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GOST 3077-80 Two lay rope type ЛК-О construction 6x19 (1+9+9)+1 o.с. Dimensions RUSS60043
GOST 3069-80 Two lay rope type ЛК-О construction 6x7 (1+6)+1 o.с. Dimensions RUSS60218
GOST 3066-80 Two lay rope type ЛК-О construction 6x7 (1+6)+1x7 (1+6). Dimensions RUSS60095
GOST 1668-73 Steel zinc-coated wire for aerial lines RUSS18328
GOST 26366-84 Brass-plated steel wire for base rings of tires RUSS18518
GOST 2172-80 Aviation steel ropes RUSS18618
GOST 8803-89 Round finer wire made of precision alloys with high electrical resistivity for resistive elements RUSS18666
GOST 9389-75 Carbon steel spring wire RUSS18801
GOST 7668-80 Two lay rope type ЛК-РО construction 6x36(1+7+7/7+14)+1 o.с. Dimensions RUSS67532
GOST 18834-83 Magnetic wire for recording harmonic signals RUSS18725
GOST 2715-75 Metal wire screens. Types, basic parameters and dimensions RUSS18756
GOST 3241-91 Steel ropes RUSS19240
GOST 7372-79 Steel wire for ropes RUSS19311
GOST 12766.1-90 High electrical resistant wire made of precision alloys RUSS19392
GOST 14311-85 Steel cord RUSS19512
GOST 3070-88 Two lay steel rope type ТК construction 6x19 (1+6+12)+1 o.с. Dimensions RUSS49269
GOST 2771-81 Cold-drawn round wire. Gauge RUSS49593
GOST 3071-88 Two lay steel rope type ТК construction 6x37 (1+6+12+18)+1 o.с. Dimensions RUSS49894
GOST R ISO 1140-2014 Fibre ropes. 3-, 4-, 8-and 12-strand polyamide ropes. General specifications RUSS289190
GOST R ISO 1141-2014 Fibre ropes. 3-, 4-, 8-and 12-strand polyester ropes. General specifications RUSS289191
GOST R ISO 1346-2014 Fibre ropes. Polypropylene split film, monofilament and multifilament (PP2) and polypropylene high tenacity multifilament (PP3) – 3-,4-,8- and 12-strand ropes. General specifications RUSS289251
GOST R ISO 2307-2014 Fibre ropes. Methods for determination of certain physical and mechanical properties RUSS289467
GOST 3089-80 Three lay rope type ЛК-Р construction 6x7x19 (1+6+6/6)+1 o.с. Dimensions RUSS56188
GOST 7667-80 Two lay rope type ЛК-3 construction 6x25(1+6; 6+12)+7x7(1+6). Dimensions RUSS56214
GOST 3083-80 Two lay rope type ЛК-O construction 6x30 (0+15+15)+7 o.с. Dimensions RUSS56484
GOST 29121-91 Carbon steel wire for elevator ropes RUSS16198
GOST 6750-75 Copper nails for shipbuilding RUSS16209
GOST 9870-61 Zinc-coated nail wire for asbestos cement roofing RUSS16223
GOST 13603-89 Twisted wire nettings with hexagonal meshes RUSS16361
GOST 13840-68 Reinforced steel wire ropes 1x7 RUSS17108
GOST 3088-80 Two lay polystranded rope type ЛК-Р construction 18x19 (1+6+6/6)+1 o.с. Dimensions RUSS65815
GOST 15892-70 Steel zinc-coated bind wire for aerial communication lines RUSS16366
GOST 6727-80 Cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire for reinforced concrete. Specifications RUSS16599
GOST 17305-91 Wire of carbon construction steel RUSS16926
GOST 5437-85 Reed wire RUSS16992
GOST 9074-85 Joined by pins slot cloths RUSS19644
GOST 1579-93 Wire. Bend test method RUSS54641
GOST 14954-80 Two lay rope type ЛK-P construction 6x19(1+6+6/6)+7x7(1+6). Dimensions RUSS61951
GOST 3085-80 Trihedral stranded two lay rope construction 6x30 (6+12+12)+1 o.с. Dimensions RUSS44810
GOST 4030-63 Roofing nails. Construction and dimensions RUSS44776
GOST 4033-63 Round coat nails. Construction and dimensions RUSS44811
GOST 4029-63 Round roofing felt nails. Construction and dimensions RUSS44920
GOST 4032-63 Round finishing nails. Construction and dimensions RUSS44984
GOST 4035-63 Round moulding nails.Construction and dimensions RUSS45148
GOST 7665-80 Two lay rope type ЛK-3 construction 6x25(1+6; 6+12)+1 o.с. Dimensions RUSS51907
GOST 2688-80 Two lay rope type ЛК-Р construction 6x19 (1+6+6/6)+1 o.c. Dimensions RUSS65104
GOST 18899-73 Steel wire ropes. Locked conveying wire ropes. Specifications RUSS65136
GOST 3062-80 One lay rope type ЛК-О construction 1x7 (1+6). Dimensions RUSS61087
GOST 3079-80 Two lay rope type ТЛК-О construction 6x37 (1+6+15+15)+1 o.с. Dimensions RUSS61230
GOST 3090-73 Steel wire ropes. Locked conveying wire rope with one layer of Z-wire and type ТК cope. Dimensions RUSS45935
GOST 3120-75 Steel wire rofes for aircraft. The tecnigie of preelongation RUSS46054
GOST 7675-73 Steel wire ropes. Locked conveying wire rope with one layer of V-shaped wire, one layer of Z-wire and type ТК cope. Dimensions RUSS46199
GOST 4034-63 Round box nails. Construction and dimensions RUSS46377
GOST 18901-73 Steel wire ropes. Locked conveying wire rope with two layers of Z-wire and type TK core. Dimensions RUSS46382
GOST 3091-80 Flat rope construction 8x4x7 (1+6). Dimensions RUSS47237
GOST 16828-81 Two lay multistrand low-twisting rope type ЛK-O and ЛK-P construction 12x7(1+6)+6x19(1+6+6/6)+1 o.c. Gauge RUSS50000
GOST 28334-89 Steel wire and ropes for reinforcement of prestressed concrete constructions. Method of relaxation test at constant deformation RUSS50141
GOST 1545-80 Wire. Torsion test method RUSS50762
GOST 3068-88 Two lay steel rope type ТК construction 6x37 (1+6+12+18)+1x37 (1+6+12+18). Dimensions RUSS50919
GOST 7681-80 Two lay polystranded rope ЛК-О construction 18x7 (1+6)+1 o.с. Dimensions RUSS58524
GOST 3081-80 Two lay rope type LK-O construction 6x19(1+9+9)+7x7(1+6). Dimensions RUSS58476
GOST 7669-80 Two lay rope type ЛК-РО construction 6x36(1+7+7/7+14)+7x7(1+6). Dimensions RUSS67189
GOST 3110-74 Steel spoke wire RUSS17194
GOST 3339-74 Woven wire screen "(No Suggestions)" RUSS17195
GOST 3822-79 Bimetallic steel-copper wire RUSS17196
GOST 4727-83 Bearing wire RUSS17199
GOST 792-67 Quality low-carbon wire RUSS17219
GOST 11850-72 Steel wire for spring washers RUSS17800
GOST 1526-81 Steel zinc-coated wire for electrical lead and cable armoring RUSS17334
GOST 16135-70 Steel wire for calculating devices RUSS17336
GOST 23279-85 Welded reinforcing meshes for reinforced concrete structures and products. General specifications RUSS17378
GOST 2333-80 Steel wire. Types RUSS17379
GOST 3187-76 Wire gauze net for filtration RUSS17439
GOST 3826-82 Wire cloth nets with square mesh. Specifications RUSS17442
GOST 5336-80 Single woven steel grids RUSS17463
GOST 5468-88 Needle wire RUSS17464
GOST 5663-79 Carbon steel wire for cold upsetting RUSS17466
GOST 9124-85 Binding tin-coated steel wire RUSS17498
GOST 10505-76 Locked-coil hoisting steel wire ropes RUSS17551
GOST 3193-74 Steel rolled up soldered double-layer tubes RUSS18202
GOST 9161-85 Harness wire RUSS17499
GOST 14963-78 Doped steel spring wire RUSS17582
GOST 18143-72 Corrosion resistant RUSS17599
GOST 3306-88 Square mesh screens made of corrugated steel wire RUSS17677
GOST 3920-70 Tinned steel cable wire RUSS17679
GOST 283-75 Wire nails RUSS17854
GOST 3875-83 Steel card wire RUSS17859
GOST 7348-81 Carbon steel wire for reinforcement of prestressed concrete constructions. Specifications RUSS17873
GOST 7480-73 Polygraphic wire RUSS17874
GOST 10506-76 Enclosed steel lifting ropes RUSS17946
GOST 285-69 Monobasic corrugated barbed wire RUSS18010
GOST 14118-85 Wire made of precision alloys, designed for elastic elements RUSS18116
GOST 15598-70 Piano steel wire RUSS18119
GOST 6613-86 Square meshed woven wire gauzes RUSS18230
GOST 8478-81 Welded meshes for reinforced concrete structures. Specifications RUSS18242
GOST 1071-81 Heat treated steel spring wire RUSS18299
GOST 9850-72 Zinc-coated steel core wire RUSS18985
GOST 3282-74 General-purpose low-carbon steel wire. Specifications RUSS20942
GOST 4028-63 Building nails. Construction and dimensions RUSS48038
GOST 2387-80 Steel ropes. Method endurance tester RUSS48125

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