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GOST 24451-80 Highway tunnels. Construction and equipment clearance diagrams RUSS15672
GOST 21.604-82 System of building design documents. Water supply and sewerage. Outside networks. Working drawings RUSS15784
GOST 10060.2-95 Concretes, rapid method for the determination of frost-resistance by repeated alternated freezing and thawing RUSS15792
GOST 21.607-82 System of building design documents. Electric lighting for industrial project site. Working drawings RUSS15839
GOST 21.507-81 System of design documents for construction. Interiors. Working drawings RUSS15879
GOST 30331.7-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Insulation, switching off, control RUSS15920
GOST 30331.6-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against undervoltage RUSS15924
GOST 21.608-84 System of building design documents. Interior electric lighting. Working drawings. RUSS15931
GOST 22130-86 Steel Pipeline Parts Movable supports and suspensions Specifications RUSS15934
GOST 22733-77 Soils. A laboratory method for determining maximum density RUSS15936
GOST 24258-88 Different types of scaffolding. General specifications RUSS15938
GOST 24940-96 Buildings and structures. Methods of measuring luminance RUSS15956
GOST 24748-81 Heat insulation lime-siliceous products. Specification RUSS15970
GOST 4.225-83 Sewer and drain clay pipes RUSS16009
GOST 23499-79 Sound-absorbing and sound-insulating building materials and products. Classification and general technical requirements RUSS16028
GOST 25584-90 Soils. Laboratory methods for determination of filtration factor RUSS16030
GOST 27321-87 Demountable tubular scaffold for construction works. Specification. RUSS16041
GOST 8411-74 Ceramic drain pipes. Specifications RUSS16048
GOST 27005-86 Light-weight and cellular concretes. Rules of average density control RUSS16054
GOST 28622-90 Soils. Laboratory method for determination of frost-heave degree RUSS16090
GOST 3634-89 Access manhole covers and storm-flow Receivers for manholes Technical requirements RUSS16100
GOST 12.2.016-81 Occupational safety standards system. Gas compressing equipment. General safety requirements RUSS16103
GOST 25772-83 Steel guard railing of stairways, balconies and roofs. General specifications RUSS16118
GOST 20522-96 Soils. Statistical treatment of the test results RUSS16120
GOST 4.212-80 Product-quality index system. Building. Concretes. Nomenclature of indices RUSS16121
GOST 23118-78 Structural metalwork. General specifications RUSS16177
GOST 23735-79 Sandy-gravel mixtures for construction work. Specifications RUSS16231
GOST 10178-85 Portland cement and portland blastfurnace slag cement. Specifications RUSS16247
GOST 24846-81 Soils. Measuring methods of strains of structures and buildings bases RUSS16248
GOST 25809-96 Water supply mixing valves and taps. Types and principal dimensions RUSS16253
GOST 286-82 Clay sewer pipes RUSS16254
GOST 23478-79 Form for monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures erection. Classification and general technical requirements RUSS16258
GOST 21.614-88 System of design documents for construction. Graphic symbols of electrical equipment and wiring on plans RUSS16266
GOST 16557-78 Mineral powder for asphaltic-mixtures. Technical requirements RUSS16298
GOST 23732-79 Water for concretes and mortars. Specifications RUSS16412
GOST 5497-80 Cold-rolled steel strip for saws of cotton-scrubbing machines RUSS16506
GOST 30247.1-94 Elements of building constructions. Fire-resistance test methods. Load bearing and separating constructions RUSS16532
GOST 12.4.089-86 Occupational safety standards system. Building. Safety belts. General technical specifications RUSS16552
GOST 24444-87 General assembly and technological requirements RUSS16562
GOST 21.601-79 System of design documents for construction. Water supply and sewerage. Working drawings RUSS16564
GOST 26008-83 cast-iron storm flow receivers for man-holes Specifications RUSS16565
GOST 14624-84 Wood doors for industrial buildings. Types, construction and dimensions RUSS16581
GOST 25100-95 Soils. Classification RUSS16590
GOST 20069-81 Soils. Field test method by static sounding RUSS16646
GOST 22298-76 Coniferous saw logs for export. Technical requirements RUSS16723
GOST 26047-83 Building steel structures RUSS16735
GOST 4.224-83 System of product quality indexes. Construction. Quality ratings system. List of characteristics RUSS16785
GOST 8638-57 Tear-shaped steel pipes RUSS16829
GOST 11262-80 Plastics. Tensile strength test method. RUSS16881
GOST 23464-79 Cements classification RUSS16946
GOST 4.250-79 Construction. Concrete and reinforced concrete products and structures RUSS16983
GOST 27006-86 Concretes. Rules for mix proportioning RUSS17020
GOST 21.602-79 System of design documents for construction. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Working drawings RUSS17044
GOST 3344-83 Slag crushed stone and slag sand for road construction. Specifications RUSS17046
GOST 2.104-68 Unified system for design documentation. Basic inscriptions RUSS17137
GOST 23121-78 Steel crane-runway beams for general-purpose overhead travelling electric cranes of 50 t load-carrying capacity RUSS17149
GOST 5005-82 Electric-welded cold-worked steel pipes for cardan shafts RUSS17200
GOST 12730.5-84 Concretes. Methods for determination of water tightness RUSS17236
GOST 22685-89 Moulds for making control specimens of concrete. Specifications RUSS17240
GOST 14637-89 Thick sheet rolled stock of normal quality carbon steel RUSS17244
GOST 23740-79 Soils. Methods of laboratory determination of organic composition RUSS17246
GOST 21779-82 System of ensuring of geometrical parameters accuracy in construction. Manufacturing and assembling tolerances RUSS17261
GOST 19177-81 Rubber porous sealing gaskets RUSS17353
GOST 21924.3-84 Reinforced concrete slabs for pavements of city roads. Structure fittings products. Structure and dimensions RUSS17368
GOST 24545-81 Concretes. Methods of fatigue tests RUSS17386
GOST 25097-82 Windows and balcony doors made of wood and aluminium RUSS17392
GOST 4641-80 Сoal tars for road constructions RUSS17447
GOST 28570-90 Concretes. Methods of strength evaluation on cores drilled from structures RUSS17506
GOST 24698-81 Wooden external doors for dwellings and public buildings. Types, structure and dimensions RUSS17528
GOST 21924.2-84 Reinforced concrete slabs of unstressed fittings for pavements of city roads. Structure and dimensions RUSS17623
GOST 25192-82 Concretes. Classification and general technical requirements RUSS17635
GOST 25820-83 Lightweight concrete. Specifications RUSS17758
GOST 30331.1-95 Electrical installations of buildings. General RUSS17778
GOST 24982-81 Sheets of corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and high-temperature alloys RUSS17843
GOST 20054-82 Concrete non-pressure pipes. Specifications RUSS17939
GOST 18659-81 Bitumen road emulsions. Technical requirements RUSS17972
GOST 21924.1-84 Pre-stressed reinforced-concrete slabs for urban motorway pavements. Design and dimensions RUSS17981
GOST 20060-83 Combustible natural gases. Methods for determining water vapor content and dew point of moisture RUSS18072
GOST 30416-96 Soils. Laboratory testing. General requirements RUSS18075
GOST 25485-89 Cellular concretes. Specifications RUSS18078
GOST 10006-80 Metal pipes RUSS18094
GOST 948-84 Reinforced concrete lintels for brick wall buildings. Specifications RUSS18274
GOST 24045-94 Steel shaped sheets with trapezoid corrugations for construction RUSS18433
GOST 5686-94 Sоils. Fiеld tеst mеthоds bу рilеs RUSS18470
GOST 19734-80 Input control devices for residential and public buildings RUSS18502
GOST 24030-80 Seamless pipes from corrosion-resistant steel for power plant industry RUSS18512
GOST 8709-82 Light boards for industrial and public buildings RUSS18541
GOST 21.613-88 System of building design documents. Power electrical equipment. Working drawings RUSS18552
GOST 22690-88 Concretes. Determination of strength by mechanical methods of nondestructive testing RUSS18578
GOST 26598-85 Containers and means of packaging in building industry RUSS18633
GOST 28100-89 Noise silencers. Methods for determination of acoustic characteristics RUSS18639
GOST 27772-88 structural steel structure rolled products. General specifications RUSS18669
GOST 5802-86 Mortars. Test methods. RUSS18680
GOST 10702-78 Steel bars, carbon and alloy, structural, for cold extruding and upsetting. Specifications RUSS18699
GOST 23166-78 Wooden windows RUSS18739
GOST 22845-85 Electrical passenger and freight elevators RUSS18859
GOST 21519-84 Windows, balcony doors, shop-windows and stained glass panels of aluminum alloys RUSS18963
GOST 23270-89 Tube-billets for machining RUSS18966
GOST 538-88 Lock and building hardware RUSS18978
GOST 19281-89 Rolled steel with increased strength. General specifications RUSS19038

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