota spp). General technical requirements MONG211684
GOST 33835-2016 Juice products. Methods of definition of citric acid RUSS243243
NAOP 1.8.10-5.73-82 Typical Safety Instructions and Industrial Sanitation for Juice Evaporator Apparatus UKRA349274
GOST 15877-70 Canned sweet corn RUSS16919
DSTU 4954:2008 Fruit and vegetable products. Methods for determination of sugars. UKRA33864
DSTU ISO 1991-2-2002 Vegetables -- Nomenclature -- Part 2: Second list UKRA40466
DSTU ISO 8683-2001 Lettuce -- Guide to precooling and refrigerated transport UKRA41870
GOST 26188-84 Fruit and vegetable products, meat and meat-vegetable cans. Method for determination of pH RUSS48340
GOST 27573-2013 Fresh pomegranates. Specifications RUSS60239
O'z DSt ISO 6478:2014 Peanuts. Technical specifications UZBE79055
O'z DSt ISO 23391:2015 Dried fruits of wild rose. Technical requirements and methods of testing UZBE209880
MNS 5228:2002 Determination of heavy metals, toxic and trace element's content in Canned plant (vegetable crops, orchard) products. Total reflection X-ray fluorescence method MONG215395
GOST V-1723-42 Fresh onion RUSS290471
DSTU 8057:2015 Canned food. Fruit and vegetable additives for the enrichment of baby food. Technical conditions UKRA342680
GOST 18077-72 Canned fruit sauces RUSS17349
DSTU 4925:2008 TINNED FOOD. KARPATIAN ROTUNDA. Specifications. UKRA33836
DSTU EEK OON FFV-27:2007 Peas. Supply plants and quality control UKRA34595
RST USSR 1242-88 Tinned food. Karpatian rotunda. Specifications. UKRA43121
GOST 16833-71 Kernel of walnut RUSS16373
DSTU 3280-95 Fresh cauliflower. Technical specifications. UKRA31974
DSTU 5047:2008 Canned food. Fruit and vegetables in water melon sauce. General specifications. UKRA33960
DSTU GOST 31038:2008 (ISO 6664:1983) Bilberries and blueberries. Guide to cold storage (GOST 31038-2002 (ISO 6664:1983. IDT)) UKRA38340
DSTU ISO 7558:2005 Guide to the prepacking of fruits and vegetables UKRA41659
GOST 21570-76 Holy-grass RUSS46946
GOST 12161-2006 Сanned fish with vegetables in tomato sauce. Specifications RUSS58671
GOST 18316-2013 Canned food. First dinner dishes. Specifications RUSS66466
ST SEV 4302-83 Fruits and Vegetables, Fresh. Terms and Definitions RUSS144689
MNS 0263:1982 Lettuce MONG213445
GOST 33261-2015 Vegetables, mushrooms and quick-frozen vegetable sets. General technical conditions RUSS286538
SanPiN of 12.03.2013 # 17 Sanitary norms and rules "Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for organizations engaged in the production of canned fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, vegetables and potatoes, sauerkraut and salted vegetables" RUSS366204
GOST 25896-83 Fresh table grapes RUSS18373
DSTU 7033:2009 Fresh red beet. Specifications. UKRA34150
DSTU ISO 6633-2001 Fruits, vegetables and derived products -- Determination of lead content -- Flameless atomic absorption spectrometric method UKRA41402
RST USSR 1884-91 Canned food. Marinaded fired peppers. Specifications. UKRA43391
GOST 28467-90 Products of fruits and vegetables processing. Method for determination of benzoic acid content RUSS51665
GOST 17471-2013 Canned food. Vegetable sauces. General specifications RUSS64969
ST SEV 4308-83 Fresh apricots RUSS169571
O'z DSt ISO 873:2010 Peaches. Guide to cold storage. UZBE209916
MNS CAC 85:1996 Back to Greenhouse. Technical Requirements a MONG220311
OST KZ SNK 5429/7 Fresh sorrel RUSS303672
GOST 7975-68 Fresh pumpkins RUSS16013
DSTU 1915-91 Fresh brussels sprouts. Specifications. UKRA30428
DSTU 4958:2008 Fruits, vegetables and derived products. Methods for determination of sorbic acid. UKRA33868
DSTU ISO 4186-2002 Asparagus -- Guide to storage UKRA40915
RST USSR 1656-91 Marmalade bars "vostok" and "sever". Specifications. UKRA43262
GOST 27569-87 Fresh garlic for retail RUSS16755
DSTU 4305:2004 Fruits, vegetables and derived products. Method for determination of carotin. UKRA33160
DSTU 7022:2009 Fresh gooseberry. Specifications. UKRA34139
DSTU ISO 2447:2004 Fruit and vegetable products -- Determination of tin content UKRA40598
RST USSR 1551-84 Fresh tomatoes for industrial processing. Specifications. UKRA43213
GOST 26832-86 Fresh potates for producing food products. Specifications RUSS49204
GOST R 52622-2006 Dried vegetables. General specifications RUSS61654
O'z DSt ISO 7702:2013 Dried Pears. Specification and test methods UZBE79077
GOST 26671-2014 Processed fruit and vegetables, canned meat and cereal. Preparation of samples for laboratory analysis RUSS208515
MNS ISO 5566:2007 Turmeric. Determination of coloring power. spectrophotometric method MONG214767
DSTU 8008:2015 Canned food. Dessert salads. Technical conditions UKRA342651
GOST 17472-72 Cabbage leaves or sweet peppers, stuffed with meat and rice RUSS15984
ST RK 2040-2010 Vegetables, feeds and live-stock products Determination of organo-mercurial pesticides by chromatographic methods KAZA23303
DSTU EEK OON FFV-35:2007 Wild strawberries. Supply plants and quality control UKRA34600
DSTU ISO 7466-2001 Fruit and vegetable products -- Determination of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) content UKRA41638
RST USSR 317-91 Fresh patissons. Specifications UKRA43510
GOST 1721-85 Fresh food garden carrot for supply and delivery. Specifications RUSS53602
GOST R 54970-2012 Food processing machinery. Centrifugal devices for drying vegetables and fruits. Safety and hygiene requirements RUSS71935
GOST 17649-2014 Preserves. Beans or peas with bacon or pork fat in a tomato sauce. General specifications RUSS208411
MNS 0262:1982 Potato and vegetable. Packaging and transportation MONG213106
GOST 1724-54 Fresh cabbage RUSS233480
OST KZ SNK 8251/237 Fresh white cabbage harvested (winter storage) RUSS303722
GOST 15979-70 Canned beans RUSS16690
DSTU 2176-93 Melons and gourds. Terms and definitions. UKRA30585
DSTU 6090:2009 Concentrated semi-finished products. Fruit and vegetable flavours. Specifications. UKRA34104
DSTU ISO 7560-2002 Cucumbers -- Storage and refrigerated transport UKRA41660
RST USSR 1894-91 Fresh wild-growing apples. Specifications. UKRA43398
GOST 17649-72 Canned food. Beans or peas with bacon or pork fat in tomato sauce. Technical conditions RUSS16380
DSTU 3695-98 (GOST 30579-98) Canned vegetables for dietetic nutrition. Specifications. UKRA32474
DSTU 6075:2009 Candied fruit. Specifications. UKRA34089
DSTU ISO 2173:2007 Fruit and vegetable products -- Determination of soluble solids -- Refractometric method UKRA40530
DSTU ISO 7922-2001 Leeks -- Guide to cold storage and refrigerated transport UKRA41723
GOST 13340.2-77 Dried vegetables. Methods of determination of metal impurities and pests of cereal stocks RUSS49093
GOST R 53036-2008 Sugar beet. Test methods RUSS60761
GOST 31853-2012 Fresh artichokes for retail. Specification RUSS67620
ST SEV 4305-83 Fresh strawberries RUSS169568
MNS ISO 7560:2003 Cucumber. Storage and refrigerated transport MONG214756
OST KZ SNK 8193/233 Onion fresh food. Stockpiled RUSS303718
GOST ISO 5519-2019 Fruits, vegetables and their processed products. Determination of sorbic acid content by spectrophotometric method RUSS376168
GOST 28649-90 Vinegar pickled and boiled mushrooms RUSS18641
DSTU EEK OON DF-16:2007 Dried apples. Supply plants and quality control UKRA34568
DSTU ISO 6636-1:2007 Fruits, vegetables and derived products -- Determination of zinc content -- Part 1: Polarographic method UKRA41405
RST USSR 2003-90 Fresh crambe. Specifications. UKRA43477
GOST ISO 750-2013 Fruit and vegetable products. Determination of titratable acidity RUSS52466
GOST 29270-95 Fruit and vegetable products. Methods for determination of nitrates RUSS68613
ST SEV 4309-83 Sweet pepper, fresh RUSS169572
MNS 0358-0:1989 Method analysis and sampling, preparation for testing, determination of component part of canned vegetables MONG212938

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