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GOST Nature protection. Atmosphere. Classification of effluents according to composition RUSS15662
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. General requirements for protection of underground waters RUSS15666
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. Underground waters classification according to water usage RUSS15678
GOST 13025.3-85 Domestiс furniture. Functional dimensions of tables RUSS15681
GOST 26407-84 Porcelain and faience ware. Method for determination of impact resistance RUSS15689
GOST 15863-81 Plate blanks of die sets for plate blanks of die sets for sheet presswork for shearing operations RUSS15700
GOST 26406-84 Porcelain and faience ware. Method for determination of bending resistance RUSS15738
GOST 12.1.002-84 Occupational safety standards system. Power frequency electric fields. Permissible levels of field strength and requirements for control at work-places RUSS15764
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere Apparatus and mechanisms for selection? Initial treatment and storing samples of natural waters. General technical conditions RUSS15773
GOST 22269-76 Man-machine system Operator workplace layout of workplace elements General ergonomic requirements RUSS15808
GOST 8568-77 Corrugated steet rhombic and lentil form steel. Technical requirements RUSS15850
GOST 28609-90 Hoisting cranes. Basic provisions of design RUSS15851
GOST 25364-97 Land-based steam turbine-generator sets. Evaluation of machine vibration by measurement on non-rotating parts and general requirements for the measurement of vibration RUSS15860
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. General rules for water pollution protection over well drilling and oil and gas extracting on land RUSS15898
GOST 10060.0-95 Methods for the determination of frost-resistance. General requirements RUSS15917
GOST 12.1.006-84 Occupational safety standards system. Electromagnetic fields of radio frequencies. Permissible levels at work-places and requirements for control RUSS15926
GOST R 22.0.06-95 Safety in emergencies. The sources of natural emergencies. Injuring factors. Nomenclature of parameters of injuring influences RUSS15933
GOST R 51274-99 Vessels and Plant Equipment Column-Type Vessels Strength Calculation Standards and Methods RUSS15942
GOST 12.2.030-2000 Occupational safety standards system. Hand tools. Noise characteristics. Limits. Methods of testing RUSS15944
GOST 9733.2-91 Textiles. Test method of color fastness to weather RUSS15966
GOST R 22.0.07-95 Safety in emergencies. The sources of technogenic emergencies. Classification and enumeration of casualty factors and its parameters RUSS15969
GOST 25306-82 Flat knives for sheet shears RUSS15991
GOST 6009-74 Hot-rolled steel strip. Specifications RUSS16020
GOST 380-88 Common quality carbon steel. Grades RUSS16023
GOST 9940-81 Seamless hot-deformed tubes made from corrosion-resistant steel RUSS16084
GOST 28622-90 Soils. Laboratory method for determination of frost-heave degree RUSS16090
GOST 11151-77 All-wool and half-woolen fabrics RUSS16133
GOST 12.2.116-86 Three and four roll plate bending machines RUSS16145
GOST 26984-86 Stolichny bread RUSS16180
GOST 8559-75 Square bar steel. Products sizes RUSS16217
GOST R 50923-96 Displays. Operator's workplace. General ergonomic requirements and environmental requirements. Measuring methods RUSS16270
GOST 10052-75 Metal covered electrodes, for manual arc welding of high-alloyed steels with special properties. Types RUSS16276
GOST 25185-93 Ceramic ware in contact with food. Release of lead and cadmium. Method of test RUSS16292
GOST 13527-78 Outerwear of dress and blouse assortment. RUSS16360
GOST 21292-89 Inflatable rowing boats RUSS16398
GOST 26557-85 Data transmission signals entering in the communication channels. Energetic parameters RUSS16433
GOST 27212-87 Enclosed radionuclide sources of ionizing radiation RUSS16441
GOST 27420-87 Synthetic materials for bottom stock parts of footwear RUSS16447
GOST 27875-88 Dental air-turbine heads and hose couplings RUSS16453
GOST 30129-96 Weight-measuring tensoresistor sensors RUSS16490
GOST 5497-80 Cold-rolled steel strip for saws of cotton-scrubbing machines RUSS16506
GOST 8560-78 Calibrated hexahedral rolled stock RUSS16523
GOST 9467-75 Metal covered electrodes for manual arc welding of structural and heat-resistant steels. Types RUSS16526
GOST 19903-74 Hot-rolled steel sheets. Dimensions RUSS16548
GOST 19904-90 Cold-rolled steel sheets. Dimensions RUSS16569
GOST Nature protection. Hydrosphere. Indices of state and regulations for valuation survey for fishery waters RUSS16582
GOST Nature protection Hydrosphere General requirements for surface and sea waters, ice and atmospheric precipitation sampling RUSS16583
GOST Regulations for establishing permissible emissions of noxious pollutants from industrial enterprises RUSS16584
GOST 25054-81 Forgings made of corrosion-resistant steels and alloys RUSS16589
GOST 2761-84 Sources of centralized utility and drinking water supply Sanitary and technical requirements and selection rules RUSS16591
GOST 6727-80 Cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire for reinforced concrete. Specifications RUSS16599
GOST 10707-80 Steel cold shaped electrically welded tubes technical conditions RUSS16628
GOST 16313-97 Electric motor frequency convertors with rated power up to 200 kW and frequency to 20000 Hz. General specifications RUSS16636
GOST 10232-77 Pure linen, linen and semilinen toweling and towels RUSS16661
GOST 22297-76 Pit props made of softwood RUSS16722
GOST 26153-84 One-column dividing stands RUSS16737
GOST 27043-86 Thyristor drive cabinets RUSS16746
GOST 12427-77 Tinned goods meat. Paste "estonian" RUSS16908
GOST 19851-74 Ribbon from carbon cold-rolled cut steel RUSS16931
GOST 26766-85 Fresh edible beet for retail RUSS16961
GOST 26767-85 Fresh edible carrots for retail sale RUSS16962
GOST 3560-73 Sealing tepe RUSS16979
GOST 4.211-80 Rock building materials and porous aggregates for concrete RUSS16982
GOST 6665-91 Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Curbs. Specifications RUSS17063
GOST 23941-79 Noise of machines. Methods for determination of noise characteristics. General requirements RUSS17071
GOST 10498-82 Seamless extra thin-walled tubes of corrosion-resistant steel RUSS17078
GOST 16165-80 Transistor ultrasonic oscillators for technological plants RUSS17116
GOST 18102-95 Medical castor oil RUSS17128
GOST 18123-82 Washers RUSS17129
GOST 26238-93 Jib bushes. Specifications RUSS17168
GOST 28116-95 Basic and conjunctive dimensions and technical requirements RUSS17175
GOST 6659-83 Water-resistant upholstery cardboard RUSS17210
GOST 6803-72 Dress peltries of half silvery, platinum, white and silver foxes RUSS17211
GOST 8851-75 Steel strip of grades 11kp and 11yua RUSS17226
GOST 14637-89 Thick sheet rolled stock of normal quality carbon steel RUSS17244
GOST 28398-89 Household electric cooking ranges, cooking plates and cooking ovens. Methods for measuring the performance RUSS17254
GOST 23558-94 Crushed stone-gravel-sandy mixtures, and soils treated by inorganic binders for road and airfield construction. Specifications RUSS17267
GOST 30247.2-97 Elements of building constructions fire resistance test method doors and gates RUSS17275
GOST 30319.3-96 Natural gas. Methods of calculation of physical properties. Definition of physical properties by equation of state RUSS17290
GOST 30403-96 Building structures fire hazard test method RUSS17294
GOST R IEC 598-2-20-97 Luminaires. Part 2. Particular requirements. Section 20. Lighting chains RUSS17296
GOST 10111-85 Diamond glass cutters RUSS17307
GOST 1695-80 Solid shell-type face mills, side mills and slot mills RUSS17341
GOST 21240-89 Medical scalpels and knives RUSS17363
GOST 25005-94 Refrigerating equipment RUSS17390
GOST 26613-85 Lathe tools with mechanic fastening of replaceable faceted plates RUSS17403
GOST 27632-88 Accelerators of charged particles of industrial application RUSS17411
GOST 28131-89 Dentist` s chairs RUSS17419
GOST 29114-91 Radioactive waste RUSS17431
GOST 7190-93 Alcoholic beverages RUSS17475
GOST 24145-80 Domestic containers for bread. General specifications RUSS17522
GOST 30247.0-94 Elements of building constructions. Fire-resistance test methods. General requirements RUSS17524
GOST 16523-97 Rolled sheets from quality and ordinary carbon steel for general purposes. Specifications RUSS17533
GOST 11068-81 Electric-welded pipes from corrosion-resistant steel RUSS17553
GOST 12.4.172-87 Individual screening set for protection from power frequency fields RUSS17563
GOST 16264.1-85 Asynchronous motors RUSS17590
GOST 17024-82 End mills RUSS17594
GOST 6102-94 Asbestos fabric RUSS17715
GOST 17353-89 Devices for measuring the shape and arrangement deviations of the surface of revolution RUSS17819
GOST 22266-94 Sulphate-resistant cements. Specifications RUSS17830

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