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GOST 11969-79 Fusion welding. Basic positions and their designations RUSS15630
GOST 29273-92 Weldability. Definition RUSS15633
GOST 12307-66 Macaroni hard (durum) wheat flour RUSS16150
GOST 3340-88 Foundry coal coke RUSS16200
GOST 16439-70 Second-grade flour of hard (durum) wheat RUSS16368
GOST 3213-91 Electrode pitch coke RUSS16491
GOST 21101-83 Sulfate pre-hydrolysis cord cellulose of cold refinement RUSS16719
GOST 26474-85 Drill bits and core bits RUSS16742
GOST 24360-80 Shell-type face mills with inserted carbide teeth RUSS16951
GOST 5437-85 Reed wire RUSS16992
GOST 29297-92 Welding, brazing, soldering and braze welding of metals RUSS17190
GOST 6803-72 Dress peltries of half silvery, platinum, white and silver foxes RUSS17211
GOST 27145-86 Antigen and antiserum designed for use in diagnosis of infectious anemia of horses RUSS17407
GOST 28121-89 Akins classifiers RUSS17418
GOST 7448-96 Salted fish RUSS17477
GOST 9031-75 Reference hardness standards RUSS17497
GOST 16523-97 Rolled sheets from quality and ordinary carbon steel for general purposes. Specifications RUSS17533
GOST 19746-74 Wire made of silver solders RUSS17609
GOST 5756-81 Carbide tipped twist drills RUSS17712
GOST 6915-89 Instruments for measuring blood pressure within the cardiovascular system RUSS17720
GOST 13861-89 Pressure regulators for the flame machining RUSS17961
GOST 7657-84 Charcoal RUSS18039
GOST 1516.3-96 Electrical equipment for a.c. voltages from 1 to 750 kV. Requirements for dielectric strength of insulation RUSS18581
GOST 10200-83 Electrode coal-tar pitch RUSS18697
GOST 7219-83 Household electric soldering irons RUSS18896
GOST 9769-79 Wood-working carbide-tipped circular saw RUSS18903
GOST 17122-85 Diamond grinding heads RUSS18956
GOST 9850-72 Zinc-coated steel core wire RUSS18985
GOST 30266-95 Solid laundry soap RUSS19153
GOST 7616-85 Hard rennet cheeses RUSS19175
GOST 19687-89 Devices for heart bioelectric potentials measurement. RUSS19349
GOST 11126-88 By-product coke raw materials for the production of commercial carbon RUSS19450
GOST 19098-87 Plotters for computers RUSS19556
GOST 26819-86 Reinforced concrete pressure pipes with steel mandrel RUSS19726
GOST 30249-97 Cast iron brake blocks for locomotives. Specifications RUSS20535
GOST R 52146-2003 Cold rolled and cold rolled hot-galvanized sheet with polymer coating, prepainted by the continuous coil-coating process. Specifications RUSS20978
GOST R 52972-2008 Semihard cheeses. Specifications RUSS20991
GOST 28984-2011 Modular coordination of construction dimensions. General. RUSS21199
GOST 8163-87 Kuznetsk basin coals for coking. Specifications RUSS43827
GOST IEC/TR 61912-1-2013 Low-voltage switchgear and control gear. Overcurrent protective devices. Part 1. Application of short-circuit ratings RUSS43922
GOST R 50291-92 1,1,2,2,-tetrafluorodibromethane (Khladon 114B2). Specifications RUSS44105
GOST R 50394-92 Fibre main cores for wire ropes. Specifications RUSS44182
GOST 30021-93 Welded designs. Class of accuracy, limit deviations of linear dimensions, form tolerances and faces arrangements RUSS44337
GOST EN 14774-1-2013 Solid biofuel. Determination of moisture content. Method with the of drying chamber. Part 1 Total moisture. Standard method. RUSS44451
GOST 19250-73 Brazing fluxes. Classification RUSS44901
GOST 21290-75 Coal briquettes. Method for the determination of water absorption RUSS45078
GOST 9434-75 Hard coal coke. Classification by piece sizes RUSS45094
GOST 25698-83 Powder articles. Methods of determination of hardness RUSS45247
GOST 4417-75 Quartz sand. For welding materials RUSS45276
GOST R 50133-92 Paper or plastic printing ribbons. Characteristics of cores RUSS45302
GOST 21291-75 Coal briquettes. Method for the determination of width of the belt edge RUSS45330
GOST 11804-76 Combustible turf for pulverized burning. Technical requirements RUSS45456
GOST 25445-82 Drums, reels and cores for welding wire. Basic dimensions RUSS45552
GOST 5.1261-72 Blast-furnace coke from coals of Donetsk and Kuznetsk basins and from charge of Tcherepovets metallurgical works. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS45848
GOST 16883.1-71 Silver-copper-zinc solders. Method for the determination of silver RUSS45903
GOST 18892-73 Carbide tipped broad-nosed finishing gooseneck tools. Design and dimensions RUSS45914
GOST 3090-73 Steel wire ropes. Locked conveying wire rope with one layer of Z-wire and type ТК cope. Dimensions RUSS45935
GOST 21613-82 Numerically controlled vertical jig boring machines. Basic parameters and coupling dimensions RUSS45949
GOST 24764-81 Brown coal briquettes. Transportation and storage RUSS45969
GOST 21543-76 Solid carbide counterbores with cylindrical shank for machining stainless and high-temperature steels and alloys. Design and dimensions RUSS46033
GOST 7675-73 Steel wire ropes. Locked conveying wire rope with one layer of V-shaped wire, one layer of Z-wire and type ТК cope. Dimensions RUSS46199
GOST R 50026-92 Turning tools with carbide tips. Types and dimensions RUSS46217
GOST 9963-84 Peat bricks for heating purposes. Technical requirements RUSS46301
GOST 16882.1-71 Silver-copper-phosphorus solders. Method for the determination of silver RUSS46327
GOST R 51140-98 Metal-cutting tools. Safety requirements and test methods RUSS46355
GOST 18901-73 Steel wire ropes. Locked conveying wire rope with two layers of Z-wire and type TK core. Dimensions RUSS46382
GOST 2.416-68 Unified system for design documentation. Designation of magnetic wires RUSS46398
GOST 18894-73 Carbide tipped cutting - off and gooseneck squaring tools. Design and dimensions RUSS46418
GOST 29202-91 Plain bearings. Hardness testing of bearing metals. Solid materials RUSS46547
GOST 16883.3-71 Silver-copper-zinc solders. Spectral method for determination of lead, iron and bismuth RUSS46572
GOST 29212-91 Plain bearings. Hardness testing of bearing metals. Compound materials RUSS46732
GOST 13672-76 Milling turf for briquetting. Technical requirements RUSS46787
GOST 26530-85 Tungsten free sintered hard alloys. Grades RUSS46821
GOST 24916-81 Sintered hard metals. Method for determination of coercity RUSS46911
GOST 18132-72 Peat briquettes and semibriquettes. Method for determination of mechanical strength RUSS47068
GOST 14111-90 Straight electrodes for resistance spot welding. Types and dimensions RUSS47161
GOST 25444-90 Straight electrodes and electrode adapters for resistance spot welding. Taper fits. Dimensions RUSS47252
GOST 23273-78 Metals and alloys. Measurement of shore hardness with method of striker recoil RUSS47293
GOST 8935-77 Coke nut. Specifications RUSS47314
GOST 25987-83 Cemented carbide-tipped boring tools with parallel shanks for jid-boring machines. Types and main dimensions RUSS47421
GOST 19248-90 Solders. Classification and designation RUSS47449
GOST 11304-75 Turf. Method of assembled samples preparation RUSS47596
GOST 24714-81 Lasers. The measurement methods of radiation parameters. General rules RUSS47604
GOST 22474-77 Pins for fixing and securing the patterns on master pattern plates. Design and dimensions RUSS47620
GOST 8455-87 Coals of Lvov-Volynsk. Basin for domestic needs. Specifications RUSS47622
GOST ISO 1013-95 Coke determination of bulk density in a large container RUSS47651
GOST 18893-73 Carbide tipped undercutting planing tools. Design and dimensions RUSS47654
GOST 7676-73 Steel wire ropes. Locked conveying wire rope with two layers of V-shaped wire, one layer of Z-wire and type TK core. Dimensions RUSS47670
GOST R 51040-97 Printed boards. Grid systems RUSS47686
GOST 11303-75 Peat and products of its processing. Method of preparation of analysis sample RUSS47737
GOST 23785.4-2001 Cord fabric. Method for determination of linear dimensions, density according to warp and weft, surface density RUSS47741
GOST 22475-77 Bolt fixtures for master pattern plates. Design and dimensions RUSS47756
GOST 25645.132-86 Cosmic gamma-rays of the discrete sources. Energy spectra and angular coordinates RUSS47804
GOST 3246-84 Jackard board. Specifications RUSS47841
GOST 2682-86 Drilling chuck mandrels. Design and dimensions RUSS47997
GOST 25927-83 Coal coke. Method of determination of the bulk density in a small container RUSS48004
GOST 16483.17-81 Wood. Method for determination of static hardness RUSS48015
GOST 8011-74 The Caucasus coals for pulverized burning. Specifications RUSS48053
GOST 10208-74 Cotton and mixed yarns. Method for the determination of impurities content RUSS48103
GOST 10355-86 Kuznetsk basin coals for active coals production. Technical requirements RUSS48111

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