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ST SEV 1038-78 Instruments and automation equipment URS. Pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and self-recording vacuum gauges. Main settings. Technical requirements. Test methods RUSS169387
ST SEV 1090-78 Brush holders and brackets for electrical machines. Gear cutting on the mounting surface. Profiles and sizes RUSS169394
ST SEV 1134-78 Insulators. Terms and Definitions RUSS169402
ST SEV 1240-78 Alumina. Method for determination of moisture content RUSS169403
ST SEV 170-85 Linear fittings. Spherical swivel joints insulators. Dimensions RUSS169425
ST SEV 1806-79 Information and measuring systems. General requirements RUSS169428
ST SEV 2000-79 Alumina. Methods of sample decomposition and solution preparation RUSS169432
ST SEV 2270-80 Nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries for passenger cars. Types, designations, nominal capacities and sizes RUSS169440
ST SEV 2358-80 Photographic silver halide materials on a transparent substrate. Exposure conditions RUSS169443
ST SEV 251-76 Language codes RUSS169452
ST SEV 2988-81 Photographic silver halide materials. General conditions of chemical-photographic processing RUSS169469
ST SEV 3170-81 Electric rotating machines. Pin designation and direction of rotation RUSS169480
ST SEV 3360-81 Combustible natural gases. Method for determination of heat of combustion using a water calorimeter RUSS169487
ST SEV 397-76 Laboratory furniture for working with radioactive substances. Shields for communications RUSS169525
ST SEV 4006-83 Plastics. Method for determining the refractive index of transparent plastics RUSS169527
ST SEV 4096-83 Photo Paper. Main dimensions RUSS169532
ST SEV 4139-83 Direct-acting electrical household heating appliances. Functional Test Methods RUSS169537
ST SEV 4222-83 Devices household on solid fuel. General technical conditions RUSS169547
ST SEV 4251-83 Food products. Method for determining the amount of yeast and mold fungi RUSS169552
ST SEV 4273-83 Dyes vat Methods for determining the freezing temperature, resistance to centrifugation and indicators of the concentration of hydrogen ions (pH) RUSS169556
ST SEV 434-77 Reagents. Determination of residue after calcination RUSS169576
ST SEV 4384-83 Solid fuel. Methods for determining the selection and preparation error RUSS169579
ST SEV 4459-83 Tractors and agricultural machinery. Power take-off shaft and type 1 power receiving shaft. Basic parameters, dimensions and location RUSS169591
ST SEV 448-77 Copper concentrates. Electrogravimetric and iodometric methods for the determination of copper content RUSS169595
ST SEV 451-77 Alumina. Photometric method for the determination of iron oxide content RUSS169601
ST SEV 4542-84 Bitumens petroleum. Method for determining tensile properties RUSS169603
ST SEV 455-77 Alumina. Emission flame photometric method for the determination of sodium oxide and iron oxide RUSS169604
ST SEV 4573-84 Finishing machines. Identify the parties RUSS169605
ST SEV 4574-84 Cylindrical cylindrical rotor spinning cartridges. Main dimensions RUSS169606
ST SEV 4579-84 Labor protection. Industrial sewing machines. Safety requirements RUSS169609
ST SEV 481-77 Iron ores, concentrates, agglomerates and pellets. Bulk material for determining total iron RUSS169631
ST SEV 4879-84 Products of processing fruits and vegetables. Method for the determination of benzoic acid RUSS169637
ST SEV 4881-84 Beer. Resistance Method RUSS169639
ST SEV 4882-84 Beer. Color determination method RUSS169640
ST SEV 4917-84 Electrical equipment of alternating current for voltage from 3 to 750 kV. General requirements for dielectric strength RUSS169647
ST SEV 5147-85 Computing machines and data processing systems. Permissible noise levels at workplaces and methods of determination RUSS169655
ST SEV 723-77 Safety. Lifting cranes. Terms and Definitions RUSS169661
ST SEV 746-77 Safety glass for cars, tractors and agricultural machinery. Determination of light resistance, temperature resistance and moisture resistance RUSS169662
ST SEV 764-77 Equipment for catering. Sectional modulated equipment. Main dimensions RUSS169666
ST SEV 898-78 Alumina. Sampling and sample preparation RUSS169669
ST SEV 902-78 Alumina. Method for determination of bulk density RUSS169671
ST SEV 903-78 Alumina. Method for determining the angle of repose RUSS169672
ST SEV 960-78 Manganese ores, concentrates and agglomerates. Determination of moisture content by the gravimetric method RUSS169674
RSN-88 Design and Construction of Roads and Highways in Non-Chernozem Areas of the RSFSR RUSS374952
ST SJeV 4181-83 Doors are wooden. Flatness Method RUSS375813

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