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GOST 28577.2-90 Petroleum products. Fuels (class F). Classification. Part 2. Categories of gas turbine fuels for industrial and marine applications RUSS15730
GOST 9144-79 Engine Fuels. Method for determination of thermal stability in static conditions RUSS15755
GOST 25950-83 Jet aircraft fuel with antistatic additive. Method for determination of specific conductivity. RUSS15789
GOST 10433-75 Fuel oil for gas-turbine plants. Specifications RUSS15916
GOST 305-82 Diesel fuel. Specifications RUSS15921
GOST 11802-88 Jet fuel method of test for determination of thermal-oxidative stability under static condition RUSS15961
GOST 1667-68 Motor fuel for medium- and low-speed diesel engines RUSS16371
GOST 25784-83 Petroleum fuel of gas turbines fuels. Determination content of sodium, potassium and calcium RUSS16632
GOST 12308-89 Thermo stable t-6 and t-8b fuels RUSS17803
GOST 17323-71 Engine fuel. Determination of mercaptan and hydrogen sulphide sulphur content by pontentiometric titration RUSS17929
GOST 1012-72 Aviation petrol RUSS17941
GOST 3122-67 Diesel fuel Method for determination of cetane index RUSS18063
GOST 10227-86 Jet fuels RUSS18296
GOST 10585-75 Black oil fuel RUSS18298
GOST 2084-77 Mobile gasoline Specifications RUSS19220
GOST 12337-84 Motor oils for diesel engines RUSS19884
GOST 5066-91 Motor fuels. Methods for determination of cloud, chilling and freezing points RUSS20947
GOST ISO 20846-2012 Petroleum products. Determination of sulfur content by ultraviolet fluorescence method RUSS21421
GOST 30557-98 Automobile gasolines. Method for the determination of particular and summarized content of aromatic hydrocarbons RUSS44357
GOST 31077-2002 Fuels for combustion engines. Unleaded gasoline Technical specifications. RUSS44390
GOST EN 15492-2013 Ethanol as a component of gasoline. Determination of content of non-organic chlorides and sulphates by the methods of ion chromatography RUSS44452
GOST EN 303-2-2013 Heating boilers. Part 2 Heating boilers with burners with combustion pump air supply . Special requirements to the boilers with fuel spray-type burners. RUSS44456
GOST 28577.3-90 Petroleum products. Fuels (class F). Classification. Part 3. Family L. Liquefied petroleum gases RUSS45865
GOST 2667-82 Light petroleum products. Method for determination of colour RUSS46671
GOST 28577.0-90 Petroleum products. Fuels (class F). Classification. Part 0. General RUSS46863
GOST 28577.1-90 Petroleum products. Fuels (class F). Classification. Part 1. Categories of marine fuels RUSS47236
GOST 20924-75 Automobile and aviation gasoline. Method for determination of colour intensity RUSS47360
GOST 8489-85 Motor fuel. Method for determination of existent gums (Budarov's) RUSS47951
GOST 27154-86 Jet fuels. Method of test for water reaction RUSS48171
GOST 7978-74 Gasoline solvents. Method for determination of tetraethyl lead presence RUSS48179
GOST 4806-79 Shale oil fuel. Specifications RUSS48377
GOST 12433-83 Standard isooctanes. Specifications RUSS48501
GOST 12525-85 Grade reference cetane. Specifications RUSS48502
GOST 17216-2001 Industrial cleanliness. Grades of liquids purity RUSS48574
GOST 26370-84 Automobile gasoline. Method of estimation of detonation strength distribution in regard to fractions RUSS49102
GOST 6667-75 Aviation gasoline. Period of stability method RUSS49140
GOST 27768-88 Diesel fuel. Determination of cetane index by calculation method RUSS49148
GOST 7423-55 Aviation petrols. Determination of paraoxydiphenylamine content RUSS49401
GOST 11065-90 Jet propulsion fuel. Method for the calculation of low specific heat of combustion RUSS49802
GOST 14298-79 Oil fuel for open-hearth furnaces. Specifications RUSS50458
GOST 19006-73 Motor fuel. Method for determination of the filtering factor RUSS50667
GOST 21103-75 Lets fuels. Method of test for naphthene soaps RUSS50754
GOST 25828-83 Standard n-heptane. Specifications RUSS51656
GOST 22054-76 Motor and aviation gasoline. Method for the evaluation of chemical stability RUSS51999
GOST 31871-2012 Motor and aviation gasolines. Determination of benzene by method of infrared spectroscopy RUSS52372
GOST 28781-90 Petroleum and petroleum products. Method for determination of saturated vapours pressure by mechanical dispersing RUSS52923
GOST 4095-75 Isooctane for industrial use. Specifications RUSS53138
GOST 18597-73 Motor fuel. Corrosion testing under water condensation conditions RUSS53157
GOST 17749-72 Jet fuel. Spectrophotometric method for the determination of bicycles aromatic (naphthalene hydrocarbons) content RUSS53183
GOST 18598-73 Jet fuel. Method of defining corroding activity RUSS54114
GOST 29040-91 Gasoline. Method of determination of benzene and total aromatics RUSS54478
GOST 13210-72 Benzenes. Determination of plumbum content by complexometric titration RUSS55954
GOST 1567-83 Motor fuel. Method for determination of existent gums RUSS56238
GOST 29064-91 Fuel oils for turbine and piston engines. Express-methods for quality control RUSS56930
GOST R 52068-2003 Gasolines. Method for determination of oxidation stability (induction period) RUSS57452
GOST R ISO 10307-1-2009 Petroleum products. Determination of total sediment in residual fuel oils. Part 1. Hot filtration method RUSS57808
GOST 1567-97 Petroleum products. Motor gasoline and aviation fuels. Determination of gum content by jet evaporation method RUSS58364
GOST 4338-91 Aviation turbine fuels. Determination of smoke point RUSS58562
GOST 6321-92 Engine fuels. Method for copper strip test RUSS58565
GOST 1012-2013 Aviation petrols. Specifications RUSS58629
GOST 10585-2013 Petroleum fuel. Mazut. Specifications RUSS58642
GOST 8226-82 Fuel for engines. Research method for determination of octane number RUSS59253
GOST R 54441-2011 Heating boilers. Part 2. Heating boilers with forced draught burner. Special requirements for boilers with atomizing oil burners RUSS59667
GOST 32514-2013 Automotive gasolines. Photocolorimetric method of iron determination RUSS60085
GOST 17750-72 Jet fuel. Method for the determination luminometric number on the ПЛЧT instrument RUSS60284
GOST 17751-79 Jet fuel. Method of test for thermal oxidation stability under dynamic conditions RUSS61081
GOST 28828-90 Benzenes. Method for determination of plumbum RUSS61172
GOST 22055-76 Motor gasoline. Method for evaluation of gasoline ability to vapour lock formation RUSS61254
GOST 12308-2013 Thermostable fuels T-6 and T-8B for jet engines. Specifications RUSS61335
GOST R ISO 3734-2009 Petroleum products. Determination of water and sediment content in residual fuel oils by centrifuge method RUSS61827
GOST 32350-2013 Gasolines. Determination of lead by method of atomic absorption spectrometry RUSS61952
GOST 6073-75 Ethylated benzines. The methods for determination of the content of bromine and chlorine scavengers RUSS62045
GOST 305-2013 Diesel fuel. Specifications RUSS62584
GOST 32513-2013 Automotive fuels. Unleaded petrol. Specifications RUSS62665
GOST 3338-68 Aviation gasolines. Method for determination of performance number by rich mixture RUSS62667
GOST 22254-92 Diesel fuels. Cold filter method for determination of lowest filtering temperature RUSS63664
GOST ISO 3733-2013 Petroleum products and bituminous materials. Determination of water by distillation RUSS63969
GOST EN 12177-2013 Liquid petroleum products. Gasoline. Determination of benzene content by gas chromatography method RUSS64564
GOST 10227-2013 Jet fuels. Specifications RUSS64698
GOST R 52201-2004 Fuel motor ethanol for automotive spark-ignition engines. Benzanols. General technical requirements RUSS65190
GOST 31872-2012 Liquid petroleum products. Determination of hydrocarbon types by method of fluorescent indicator adsorption RUSS65373
GOST 32511-2013 Diesel fuel EURO. Specifications RUSS65384
GOST 4039-88 Automobile gasolines. Methods of test for induction period RUSS65393
GOST EN 12916-2012 Petroleum products. Determination of aromatic hydrocarbon types in middle distillates. High performance liquid chromatography method with refractive index detection RUSS65429
GOST 32510-2013 Marine fuels. Specifications RUSS66020
GOST 511-82 Fuel for engines. Motor method for determination of octane number RUSS66043
GOST ISO 12156-1-2012 Diesel fuel. Determination of lubricity by the HFRR-apparatus. Part 1. Test method RUSS66091
GOST 10373-75 Motor gasolines for car engines. Methods of knock jests RUSS66495
GOST 32338-2013 Gasolines. Determination of MTBE, ETBE, TAME, DIPE, methanol, ethanol and tert-butanol by method of infra-red spectroscopy RUSS67195
GOST 32340-2013 Petroleum products. Determination of knock characteristics of motor and aviation fuels. Motor method RUSS67749
GOST 32339-2013 Petroleum products. Determination of knock characteristics of motor fuels. Research method RUSS68200
GOST EN 116-2013 Diesel and domestic heating fuels. Test method of determination of plugging point RUSS69407
GOST R 53374-2009 Liquid - propellant rocket engines. General technical requirements for production and quality inspection during supply for use RUSS70390
GOST 10585-99 Oil fuel. Mazut. Specifications RUSS70919
GOST R 54820-2011 Heating boilers. Test code for heating boilers for atomizing oil burners RUSS71289
GOST R 52368-2005 Diesel fuel EVRO. Specifications RUSS71805
GOST 32507-2013 Motor gasolines and liquid hydrocarbon mixtures. Determination of individual and group hydrocarbon composition by capillary gas chromatography RUSS72739
GOST R 55682.8-2013 Water-tube boilers and auxiliary installations. Part 8. Requirements for firing systems for liquid and gaseous fuels for the boiler RUSS73280
GOST 8226-2015 Fuel for engines. Research method for determination of octane number RUSS139414
GOST 31390-2009 Oil products. Color definition method using ASTM grade RUSS208757

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