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GOST 34123.1-2017 Confectionery products. Methods for determining the mass fraction of fruit and vegetable raw materials. Part 1. Determination of the mass fraction of organic acids RUSS286711
GOST 34135-2017 Culinary products and semi-finished products chopped meat and meat-containing. Methods for determining the mass fraction of bread RUSS286722
GOST 34162-2017 Half-smoked sausage products. General technical conditions RUSS286749
GOST 34163.1-2017 Plastics Determination of the behavior of rigid plastics during breakdown under the influence of impact. Part 1. Non-instrumental method RUSS286750
GOST 34279-2017 Glass and glass products. Manufacturing technique. Terms and definitions RUSS286848
GOST 6563-2016 Technical articles made from noble metals and alloys. Specifications RUSS286916
GOST ED1 358-80 Pure wool and wool blend fabrics (mixed). Grade Definition RUSS286991
GOST ED1 5652-83 Pneumatic tires for motorcycles, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. Technical conditions RUSS286994
GOST ED1 9205-79 Cotton fabrics, mixed and made from chemical fiber yarn. Widths RUSS287011
GOST EN 13411-5-2015 End connections for steel wire ropes. Security. Part 5. U-shaped bolted wire clips RUSS287034
GOST IEC 62542-2016 Environmental standardization for electric and electronic products and systems. Glossary of terms RUSS287150
GOST ISO 10511-2016 Prevailing torque type hexagon thin nuts (with non-metallic insert) RUSS287171
GOST ISO 11050-2002 Wheat flour and durum wheat groats. Method for the determination of pollution of animal origin RUSS287183
GOST ISO 11135-2017 Sterilizatsiya meditsinskoj produktsii. Etilenoksid. Trebovaniya k razrabotke, validatsii i tekuschemu upravleniyu protsessom sterilizatsii meditsinskih izdelij RUSS287184
GOST ISO 13485-2017 Medical devices. Quality management systems. Requirements for regulatory purposes RUSS287210
GOST ISO 4948-1-2002 Unalloyed and alloyed steels. Chemical classification RUSS287301
GOST ISO 887-2014 Flat washers for general purpose bolts, screws and nuts. General provisions RUSS287351
GOST ISO 898-2-2015 Mechanical properties of fasteners made of carbon steel and alloy steel. Part 2. Nuts with specified property classes with coarse thread and fine pitch thread RUSS287355
GOST ISO 898-7-2015 Mechanical properties of fasteners. Part 7. Torsional test and minimum torques for bolts and screws with nominal diameters 1 mm to 10 mm RUSS287356
GOST ISO 8992-2015 Fasteners. General requirements for bolts, screws, studs and nuts RUSS287357
GOST R 15.013-2016 System of products development and launching into manufacture. Medical devices RUSS287455
GOST R 50433-92 Furniture for sitting and lying. General technical conditions RUSS287510
GOST R 51108-2016 Consumer services. Dry cleaning. General specifications RUSS287530
GOST R 52196-2017 Cooked meat sausage products. Specifications RUSS287558
GOST R 53223-2016 Chrysotile cement slabs for wall facing. Specifications RUSS287578
GOST R 53312-2009 Devices of protective shutdown. Fire safety requirements. Test methods RUSS287583
GOST R 53314-2009 Electronic products. Fire safety requirements. Test methods RUSS287584
GOST R 53318-2009 Light electric garlands. Fire safety requirements. Test methods RUSS287586
GOST R 53320-2009 Light fixtures. Fire safety requirements. Test methods RUSS287588
GOST R 54607.9-2016 Public catering services. Methods of laboratory quality control of products catering. Part 9. Microbiological tests RUSS287625
GOST R 56173-2014 Quality management systems for enterprises of aviation, aerospace and defence industries. Aerospace first article inspection requirement RUSS287669
GOST R 56206-2014 Polymer composites. Methods for assessing the fire hazard and fire limits RUSS287686
GOST R 56208-2014 Glassfibre. Silica fiber, materials and products based on it. Quality characteristics nomenclature RUSS287687
GOST R 56235-2014 Declaration and verification of airborne sound insulation values for sound insulators RUSS287708
GOST R 56240-2014 Copper. Spectral methods of impurity analysis RUSS287712
GOST R 56250-2014 Glassfiber. Silicafiber. Methods for determination of chemical composition RUSS287722
GOST R 56277-2014 Polymer composite pipes and fittings for intrafield pipelines. Specifications RUSS287749
GOST R 56281-2014 Aluminum alloy extruded large round tubes. Specifications RUSS287752
GOST R 56282-2014 Aluminum alloy extruded large solid sections. Specifications RUSS287753
GOST R 56283-2014 Threads textile. Method for determination of the breaking load in loop RUSS287754
GOST R 56284-2014 Artificial leather. Measuring method of tearing load and elongation of break RUSS287755
GOST R 56285-2014 Material textile many layers. General specifications RUSS287756
GOST R 56299-2014 Rolled products from bearing steel. Specifications RUSS287762
GOST R 56300-2014 Refractories and refractory raw materials. Methods of true density determination RUSS287763
GOST R 56304-2014 Refractory aggregates. Specifications RUSS287764
GOST R 56326-2017 Medical equipment. Multifunction patient monitoring equipment. Technical requirements for governmental purchases RUSS287784
GOST R 56328-2014 Medical equipment. Mobile complexes for medical purpose. General specifications and test methods RUSS287786
GOST R 56590-2016 Polyisocyanurate foam based thermal and sound insulation slabs. Specification RUSS287792
GOST R 56790-2015 Polymer composites. Method for determination of bearing strength and bypass strength of laminates connected to one another by two bolts RUSS287799
GOST R 56791-2015 Polymer composites. Determination of mechanical characteristics of shear of the inner layer of sandwich constructions by beam flexure RUSS287800
GOST R 56809-2015 Polymer composites. Method for determination of compressive strength parallel to the plane of sandwich constructions RUSS287805
GOST R 56910-2016 Roofing and hydraulic-insulating flexible polymeric (thermoplastic or elastomer) materials. Method for determination of resistance to liquid chemical, including water RUSS287851
GOST R 56918-2016 Textile. Test methods for nonwovens. Part 15. Determination of air permeability RUSS287859
GOST R 56927-2016 Pipes made of oriented unplasticized polyvinylchloride for water supply. Specifications RUSS287868
GOST R 56975-2016 Polymer composites. Appearance of glass-reinforced plastic laminate products RUSS287916
GOST R 56988-2016 Inflatable equipment. Technical sewing products. Envelopes. Requirements for manufacture RUSS287929
GOST R 57006-2016 Fiberglass-reinforced thermosetting plastic pipes and parts of pipelines. Test method for long-term specific ring creep stiffness and wet creep factor under wet conditions RUSS287946
GOST R 57008-2016 Fiberglass-reinforced thermosetting plastic pipes and parts of pipelines. Test method for long-term specific ring relaxation stiffness and relaxation factor under wet conditions RUSS287948
GOST R 57009-2016 Polymer composites. Test method for fracture strength in cleavage of adhesives in bonded joints RUSS287949
GOST R 57027-2016 Nonwoven thermobonded volume synthetic. General specifications RUSS287967
GOST R 57028-2016 Geosynthetics and geosynthetic-related products. Method for determination of thickness at specified pressures. Part 2. Determination of thickness of single layers of multilayer products RUSS287968
GOST R 57030-2016 Fiberglass-reinforced thermosetting plastic pipes and parts of pipelines. Test method for determination of the long-term ultimate bending strain and the long-term ultimate relative ring deflection under wet conditions RUSS287970
GOST R 57034-2016 Fiber-reinforced thermosetting plastics pipes and parts of pipelines. Determination of resistance to short-time hydraulic pressure of plastic pipes and fittings RUSS287974
GOST R 57035-2016 Fiberglass-reinforced thermosetting plastic pipes and parts of pipelines. Determination of resistance to cyclic internal pressure RUSS287975
GOST R 57041-2016 Polymer composites. Method of determination of the characteristics of flexural curved beams RUSS287981
GOST R 57047-2016 Polymer composites. Method for determination of the characteristics of fatigue resistance of laminates RUSS287987
GOST R 57049-2016 Polymer composites. Test method for shear fatigue of sandwich core materials RUSS287989
GOST R 57069-2016 Fiberglass-reinforced thermosetting plastic pipes and parts of pipelines. Methods for obtaining hydrostatic or pressure design basis RUSS288009
GOST R 57097-2016 Preservation of cultural heritage objects. Monuments of wooden architecture. General requirements for the production of construction works RUSS288037
GOST R 57125-2016 Aluminium alloy extruded products. Terms and definitions of defects RUSS288065
GOST R 57128-2016 Ferroalloys, metal chromium and metal manganese. General specifications RUSS288068
GOST R 57135-2016 Ferroalloys. Sampling and sample preparation for chemical analysis. Part 1. Ferrochromium, ferrosilicochromium, ferrosilicon, ferrosilicomanganese, feromanganese RUSS288075
GOST R 57141-2016 Ceramic granite plates. Specifications RUSS288081
GOST R 57143-2016 Polymer composites. Standard test method for tension-tension fatigue RUSS288083
GOST R 57156-2016 Phenolic foam with close cells for float. General technical requirements RUSS288096
GOST R 57158-2016 Timber structures. Test methods for dowel connections made with nails, screws, dowels and bolts RUSS288098
GOST R 57159-2016 Timber structures. Test method for pull-through resistance of timber fasteners RUSS288099
GOST R 57160-2016 Timber structures. Methods for cyclic testing of joints with mechanical fasteners RUSS288100
GOST R 57161-2016 Mechanical joints of timber structures. General principles for the determination of strength and deformation characteristics RUSS288101
GOST R 57176-2016 Timber structures. Test methods for withdrawal capacity of timber fasteners RUSS288116
GOST R 57182-2016 Timber structures. Method for determination of the yield moment of dowel type fasteners RUSS288122
GOST R 57183-2016 Timber structures. Test methods for determination of embedment strength and ratio foundation stiffness values for dowel type fasteners RUSS288123
GOST R 57203-2016 Phenolic impact-modified foam for finishing panels. General technical requirements RUSS288145
GOST R 57204-2016 Fabrics with rubber or plastic coating for aviation inflatable survival equipment. General technical requirements and test methods RUSS288146
GOST R 57214-2016 Glazing products for railway rolling stock. General specification RUSS288159
GOST R 57255-2016 Photo catalytic self-cleaning concrete. Specifications RUSS288200
GOST R 57263-2016 Fasteners for masonry. Specifications RUSS288208
GOST R 57264-2016 Fittings for horizontal joints of masonry. Method for adhesive strength determining RUSS288209
GOST R 57265-2016 Reinforcement mesh for masonry. Specifications RUSS288210
GOST R 57266-2016 Safes for storing drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors. Requirements, classification and test methods RUSS288211
GOST R 57274.2-2016 Sustainability of construction works. Part 2. Framework for the assessment of environmental performance RUSS288236
GOST R 57275-2016 Deposit boxes, blocks of deposit boxes and storage systems. Requirements, classification and test methods RUSS288239
GOST R 57289-2016 Masonry. Method of determination of initial shear strength RUSS288253
GOST R 57290-2016 Masonry. Method of determination of compressive strength RUSS288254
GOST R 57291-2016 Masonry. Method of determination of initial shear strength including damp proof cource RUSS288255
GOST R 57292-2016 Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures. Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components RUSS288256
GOST R 57293-2016 Common cement. Specifications RUSS288257
GOST R 57294-2016 Wall stones of rocks. Specifications RUSS288258
GOST R 57333-2016 Wall blocks made of concrete on the dense and porous fillers. Specifications RUSS288296
GOST R 57334-2016 Autoclaved aerated concrete masonry units. Specifications RUSS288297

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