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GOST 8.338-78 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Thermal converters of industrial thermocouple thermometers. Methods and means of verification RUSS15611
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. Classification of water usage RUSS15647
GOST 28338-89 Nominal bores (nominal sizes) RUSS15684
GOST 21.604-82 System of building design documents. Water supply and sewerage. Outside networks. Working drawings RUSS15784
GOST 22689.1-89 Polyethylene waste-pipes and fittings. Assortment RUSS15809
GOST 30331.7-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Insulation, switching off, control RUSS15920
GOST 8.438-81 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Systems of information and measurements verification. General statements RUSS15922
GOST 30331.6-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against undervoltage RUSS15924
GOST 30528-97 Ventilation systems. Air filters. Types and basic parameters RUSS15959
GOST 27282-87 Cellular batteries for poultry farming. Excrements removing system RUSS15994
GOST 28462-90 Caravans and light trailers. Vacuum brake systems RUSS16000
GOST 4.225-83 Sewer and drain clay pipes RUSS16009
GOST 8411-74 Ceramic drain pipes. Specifications RUSS16048
GOST 34.601-90 Information technology. Set of standards for automated systems. Automated systems. Stages of development RUSS16085
GOST 3634-89 Access manhole covers and storm-flow Receivers for manholes Technical requirements RUSS16100
GOST 12.2.016-81 Occupational safety standards system. Gas compressing equipment. General safety requirements RUSS16103
GOST 22689.0-89 Polyethylene waste-pipes and fittings. General specification RUSS16111
GOST 17479.3-85 Identification numbers of petroleum products RUSS16159
GOST 18174-83 Automatic remote control systems for marine propelling diesels RUSS16160
GOST 20768-75 Data transmission equipment. Automatic calling equipment UAV-TLF. Types and basic parameters RUSS16170
GOST R IEC 60598-2-23-98 Luminaires. Part 2. Particular requirements. Section 23. Extra low voltage lighting systems for filament lamps RUSS16227
GOST 28439-90 Equipment of digital, fiber optic transmission systems over power lines RUSS16228
GOST 286-82 Clay sewer pipes RUSS16254
GOST 34.602-89 Information technology. Set of standards for automated systems. Technical directions for automated system making RUSS16308
GOST 16515-89 Positive-displacement hydraulic drives and lubricating systems. Filters and filter elements RUSS16369
GOST 18460-91 Pneumatic drives RUSS16384
GOST 26557-85 Data transmission signals entering in the communication channels. Energetic parameters RUSS16433
GOST 26008-83 cast-iron storm flow receivers for man-holes Specifications RUSS16565
GOST 34.603-92 Information technology. Types tests automated systems RUSS16567
GOST 34.201-89 Information technology. Set of standards for automated systems. Types, sets and indication of documents for automated systems making RUSS16644
GOST 19623-90 Check valves for air systems of aircraft RUSS16706
GOST 25736-83 Rubber hoses for vehicle pneumatic brakes RUSS16733
GOST 28376-89 Compact disk RUSS16766
GOST 25007-81 Data transmission interface with communication channel transmission frequency separation system. Basic parameters at the interface RUSS16954
GOST 21.602-79 System of design documents for construction. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Working drawings RUSS17044
GOST 19099-86 Lubricating systems RUSS17133
GOST 28988-91 Positive-displacement hydraulic drives, pneumatic drives and lubricating systems RUSS17430
GOST 6915-89 Instruments for measuring blood pressure within the cardiovascular system RUSS17720
GOST 10598-82 Air-water coolers for diesels and gas engines with supercharging RUSS17755
GOST 30331.1-95 Electrical installations of buildings. General RUSS17778
GOST 24.701-86 Unified system of standards of computer control systems. Dependability of computer control systems. General positions RUSS17902
GOST 23262-88 Acoustic household systems RUSS17984
GOST 25651-83 Instrumentation of automobiles RUSS17993
GOST 24206-80 Gsp pneumatic devices and gears for mathematical operations RUSS18157
GOST 27306-87 Programmators for household electrical washing machines and dishwashers. General specification RUSS18171
GOST 3050-77 Hose joints for flexible hoses RUSS18200
GOST 30331.3-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against electric shock RUSS18268
GOST R 50571.3-94 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against elecric shock RUSS18269
GOST 14169-93 Systems of on-land monitoring of oil and gas wells drilling RUSS18320
GOST 20548-87 Heating hot-water boilers with heating outputs RUSS18343
GOST 28679-90 Steam-water heaters for heat supply systems RUSS18387
GOST 8594-80 Installation boxes for switches and plug sockets for flush wiring RUSS18424
GOST R 50571.2-94 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 3. General characteristics RUSS18458
GOST 19622-91 Check valves of hydraulic systems of aircrafts RUSS18501
GOST 19734-80 Input control devices for residential and public buildings RUSS18502
GOST 4364-81 Air drive lines for brake systems of vehicles RUSS18529
GOST 8709-82 Light boards for industrial and public buildings RUSS18541
GOST R 8.596-2002 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurement. Metrological assurance for measuring system. Main principles. RUSS18555
GOST 2172-80 Aviation steel ropes RUSS18618
GOST 25476-82 Hydraulic fluid power and lubricating systems. Filters. Acceptance and Test methods RUSS18627
GOST 27201-87 Personal computers RUSS18637
GOST 31.111.42-83 Parts and subunits of modular work tools for metal-cutting machines RUSS18645
GOST 22689.2-89 Polyethylene waste-pipes And related shaped parts. Construction RUSS18691
GOST 27818-88 Admissible noise levels at workplaces and methods for their determination RUSS18758
GOST 29125-91 Programmable controllers RUSS18880
GOST 12.2.040-79 Positive-displacement hydraulic drives and lubricating systems. General safety requirements for construction RUSS18941
GOST 28904-91 Control systems of an electric filter RUSS19056
GOST 25861-83 Computers and data processing systems. Electrical and mechanical safety requirements and test methods RUSS19097
GOST 22895-77 Brake systems and braking properties of vehicles. Standards of effectiveness RUSS19132
GOST 22976-78 Hydraulic drives, pneumatic actuators and lubrication systems RUSS19134
GOST 27590-88 Water heaters for heat supply systems RUSS19147
GOST 10617-83 Heating boilers with heat output heating capacity from 0.10 to 3.15 mw RUSS19208
GOST 23411-84 Electronic cash registers RUSS19227
GOST 9.602-2005 Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Underground constructions. General requirements for corrosion protection RUSS19317
GOST 26886-86 Interfaces of digital-transmission channels and group-highways in the basic network RUSS19361
GOST 14907-88 Dictaphones RUSS19394
GOST 7192-89 Constant-speed electrical actuating mechanisms, ssi RUSS19432
GOST 21552-84 Computers and computer RUSS19447
GOST 21558-88 Excitation systems for turbo generators, hydro generators and synchronous condensers RUSS19464
GOST 24796-87 Automobile tape recorders RUSS19472
GOST 27.003-90 Reliability in engineering. Make-up and general rules for assigning reliability requirements RUSS19527
GOST 29271-91 Video cassettes RUSS19569
GOST 17134-80 Radioisotope relay devices RUSS19633
GOST 24863-87 Consumer audio tape recorders RUSS19636
GOST 26329-84 Computers and data processing systems RUSS19677
GOST 16325-88 General-purpose digital computers RUSS19697
GOST 27667-88 Compact disc digital audio system RUSS19747
GOST 28375-89 Compact disc players RUSS19786
GOST 23468-85 Micro calculators RUSS19827
GOST 5813-93 Fan v-belts and pulleys for engines of cars, tractors and combines RUSS19873
GOST 12997-84 SSI Products. General specifications RUSS19893
GOST R 52719-2007 Power transformers. General specifications RUSS20355
GOST 16530-83 Gears. General terms, definitions and symbols RUSS20453
GOST 24955-81 Rolling bearings. Terms and definitions RUSS20508
GOST 27990-88 Means of alarm, fire and alarm-fire systems. General technical requirements RUSS20528
GOST 30496-97 Emergency stop valves for pneumatic systems of railway rolling stock brake equipment. General specifications RUSS20540
GOST 34.401-90 Information technology. Set of standards for computer systems. Peripheral hardware for treffic computer systems. Types and requirements RUSS20554
GOST 8865-93 Electrical insulation system. Thermal evalution and classification RUSS20578
GOST R 50745-99 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Uninterruptable power systems. Suppression devices of power main pulse enterferences. Requirements and test methods RUSS20588
GOST R 51052-2002 Аutomatic water and foam fire extinguishing installations. Wet and dry systems alarm stations. General technical requirements. Test methods RUSS20591

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