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GOST R 50837.4-95 Residual fuel oils. Test for straight-run. Method for determination of xylene equivalent RUSS48295
GOST 10585-2013 Petroleum fuel. Mazut. Specifications RUSS58642
GOST R 8.786-2012 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Fuel oil mass. Measurement procedure in horizontal storage tanks by indirect method of static measurements. General metrological requirements RUSS66327
GOST R 55851-2013 Gas burners, gas/oil burner and pulverized solid fuel/gas burners of steam and hot-water boilers. Acceptance test. Basis requirements RUSS67311
GOST R 8.788-2012 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Mass of mazut. Measurement procedure in vertical storage tanks. General metrological requirements RUSS68371
GOST 10585-99 Oil fuel. Mazut. Specifications RUSS70919
GOST R 8.787-2012 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Mass of mazut. Measurement of the fuel oil mass in railway tanks. General metrological requirements RUSS71291
GOST 33755-2016 Diesel fuel and fuel oil. Determination of the limiting filterability temperature in a cold filter RUSS243151
RD 34.02.305-98 Methodic to determine total emissions of pollutants into atmosphere from thermal station boilers RUSS19647
RD 34.44.215-96 Methods for the Determination of Quality of Water-Fuel Oil Emulsions Used n the Form of Liquid Boiler Fuel RUSS146865
RD 34.44.208-94 Petroleum Fuel. Fuel Oil. Determination of Ash Composition RUSS148060
RD 153-34.1-11.354-2001 Recommended Practice for Design and Use of Special Orifice Devices for Measurement of Fuel Oil Consumption at Thermal Power Stations RUSS149067
RD 153-34.0-44.220-2000 Solid and Liquid Fuel. Determination of Heavy Metals (Microimpurities) by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry RUSS149917
RD 153-34.1-09.205-2001 Specified Quantity Allowances for Heat for Fuel Oil System of Thermal Power Stations RUSS149955
RD 153-34.1-35.108-2001 Technical Specifications for Design of Process Protective Means and Interlocks When Using Fuel Oil and Natural Gas in Boiler Plants in Compliance with Explosion Safety Requirements RUSS150807
SO 34.25.503-2003 Standards of minimum allowable loads for 150-1200 MW power units RUSS150354
STO 70238424. Fuel oil heaters. General technical conditions for major repairs. Standards and requirements RUSS170044
STO 70238424.27.100.033-2009 Liquid fuel economy of thermal power plants. Design conditions. Standards and requirements RUSS170074
STO 70238424.27.100.035-2009 Liquid fuel management. Reception, storage, preparation and supply of fuel oil to thermal power plants. Organization of operation and maintenance. Standards and requirements RUSS170076

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