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GOST 30782-2001 Toys. General safety requirements and Test methods. Graphical symbol for age warning labeling RUSS15638
GOST 21958-76 Man-machine system. Operator's rooms and cabins. General ergonomic requirements for operators relative position RUSS15643
GOST 9617-76 Vessels and apparatus. Series of diameters. RUSS15649
GOST Nature protection. Soils. General requirements for the classification of soils in accordance with the impact of chemical pollutants on them RUSS15654
GOST 19605-74 Industrial engineering. Basic concepts. Terms and definitions RUSS15670
GOST 12.1.009-76 Occupational safety standards system. Electrical safety. Terms and definitions RUSS15682
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. General requirements for methods of determination petroleum products content in natural and waste waters RUSS15685
GOST 26407-84 Porcelain and faience ware. Method for determination of impact resistance RUSS15689
GOST 16552-86 Central conditioners. Series of rated capacities RUSS15692
GOST 28025-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15702
GOST 5542-87 Natural fuel gases for industrial and domestic use RUSS15705
GOST 21508-76 Icing protection of aircrafts and helicopters. Terms and definitions RUSS15706
GOST 21480-76 Man-machine system Semigraphics General ergonomic requirements RUSS15732
GOST 26406-84 Porcelain and faience ware. Method for determination of bending resistance RUSS15738
GOST 25221-82 Vessels and apparatuses. Spherical non-sided heads and bottoms. Norms and methods of strength calculation RUSS15741
GOST 22378-77 Gas-turbine engines. Determining direction of rotor and shaft rotation RUSS15744
GOST 27552-87 Mobile cranes. Terms and definitions RUSS15747
GOST 16958-71 Textiles. Symbols for care RUSS15752
GOST 25215-82 High-pressure vessels and apparatus. Shells and heads. Norms and methods of strength calculation RUSS15756
GOST 10003-90 Styrene Technical Specification RUSS15787
GOST 22269-76 Man-machine system Operator workplace layout of workplace elements General ergonomic requirements RUSS15808
GOST 25644-88 Powdered synthetic detergents RUSS15815
GOST 27857-88 Pipes for irrigators RUSS15819
GOST 28020-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15820
GOST 28021-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15821
GOST 28022-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15822
GOST 28026-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15825
GOST 28168-89 Soils. Sampling RUSS15829
GOST 9432-60 Automobile lubricant RUSS15835
GOST 19912-2001 Soils. Field test methods by static and dynamic sounding RUSS15844
GOST 22387.5-77 Gas for households and public utilities. Methods of determining of odor intensity RUSS15870
GOST R 52200-2004 Gas turbines. Standard reference conditions and ratings RUSS15876
GOST 11955-82 Road petroleum liquid bitumen. Specifications RUSS15884
GOST 9493-80 Vessels and apparatus. Pressure ratings RUSS15889
GOST 12.2.032-78 Operators location in a silting position. General ergonomic requirements RUSS15927
GOST 12.2.033-78 Operators location in a standing position General ergonomic requirements RUSS15928
GOST 25607-94 Crushed stone-gravel-sandy mixtures for road and airfield surfacing and bases. Specifications RUSS15939
GOST R 51273-99 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation. Rated strength calculation of column type apparatus from wind loads and seismic influence RUSS15941
GOST 8736-93 Sand for construction works. Specifications RUSS15958
GOST 30528-97 Ventilation systems. Air filters. Types and basic parameters RUSS15959
GOST 17299-78 Technical ethyl alcohol. Specifications RUSS15962
GOST 28027-89 Adhesive electric insulation tapes RUSS15997
GOST 28519-90 Surgical saws RUSS16002
GOST 28535-90 Drafting machines RUSS16005
GOST 7170-66 Rye bran RUSS16012
GOST 9511-80 Puff bakery products RUSS16016
GOST 21658-76 Lighting and light warning for aeroplane and helicopter. Terms and definitions RUSS16019
GOST 550-75 Seamless steel tubes for petroleum processing and petrochemical industry. Specifications RUSS16029
GOST 12.1.008-76 Occupational safety standards system. Biological safety. General requirements RUSS16032
GOST 27691-88 Vessels and apparatus. Requirements for presentation of computer-performed strength calculations RUSS16039
GOST 12.0.002-80 Occupational safety standards system. Terms and definitions RUSS16050
GOST 10296-79 Isol-hydroinsulating material. Specifications RUSS16071
GOST 9940-81 Seamless hot-deformed tubes made from corrosion-resistant steel RUSS16084
GOST 10877-76 Preservative oil K-17 RUSS16131
GOST 11973-88 Shaper-vulcanizers for tires RUSS16135
GOST Environmental conservation. Atmosphere RUSS16155
GOST 17479.2-85 Identification number of petroleum products RUSS16158
GOST 21753-76 Man -machine system control levers RUSS16171
GOST 22950-95 Mineral wool slabs of higher rigidity on synthetic bond. Specifications RUSS16176
GOST 27684-88 Electrical heated serving out units for public catering establishment RUSS16187
GOST 7169-66 Wheat pran. Specifications RUSS16210
GOST 9903-61 Rye flat cake RUSS16224
GOST 23735-79 Sandy-gravel mixtures for construction work. Specifications RUSS16231
GOST 26303-84 High-pressure vessels and apparatus. Threaded studs. Methods of strength calculation RUSS16233
GOST 12124-87 Centrifugal oil pipe-line pumps RUSS16234
GOST 30319.0-96 Natural gas. Methods of calculation of physical properties RUSS16235
GOST 10272-87 Double entry centrifugal pumps. Technical requirements RUSS16237
GOST 30493-96 Ceramic sanitary ware Types and principal dimensions RUSS16242
GOST R 50923-96 Displays. Operator's workplace. General ergonomic requirements and environmental requirements. Measuring methods RUSS16270
GOST 8732-78 Seamless hot-deformed steel pipes. Range of sizes RUSS16272
GOST 25185-93 Ceramic ware in contact with food. Release of lead and cadmium. Method of test RUSS16292
GOST 9697-87 Stop valves. Main parameters RUSS16302
GOST 8733-74 Cold-formed and heat-formed seamless steel pipes. Technical requirements RUSS16307
GOST 3877-88 Petroleum products. Determination of sulfur by calorimetric bomb method RUSS16310
GOST 380-94 Normal quality carbon steel RUSS16311
GOST 12532-88 Direct-acting safety valves. Main parameters RUSS16319
GOST 10223-97 Weighing batchers of periodic operation RUSS16325
GOST 12011-76 Rectifying columns RUSS16348
GOST 19337-73 VNII NP-274 grease RUSS16387
GOST 21292-89 Inflatable rowing boats RUSS16398
GOST 21791-76 Мac-30nk synthetic oil RUSS16401
GOST 23635-90 Enzyme aminosubtilin г3x preparation RUSS16408
GOST 23739-85 Transfer arms for chemical and electrochemical surface treatment and coating lines key parameters and dimensions RUSS16413
GOST 25137-82 Nonmetallic building materials, solid broken stone and sand made from industrial waste, porous aggregates for concrete RUSS16419
GOST 25770-83 High-speed diesel engine motor oils for transport vehicles RUSS16425
GOST 26246.10-89 Thin epoxy-impregnated glass fabric copper -clad electrical insulating material for printed circuit boards, general purpose RUSS16431
GOST 26246.11-89 Epoxy-impregnated glass cloth foil-clad electrical insulating material of standardized combustibility for printed circuit boards. RUSS16432
GOST 27420-87 Synthetic materials for bottom stock parts of footwear RUSS16447
GOST 28018-89 Adhesive tape for electrical insulation RUSS16454
GOST 28759.5-90 Flanges of vessels and apparatuses RUSS16473
GOST 3333-80 Graphite lubricant RUSS16492
GOST 6411-76 Heavy cylinder oils RUSS16512
GOST 9634-81 Steel caps RUSS16528
GOST 9712-61 High-caloric buns RUSS16529
GOST 23000-78 Man-machine system. Control consoles. General ergonomic requirements RUSS16533
GOST 10140-2003 Thermal insulating mineral wool slabs on bituminous binder. Specifications RUSS16541
GOST 28567-90 Compressors. Terms and definitions RUSS16551
GOST 27577-2000 Compressed natural fuel gas for internal-combustion engines. Specifications RUSS16566
GOST 12.2.047-86 Occupational safety standards system. Fire engineering. Terms and definitions RUSS16578
GOST 24755-89 Vessels and apparatus. Norms and methods of strength calculation for openings reinforcement RUSS16587

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