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GOST R 55253-2012 Air transport. Non-destructive testing of aircraft. Requirements for the application, organization and performance of test RUSS59754
GOST 8.612-2012 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Management and procedure of internal metrological surveillance of the enterprises with hazardous industrial objects RUSS60457
GOST R 8.884-2015 State system of assurance of measurement uniformity. Metrological supervision performed by the metrological services of legal entities. General principles RUSS140669
RD SMN 01-2015 Procedure for organizing the system for assessing and confirming competence of metrological services of legal entities with regard to implementation of internal metrological supervision RUSS304958
PR 50.2.009-94 The testing and approval procedure for the measurement instrumentation RUSS18283
PR 50.2.003-94 National Measurement Standards. Procedure for Government Metrological Supervision of Quantity of Goods Disposed of During Trading Transactions RUSS147274
PR 50.2.002-94 Procedure for Government Metrological Inspection of the Manufacturing, Condition, and Application of Measuring Devices Certified Using Measurement Procedures, Standards, and Compliance with Metrological Standards and Codes RUSS148704
PR 50.2.024-2001 State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. The procedure for the implementation of state metrological supervision of the release, condition and use of measuring instruments, measurement procedures, standards and compliance with metrological rules and regulations in the nuclear weapons complex of the Ministry of Atomic Energy RUSS162779
R 50.2.005-2000 State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Metrological supervision of the production and use of standard samples. Work content during inspections RUSS163164
R 50.2.095-2015 State system of assurance of measurement uniformity. Requirements to metrological services of legal entities providing metrological supervision RUSS304256

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