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GOST 11504-73 Petroleum bitumen. Method for determination of diluent quality vaporized from liquid bitumen RUSS15634
GOST 11503-74 Petroleum bitumen. Method for the determination of viscosity RUSS15637
GOST 28025-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15702
GOST 11505-75 Petroleum bitumen. Method for determination of ductility RUSS15709
GOST 26378.3-84 Used petroleum products. Method for determination of relative viscosity RUSS15736
GOST 11506-73 Petroleum bitumen. The method of the determination of softening point by ring and ball RUSS15750
GOST 6370-83 Petroleum, petroleum products and additives Methods for determination of mechanical admixtures RUSS15778
GOST 10060.2-95 Concretes, rapid method for the determination of frost-resistance by repeated alternated freezing and thawing RUSS15792
GOST 28020-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15820
GOST 28021-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15821
GOST 28022-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15822
GOST 28023-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15823
GOST 28024-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15824
GOST 28026-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15825
GOST 23630.1-79 Plastics. Method for the determination of thermal capacity. RUSS15861
GOST 9757-90 Artificial porous gravel, crushed stone and sand artificially produced expanded/foamed gravel, crushed rock and sand]. Specifications RUSS15871
GOST 11955-82 Road petroleum liquid bitumen. Specifications RUSS15884
GOST 23630.2-79 Plastics. Method for the determination of thermal conductivity. RUSS15886
GOST 15879-70 Glass ruberoid. Specifications RUSS15900
GOST 11501-78 Petroleum bitumen. Method for determination of depth of penetrometer needle penetration RUSS15911
GOST 11507-78 Petroleum bitumen. Method for determination of brittle point RUSS15919
GOST 22245-90 Viscous petroleum road bitumens. Specification. RUSS15935
GOST 25607-94 Crushed stone-gravel-sandy mixtures for road and airfield surfacing and bases. Specifications RUSS15939
GOST 8736-93 Sand for construction works. Specifications RUSS15958
GOST 11802-88 Jet fuel method of test for determination of thermal-oxidative stability under static condition RUSS15961
GOST 9733.2-91 Textiles. Test method of color fastness to weather RUSS15966
GOST 24748-81 Heat insulation lime-siliceous products. Specification RUSS15970
GOST 24454-80 Sawn timbers of coniferous species RUSS15989
GOST 28027-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15997
GOST 28519-90 Surgical saws RUSS16002
GOST 23499-79 Sound-absorbing and sound-insulating building materials and products. Classification and general technical requirements RUSS16028
GOST 10296-79 Isol-hydroinsulating material. Specifications RUSS16071
GOST 4.212-80 Product-quality index system. Building. Concretes. Nomenclature of indices RUSS16121
GOST 11997-89 Vulcanizing hydraulic press RUSS16136
GOST 17479.0-85 Identification numbers of petroleum products RUSS16157
GOST 17479.2-85 Identification number of petroleum products RUSS16158
GOST 17479.3-85 Identification numbers of petroleum products RUSS16159
GOST 22296-89 Pulpwood for export RUSS16174
GOST 22950-95 Mineral wool slabs of higher rigidity on synthetic bond. Specifications RUSS16176
GOST 28615-90 Processed fruit wine stock RUSS16196
GOST 23735-79 Sandy-gravel mixtures for construction work. Specifications RUSS16231
GOST 26871-86 Alabaster binding materials. Acceptance rules. Packing, marking, acceptance, transportation and storage. RUSS16267
GOST 10052-75 Metal covered electrodes, for manual arc welding of high-alloyed steels with special properties. Types RUSS16276
GOST 25185-93 Ceramic ware in contact with food. Release of lead and cadmium. Method of test RUSS16292
GOST 16557-78 Mineral powder for asphaltic-mixtures. Technical requirements RUSS16298
GOST 10459-87 Base paper for gummed tape RUSS16331
GOST Automated and semiautomatic forging and press machines RUSS16340
GOST 15876-90 Gauges for products made from wood and wooden materials RUSS16365
GOST 16361-87 Saw dust RUSS16367
GOST 16977-71 Medical elastic bandages RUSS16376
GOST 21215-75 Electrical oxide insolating paper RUSS16397
GOST 21769-84 Tree verdure RUSS16400
GOST 21791-76 Мac-30nk synthetic oil RUSS16401
GOST 22299-76 Broad-leaved saw logs RUSS16402
GOST 23732-79 Water for concretes and mortars. Specifications RUSS16412
GOST 25137-82 Nonmetallic building materials, solid broken stone and sand made from industrial waste, porous aggregates for concrete RUSS16419
GOST 26246.10-89 Thin epoxy-impregnated glass fabric copper -clad electrical insulating material for printed circuit boards, general purpose RUSS16431
GOST 26246.11-89 Epoxy-impregnated glass cloth foil-clad electrical insulating material of standardized combustibility for printed circuit boards. RUSS16432
GOST 27420-87 Synthetic materials for bottom stock parts of footwear RUSS16447
GOST 28018-89 Adhesive tape for electrical insulation RUSS16454
GOST 28579.3.3-90 Solid mica electric insulating materials for the heating equipment RUSS16464
GOST 5775-85 Capacitor oil RUSS16510
GOST 9421-80 Flat container pasteboard RUSS16525
GOST 9467-75 Metal covered electrodes for manual arc welding of structural and heat-resistant steels. Types RUSS16526
GOST 30444-97 Building materials. Spread flame test method RUSS16545
GOST 9733.1-91 Textiles. Test method of color fastness RUSS16627
GOST 23949-80 Welding non-consumable tungsten electrodes specifications. RUSS16652
GOST 10289-79 Oil for marine gas turbines RUSS16662
GOST 15037-69 Grease for impregnating organic strand cores of wire rope RUSS16687
GOST 18320-78 Process sawdust for hydrolysis RUSS16699
GOST 20287-91 Petroleum products Method of test for flow point and pour point RUSS16713
GOST 21639.12-87 Fluxes for electroslag remelting RUSS16721
GOST 22297-76 Pit props made of softwood RUSS16722
GOST 22298-76 Coniferous saw logs for export. Technical requirements RUSS16723
GOST 26214-84 Production from wood and timber-based materials RUSS16738
GOST 26474-85 Drill bits and core bits RUSS16742
GOST 4.224-83 System of product quality indexes. Construction. Quality ratings system. List of characteristics RUSS16785
GOST 5244-79 Wood chips RUSS16800
GOST 6617-76 Petroleum construction bitumen RUSS16809
GOST 8273-75 Packing paper RUSS16828
GOST 9812-74 Petroleum insulating bitumen RUSS16835
GOST 24211-2003 Additives for concretes and mortars. General specifications RUSS16842
GOST 17380-2001 Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings. General specifications RUSS16860
GOST 9573-96 Thermal insulating plates of mineral wool on synthetic binder. Specifications RUSS16862
GOST 8267-93 Crushed stone and gravel of solid rocks for construction works. Specifications RUSS16864
GOST 12019-66 Plastics. Preparation of test specimens from thermoplasts. General requirements RUSS16868
GOST 30108-94 Building materials and elements. Determination of specific activity of natural radioactive nuclei RUSS16873
GOST 10396-84 Crepe cable paper RUSS16891
GOST 12261-87 Afk additive RUSS16907
GOST 14710-78 Petroleum toluene RUSS16918
GOST 1760-86 Greaseproof paper RUSS16928
GOST 1861-73 Compressor oils RUSS16929
GOST 21743-76 Aviation oils RUSS16939
GOST 23464-79 Cements classification RUSS16946
GOST 32-74 Turbine oils RUSS16976
GOST 4.211-80 Rock building materials and porous aggregates for concrete RUSS16982
GOST 515-77 Bitumized and tarred packaging paper RUSS16990
GOST 781-78 Bitumen oil high-melting softener RUSS17001
GOST 7936-76 Thickened clock oil PS-4 RUSS17002
GOST 8771-76 Petroleum bitumen for filling accumulator mastics RUSS17006

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